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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a very interesting category of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While SEO strategies are implemented to reach audiences all over the world, local SEO strategies are created to focus on the local area where the business is based.

For instance, if you are a fast-food business based out of Bandra, Mumbai, your local SEO advertisements and marketing efforts will only be targeted towards people living in Bandra.

Local SEO helps make your business visible to communities that are closer to your business location. While most brick and mortar stores (physical shops) benefit from local SEO, a lot of service businesses that offer services in restricted areas also do great by making use of local SEO strategies.

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO helps build brand visibility and improves footfalls in local brick and mortar stores.  ‘Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior’ is a detailed survey by Google with 4500 participants across 9 verticals. (

Here are some of the results of the survey.

  • 4 out of 5 smartphone users want the ads shown to them to be customized, based on their zip code and locality.
  • 60% of consumers make use of local SEO information they see online including the direction to a place or the phone number of a business.
  • 50% of people who looked for information about a local store or service visit the place the same day.

Local SEO techniques deliver targeted traffic to your website and increase the chances of closing a sale. Gaining visibility locally helps get more reviews on search engines like Google and Bing and this, in turn, improves business reputation.

Here are tips to improve your local Search Engine Optimization strategies and strengthen your presence among local communities.

1. Keyword Research

Local Search
Image Credit : Google

Imagine having a smartphone in hand and searching for the best Italian restaurant around your house. A majority of folks end up using the voice search button on their search engine. That is why the keywords you choose need to have questions when it comes to local SEO.

Sentences like ‘what is the best pub near me’ or ‘find a lawyer near me’ are all popular question-based keywords when you are implementing local SEO.

Use a good SEO tool to identify top keywords in your niche and tweak them as questions to improve your local SEO efforts.

2. Optimize for Google My Business

Google my Business

‘Google My Business’ (GMB) is a product from Google that helps product and service companies and businesses verify their basic details that are displayed when you do a Google search.

If you have a physical store or space, you are eligible for GMB verification.

There are a few simple steps you have to go through to verify your business. Details like name, phone number, location on the Google map, images of your store, and hours of operation are all to be filled up.

By doing this, you will be listed whenever a user searches for a specific product or service related to your business in the local area on Google’s search engine. You can also start getting local reviews to boost your presence.

3. Improve your internal linking structure

Internal linking is a way of helping users and search engines navigate from one page to another on your website. You can add links to your products/services in your blog posts. You can add links to other posts/pages on content in your homepage, menu, or the about us page.

When you have a good internal linking structure, it helps search engines like Google to know how your content is related and the important/ high ranked pages on your website. Google displays these pages when local users search for you.

4. Optimize your site structure and content

Your website is something your local users will want to check out when they are searching for you. Optimizing your website is important if you want to get business both online and offline.  If you want to list on the top of local searches online, you will have to use the right title tags, headlines, meta descriptions, and content.

Your website has to be free of technical errors and bugs and the site has to be easy to navigate through (crawlability factor).

5. Add location pages to your website


When you are concentrating on local SEO, the location of your business has to be clearly and boldly mentioned on the website. Give details of your business location and contact details in both the header and the footer of the site. This way, whichever page your user lands on, they can see the location and contact details easily.

6. Create local content

Create a lot of local content that users may be interested in. Such content doesn’t always have to be related to your product or service. Such content can be posted in your blogs and should include a lot of local neighborhood names, major locations, and attractions as keywords.

You will also fare great if you can post local news and happenings on your blog pages and provide internal links from these blogs to your website. Be sure you don’t promote yourself blatantly on these local content blogs. They have to only be about things people care about in the locality.

7. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Local SEO

A large-scale study says that 78% of local searches are made through smartphones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your users will ignore you and move on to opt for products and services from your mobile-friendly competitor.

8. Ensure your name, address, and phone number are consistent online

This is yet another very important tip that all local businesses have to keep in mind. If you have changed your business location, make sure you update it on every single online platform your business is mentioned in. If you are called ‘ABC & sons’ legally, that should be your name on the Google My Business page, on your website, and in press releases and online mentions.

Consistency is key when it comes to local SEO practices.

9. Optimize online directories and citations

Citations are places your business is mentioned. This could be in local directories, on social media platforms, on your website, or in apps.

There are sites where you can pay to get your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) mentioned to reach local users. JustDial in India is one such paid citation page. Optimizing your presence in such places will make sure you are ranked higher on search engines.

10. Get inbound links with relevance and authority

Image Source :

Inbound links or backlinks are links from other sites to your business website or page. When you have several good quality inbound links, Google considers your website authoritative and genuine and lists you higher. Here are certain factors to keep in mind when you create backlinks for local SEO.

  • Inbound links need to come from local relevant blogs and websites
  • Sites that mention the local city name or neighborhood as a keyword along with providing your website linkare authentic and the best inbound links
  • Inbound links from sites that Google trusts are preferred

Pick up relationships with complementary businesses and provide them backlinks on your blogs. This is an easy way to get yourself mentioned on other websites and blogs. You can also take the help of an SEO company to identify the backlink sources for your competitors and connect with these backlinks.

11. Engage on social media and add posts to Google My Business

Social media is one of the most active platforms to promote your business to the local audience. You can target local ads and promotions within your neighborhood on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Engage with the local audience and answer their queries.

Join local neighborhood groups on these platforms and introduce your product/service there.

Google My Business has an option to create posts that will be visible to your existing and potential customers. These posts are visible on your business page and help communicate with your customers directly. You can share promotions, discount deals, images, and offers through these posts to the local audience.


Local SEO involves a lot of practices, strategies, and ideas that take you closer to your local audience. If you are a small business offering products and services to a restricted community, adapting to local SEO instead of regular SEO practices will work better for you.

If you are not sure how to rank locally as a business leader, get in touch with one of our local SEO experts. We will get back to you for a free consultation to help improve your local SEO reach.


The new WhatsApp policy – Should you move to other messaging platforms right away?

WhatsApp has always taken pride in the fact that it gives utmost importance to security and encryption and has told customers time and again that user information and chats will remain private.

That’s why users and experts are worried about the impending new privacy policy up-gradation that WhatsApp is planning to bring in.

WhatsApp is a cross-messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) free platform that has more than 2 billion active users. After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014, it has turned into one of the most used cross-messaging apps globally.

From January 4th, 2021, WhatsApp users are shown updated privacy policy rules and are asked to accept the same. Users can opt to postpone agreeing to the same until February 8th, 2021, but after that, they will have no choice. They will have to agree to the update or stop using the platform.


Will WhatsApp be reading your chats and listening to your calls?

WhatsApp has always promised that your chats and your calls will stay private. Chats are encrypted and your messages are stored on your device and not on WhatsApp’s servers. This promise will hold true even after the policy up-gradation. Your chats and your calls will remain encrypted and safe.

Why are people worried about the policy change then?

The problem with WhatsApp’s privacy policy update is how it would be using other personal information available on the messaging platform and how your information will be used when you interact with business accounts on the platform.


                                                                                              (Image source:

WhatsApp states that it is one of the Facebook Companies and hence will be sharing your information from WhatsApp to other Facebook companies and other third-party services that WhatsApp works with.

Here are some of the details that WhatsApp will be sharing with Facebook whether or not you agree to it from February 8th, 2021.

  • Your phone number
  • If you use WhatsApp payments, your transaction history, and details
  • Mobile IP address and other device-related information
  • Browser information and what mobile network you use
  • Hardware details including battery level, signal strength, and other kinds of device operation information

WhatsApp will also be sharing User information like these with Facebook –

  • How you use WhatsApp and how long you use the app
  • Your WhatsApp settings
  • How long and how often you interact with other users
  • Your profile photo, status, and location

These new privacy policy changes give users no control over their personal, financial, and purchase information.

This policy of WhatsApp will not be applicable in the European region, thanks to its stringent data sharing policy.

India’s updated Data Protection Bill could have helped WhatsApp from sharing your information, but the bill has not been passed yet, so Indian users face vulnerability.

Indian cyber law experts call this move of WhatsApp, a method to try making money out of people’s private data without giving them a choice to refuse.

Recently, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) met the Minister of Information and Technology, to demand the government to restrict WhatsApp from applying the new policy update in the country.


                                                                                               (Image source:

Technology enthusiasts and business leaders from around the world are resorting to social media platforms to talk about this new policy update.

WhatsApp privacy policy

                                                                                                    (Image source:

WhatsApp privacy policy and its use for business accounts

Business accounts are accounts created by businesses on WhatsApp to communicate with users and send them information about their products, services, and customer orders. Another worrying change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp is about how much of your information is going to reach these business accounts.

There are more than 50 million business accounts on WhatsApp. Once the new privacy policy is updated, business accounts will get more information about the users to target the right product/service/deal for the individual.

Remember that Facebook is offering to act as a host for business accounts and will manage their communications with customers. Facebook will also have most of your user information through the new WhatsApp policy.

This means that Facebook companies will be using such information to offer better services to their business customers.

What’s the alternative if you care about data privacy?

Thankfully, WhatsApp is not the only cross-messaging and voice-over app in the market. If you care about your data privacy and WhatsApp is not ready to make changes to its privacy policy, you can think of switching over smaller but equally good messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

A comparative analysis between WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram

WhatsApp – WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Businesses use the app to get in touch with customers and users send texts, voice messages, images, documents, and videos over this platform.

Top features of WhatsApp

  • Ability to post statuses
  • Can form groups (maximum group size – 256)
  • Group video calls (maximum of 8 members)
  • Can share photos, videos, and documents (maximum size – 16 MB)
  • Messages are backed-up through third-party cloud services
  • No ads

Signal – Signal is a cross-platform non-profit messaging app that was founded in the year 2014. It is available for iOS, Android, and desktop.  Signal offers end-to-end encryption for all texts and voice messages.

Top features of Signal

  • Self-destructing messages (messages can be created to last in the sender and receiver’s screen only for a specific period)
  • Note-to-self feature to jot down things like in a notepad
  • Screen security – Prevents other apps from taking screenshots of your Signal screen
  • No ads
  • Simple user interface

Telegram – Telegram is a non-profit freeware software that also helps with cross-platform messaging and with VoIP. This software was developed in 2013 and already has around 400 million monthly users.

Top features of Telegram

  • Ability to form large groups (200,000 members)
  • Unique features like creation of polls, quizzes, and bots
  • File sharing size limit of 1.5 GB
  • Does not share any information with third-party apps and companies or governments
  • Telegram claims that it delivers messages the fastest
  • Ability to send self-destructing messages

To give you an idea of how invasive WhatsApp and Facebook are when it comes to your ‘personal’ data, check this infographic out. This tells you what information is collected by all three of these messaging apps when you install and use them.

What does the future hold for WhatsApp?

In India, the choice of whether or not you let the Facebook group of companies use your information depends on individual users. It is going to take a little more time for the government to pass the data privacy bill.

One group of people argue that giants like Google already have most of the personal information of a user and this new privacy policy of WhatsApp is not going to affect them much. Such individuals are going to keep using WhatsApp after agreeing to the privacy policy.

Another larger group of people have already started exploring other safer and private forms of messaging services including Signal and Telegram. These apps are being downloaded in large numbers as you read.

As people start asking questions about WhatsApp and Facebook’s invasion of privacy, more such freeware cross-platform messaging apps are going to be created with stringent and iron-clad privacy policies.


The internet is already a difficult place to venture into if you want to hold your privacy close to you. With such policy changes, it is going to be even more difficult to keep your activities and interests to yourself.

No one can say Signal or Telegram is 100% effective. You, as a consumer, will have to look through their policies and terms and decide if they are safe for you to create your accounts with.

If you are planning to quit WhatsApp, it is not enough if you delete the app from your phone. You will have to delete your account from the app’s settings.

                                                        <WhatsApp Settings – Account – Delete my account>  


Even then, experts say that your past information and texts, images, docs, and videos shared are going to remain in the WhatsApp system.

We will have to wait and see how WhatsApp and Facebook respond to the extreme reactions and displeasure shown at this privacy policy update.

What do you feel about this new policy up-gradation by WhatsApp? Will you continue using the app or switch over to other more secure messaging platforms? Let us know in the comments below.

For more such useful information about digital media , stay tuned to our new blog posts

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Is your WordPress blog/website SEO friendly? – A question every brand and every blogger should ask themselves.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create your website or blog. It brings incredible themes and powerful features for everyone. Many themes and features are free, and hence the platform has gained millions of users.

If you want your WordPress website or blog to get organic traffic and be noticeable, the page has to be SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site’s visibility and bringing it unpaid, organic traffic. Every website benefit from organic traffic.

There are so many WordPress SEO plugins that you can install to help improve your site’s SEO ranking.

Here is a list of top plugins you should consider using.

1. SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant

SEmrush Plugin
Image credit : WordPress

SEMRush is a competitive research and SEO company that was established in the year 2008 in the United States. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts. The SEO Writing Assistant helps you analyze how SEO-compatible your content is. The plugin can also be used to analyze the readability aspect of the content.


  • Check the originality of the content using the plagiarism check feature
  • Check the tone of the content with a click of a button
  • Improve the ease of reading the content using the readability score
  • Analyze the SEO quality of the content
  • Find recommended keywords


Basic plugin – free

Paid packages – Pro – $99.95/month, Guru – $199.95/month, Business – $399.95/month

Free trial – 7-days

2. Google Analytics Dashboard from ExactMetrics


Google Analytics Dashboard
Image credit : WordPress

Google Analytics uses machine learning capabilities and unique insights to give you data and suggestions that improve your SEO ranking. The Google Analytics Dashboard by ExactMetrics is an exclusive WordPress plugin that helps you install and use all the top features of Google Analytics on your WordPress page.


  • Provides SEO score tracking
  • Universal website/blog page tracking across different campaigns and websites
  • Helps segment the traffic based on individual keywords
  • Recommends the best keywords to optimize the page
  • Scroll tracking helps you know where the users lose interest while browsing the page


Basic plugin – free

Paid Packages – Plus – $99.50/year, Pro – $199.50/year, Agency – $399.50/year

3. Squirrly SEO Audit

Squirrly SEO is a fully-featured software for SEO that also includes an awesome SEO audit plugin. This is also one of the most downloaded plugins on WordPress for SEO analysis. Even if you are not an SEO expert, it is easy to make use of this plugin to improve the positioning and the presence of your website/blog page.


  • Get your weekly SEO, social traffic, and blogging score
  • Optimize content to improve page ranking
  • The SEO audit is done keeping in mind up to 20 aspects of the page including empty descriptions, duplicate titles and description, page load time, index status of your URLs, and more
  • Page ranked based on Alexa rank, domain age, site icon implementations, and page authority
  • Choose the pages that need to be audited


All basic SEO features in the plugin are free to use

Paid packages – Pro – $20.99/month, Business – $71.99/month, Agency – $75.99/month

4. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO
Image credit : Yoast

Called the #1 SEO plugin tool for WordPress, Yoast SEO a large group of loyal customers who benefit immensely from the tool. This SEO plugin has been helping millions of websites improve their SEO ranking and get more organic traffic since 2008. The plugin tool is used by small bloggers and large multinationals alike.


  • Addition of meta tags and canonical URLs to automatically improve SEO ranking
  • Gets more visitors from social media pages and search engines like Google and Bing
  • Recommendation for high-quality and high-performing keywords
  • Provides readability checks for websites and blogs
  • Automatically suggests the addition of internal links
  • Detailed integration


The Yoast SEO free package is free for all and includes all basic SEO features

Yoast SEO Premium is the paid package that cost $89 per year for one site.

5. WP Meta SEO


Image credit : WordPress

WP Meta SEO is a WordPress plugin from the Joom United brand. This time-saving tool comes with many useful features like image SEO optimization, sitemap XML integration, and a meta-information bulk editor. The Joom United brand specializes in various other kinds of WordPress tools too.


  • Ability to edit bulk website meta
  • XML and HTML sitemap generation
  • Console keyword suggestion
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Duplicate metasearch
  • Image HTML resizing options
  • Search engine optimization of images
  • 404 errors redirection


The basic SEO plugin for WordPress is free

Paid packages – Start – $39/ six months, Pro – $49/year, WordPress bundle – $179/year

6. W3 Total Cache Pro

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is another good WordPress plugin that helps improve your SEO ranking and makes your page SEO friendly. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an advanced WordPress user, you can make a great difference to your page using this plugin.


  • Up to 10 times improvement in site performance
  • Improvements in SEO ranking
  • Reduction in page load time
  • Pages load and perform better even during high traffic
  • Repeat page views are instantly counted
  • Improved server performance



7. All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO)

Image Credit : WordPress

Another of the very popular and most downloaded SEO plugin for WordPress is the All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO). More than 2 million individuals and brands use AIOSEO to improve the SEO rankings of their websites and blog pages. AIOSEO includes the below modules/tools.

  • Local SEO
  • SEO for WooCommerce platform
  • Smart Sitemaps
  • Advanced and extensive SEO modules
  • SEO optimizer tool
  • Schema snippets


  • All basic tools needed to improve local SEO ranking
  • Automatic generation of WordPress XML sitemap
  • On page SEO analysis
  • Easy integration of social media pages
  • Woo Commerce SEO analysis


14-days money back guarantee available

Paid packages – Basic – $49.50, Plus – $99.50, Pro – $199.50, Elite – $299.50

8. Ahrefs SEO WordPress Plugin

Ahref SEO Plugin
Image Credit : Ahref

Ahrefs is a small independent search engine optimization company that specializes in conducting SEO audits that improve your ranking and increase organic traffic. The Ahrefs SEO WordPress Plugin automatically identifies low-performing pages and offers recommendations to improve their performance. The SEO audit combines Google Analytics report, backlink numbers, and organic traffic to take the right actions.


  • Helps understand a page/website’s backlink profile. Their live backlink database is refreshed every 30 minutes
  • The plugin pulls information from Google Analytics, processes and reads the data, and gives you solid actionable improvement tips
  • The plugin is lightweight and offers minimal stress on your WordPress server


Basic plugin package is available for free

Paid packages – 7 day trial version – $7, Lite – $99/month, Standard – $179/month, Advanced – $399/month, Agency $999/month

9. Rank Math

Rank Math
Image Credit : Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the best SEO plugins for serious WordPress users. The brand makes it very easy for anyone to optimize their content and their webpage. The product comes with 15 pre-built modules that make it very easy to configure the plugin based on your requirements. You can prevent hours of repetitive and monotonous work using this plugin.


  • Helps measure and track keyword rankings
  • Runs detailed SEO analysis to identify problems
  • Easy user interface and installation process
  • Built-in advanced SEO tool that keeps giving suggestions and recommendations
  • Ability to integrate with Google Analytics
  • Advanced schema generation


The basic version is free

Paid packages: Pro – $59/year, Business – $199/year


There are thousands of plugins available for managing SEO activities on your WordPress page. At the end of the day, choosing the best SEO plugin depends on individual needs. Certain features of certain plugins may prove vital for some than for others. Before you choose a plugin, analyze your needs, and compare them with the plugin’s offerings.

If you are doubtful about what features would help your brand or your page, get in touch with us. Our SEO experts have years of experience handling WordPress apps, websites, and blogs and can guide you in picking and using the right plugin. Contact us for a free consultation right away.

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook has about 2.7 billion users every month, out of which about 1.5 billion are active on the social media platform every single day. It is not surprising that most businesses are trying to promote their products and services here.

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms and is built to help you reach a larger group of audience very quickly. On average, each user spends up to 60 minutes on Facebook. This is the time you can use to introduce your product or service and convert their interest into sales leads by using Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook Marketing is a simple way of using a Facebook page to reach existing and potential customers and clients and offer your products and services to them. Such Facebook pages also serve as places you can promote discount deals, offers, and other benefits that can tempt a visitor to buy what you sell. You could be a brand, a local business, a service provider, or a Non-Profit Organization. Everyone benefits from having a Facebook page and promoting it.

Facebook marketing


Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  1. Facebook marketing is flexible – You could be a small local business or a multinational organization. Facebook offers paid marketing features for all kinds of budgets. You can decide how much you want to spend every day, which is a huge advantage.
  2. Choose to run your ads in specific places – You can run your ads on Facebook feeds or promote them as personalized messages on the messenger platform. Some businesses want their ads to show up only on mobile phones. Placements are easy.
  3. Customize your target audience – You can filter your target audience quite comprehensively on Facebook. Choose a particular gender, age group, locality, and interest that your audience needs to have, and then ads run accordingly. This helps your marketing strategies create a bigger and bolder impact on those who matter to your business.
  4. Promote your website on Facebook– Looking for more traffic for your website? It is effortless to run a promotion that makes people click on your website link.
  5. Find worthy customers and clients – Facebook is one place you can easily spot clients and customers who have a genuine interest in what you offer. These individuals turn into loyal customers over time.
  6. Personal interaction with customers – Use your Facebook page to answer queries and messages and solve grievances. This improves your customer’s experience with your brand and puts you at an advantage.

Formats of Facebook Marketing

1) Video Ad – Video ads are the most popular right now. Videos are more eye-catching, and the chances of your audience stopping to look through the whole video are high. Video ads are exciting and self-explanatory. You can:

  • Create stories for customers to watch
  • Add advertising in existing videos that are most watched
  • Upload native videos that are shown in feeds

2) Image Ads – These are probably one of the most comfortable ads to create on Facebook. Image ads generate interest in the audience and encourage them to take a desirable action (click on the website link, shop for a product, fill up an interest form, etc.) Image ads can increase traffic, improve brand awareness, and get more likes and reaches.

3) Carousel Ads – In a Facebook carousel ad, you can show up to 10 pictures or videos to your audience. Each image or video can have its details and links. You can show different views of the same product or show ten other products/services to the target audience.

4) Slideshow Ads – If you have great images with you and want to show them as a slideshow to the audience, this is the best option. Slideshow ads load quickly and play well without the need for high-speed internet. This is an alternative to video ads and works quickly and hassle-free. Slideshow ads are great to tell a story.

Facebook Ads

5) Lead Generation Ads – Lead generation ads are the most effective ads when it comes to converting mere interests into closed deals. If you are from the sales team, you will know that getting the right leads matter the most. These lead generation ads let you do the following:

  • Collect information like name, contact details from customers
  • Get the email-IDs of potential customers/interested audience
  • Get the audience to answer vital questions you need for the business
  • Get people to show interest/enroll in a service or program you offer
  • Offer downloads to the target audience

Ways to use Facebook for marketing

1. Create the right kind of business page

The first way to use Facebook for marketing effectively is to create a page that draws Facebook users’ attention. Millions of Facebook business pages are on the platform, but many of them are boring and dormant.

Have attractive cover and display photos that keep changing regularly. Ensure your ‘about’ section is prominent and contains all details a potential customer might want to know about you.

Be active on the platform and make sure you answer queries, messages, and respond to reviews quickly. This tells Facebook you are a dynamic page and your ads reach more audiences, and you get better exposure.

2. Post information that’s useful to your target audience

You might be marketing your brand extensively with paid ads, but if your brand page is boring with ill-frequented posts, then it repels Facebook users who look for you. Here are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Post regularly
  • Offer deals and discounts on the page
  • Share information that your audiences are genuinely interested in
  • Give the links of your blog page every time you post a new blog
  • Post fun video ads that attract more likes and comments

3. Host Facebook contests

This is one of the best ways to help your page reach more audiences and also find people who are interested in your product/service. Here are simple steps to create Facebook contests.

  • Create a contest prize
  • Decide on the desirable goal (more shares and likes, filling in a form, or getting more followers)
  • Decide on the contest entry method (asking people to like and share your page or tagging a friend)
  • Post the contest and promote it on your page and in relevant groups and marketplaces
  • Mention details of what can be won, how to win, who can participate, how winners are selected, and the date of winner announcement in the post.
  • Announce the winner and create a thank you post
  • Encourage the winner to share the information on his/her Facebook page

Make sure the Contest is genuine and the giveaway prize is worth the effort put in by the users.

4. Promote your page and promote your posts

Be regular with promotions. Try different kinds of promotions with different target audiences and compare the results you get. Apart from promoting your page, also promote important posts.

5. Try Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories is an exclusive marketing strategy offered by Facebook. Facebook creates stories when people like a page, visit a place or tag a brand. Let’s say ‘A’ visited a restaurant and tagged the place on Facebook. When the same restaurant opts for sponsored stories, people who are friends with ‘A’ will find sponsored ads saying their friend liked this place.

Such sponsored ads can be shown days and weeks after ‘A’ had initially posted it. Sponsored ads are great ways of building trust by using a friend’s relationship/interaction with the brand.

6. Make use of groups


facebook groups

There are millions of groups on Facebook. When you identify a group that exactly matches your target requirement, you have a rich pool of potential customers. All you need to do is introduce them to your product/service. You can post as the brand page here or get your digital marketing team to create individual profiles who can promote your brand on groups.

7. Make use of Marketplaces


Facebook Marketplace
Image credit : Facebook

Marketplaces are similar to groups but created with an intention to buy/sell products and services. It is easier to market your products on marketplaces rather than in groups that may have stringent rules about no direct advertising. Find relevant marketplaces and share your product pages regularly. This helps build more customers with time.


We have tried to share with you, a few useful ways to use Facebook for marketing. These tips have worked quite well for a lot of Facebook users and we believe it would be useful to you as well.

Make sure to use all these 7 ways to use Facebook for marketing, and see results for yourself. Do you know any other successful strategy you have tried out? Let us know in the comment section. Our other readers would also like to learn more.

If you want to implement successful strategies for using Facebook for marketing your brand or business, drop us an email or contact us here. We will get back to you with a free consultation session.

8 Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses


Linkedin Strategies

LinkedIn marketing is a way of using LinkedIn’s connections and strengths to generate leads and connect with potential business clients. B2B businesses find generating leads challenging, unlike B2C brands with multiple platforms to reach their customers.

LinkedIn has about 690 million monthly users and has active accounts of 30 million companies. LinkedIn is a perfect place to reach out to these businesses and connect with them one to one.

Why LinkedIn marketing?

Here are a few reasons why you should be considering LinkedIn marketing for your B2B business seriously.

  • LinkedIn is popular –This is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook to be used successfully by B2B marketers.
  • Position yourself as a leader –It is effortless to position yourself as a leader in your domain by staying active and engaging with other businesses on LinkedIn.
  • Networking –You get a fantastic chance to network with other businesses and potential clients on LinkedIn without making it feel like a business proposition or a selling tactic. Personal connections with heads of other businesses are more manageable too.
  • Generate organic traffic – Use LinkedIn to post interesting stuff and business-related content. Use the ‘Share’ button to send the content to different LinkedIn groups you are associated with. Add links to your business page to drive organic traffic.
  • Gain insights – Know what your business clients want from you. You can post questions, look for answers, and understand the specific needs of your potential clients. These insights build your business and get converted into leads.

How to optimize the company page?


Before you understand and implement the top LinkedIn marketing strategies for B2B businesses, you should start by optimizing your page.

Consider your LinkedIn company page as an entrance to your website where sales happen. The entrance has to be enticing, useful, and interesting for people to enter. Here are ways you can optimize your company page effectively.

  • Insert the right keywords and phrases that clients may use for searching for a product or a service.
  • Refine the ‘About’ tab and give in short and precise details on who you are and how you can help.
  • Add a link to your website on the company page, as this is very important to help clients reach out.
  • Publish and share engaging content regularly; this helps you gain more followers and provide much-needed exposure.

Here are eight fascinating LinkedIn marketing strategies for B2B businesses that will help you make the best use of this social media platform.

Understand your Audience

Irrespective of whether you post organically or use paid ads, LinkedIn has useful targeting parameters that help you reach the right audience. Knowing your audience changes everything. What kind of businesses are you targeting (SMEs, multinationals, service companies)? Are you reaching the top management, or do you want to connect with mid-level consultants and business developers? You can hyper-target your content based on this.

Make it a habit to post regularly

Just having a company page on LinkedIn will not do the magic. You will have to be genuinely active there, as this is one of the most vital marketing strategies for B2B businesses that help them in the long term.

Start creating content useful for your business clients. Share valuable information and articles. Make your potential client visit your page for the info you give them. They will turn into value-adding clients with time.

Make sure you don’t keep pushing your products and services directly on these posts. Just add value to your readers, and sales will happen as a result.

Besides creating your content, you can also share insightful content from non-competitive pages and individual profiles; this is also a quick way to increase your followers on this social media page.

Promote your content

You might offer a great product or a service and maybe giving them at the lowest prices in the market. However, reaching a more comprehensive range of audience is essential if you want to start seeing revenues. Promotion helps kickstart your reach. LinkedIn offers different kinds of paid promotions on their page.

  • Sponsored content – Paid promotions that appear on the feed of your audience
  • Sponsored messaging – Individual messages reaching the right audience
  • Text ads – Pay Per Click ads
  • Dynamic ads – Ads customized to the chosen audience

Share your content in the relevant group

Groups are closed networks of people and businesses on LinkedIn who share the same ideas, requirements, and interests. Identifying the right group who may need your product or service is like finding a chest full of treasure waiting for you!


You can only be a member of 50 groups on LinkedIn. Hence choose carefully. Look for the below criteria and then join a group.

– Is the group active?

– Do people comment/likes content shared there?

– How big is the group?

– Does the group exactly match your target requirement?

Analyze your competitor pages

A brilliant move that will help you channelize LinkedIn as a B2B business platform is to be aware of what your competitors are doing.

Keep checking your competitors’ pages regularly to find out what kind of content they share, how their company page looks, and what groups they are a part of.

Promote your company page

You might be promoting your content through paid and organic modes on LinkedIn. The next step is to promote your page to make sure more people check it out and find interest in your posts and shares. If you send out emails, make sure your company’s LinkedIn page is included in your signature. Add the link of your LinkedIn page to other social media pages you are a part of.

Promote the page on newsletters, blog posts, and internal official emails. All these activities help over time to improve your positioning as a leader on LinkedIn. It will also bring you unforeseen business opportunities.


Your employees are your strength, and you can easily use them and their professional LinkedIn page to improve your leverage on the platform and reach a more relevant audience. Here are ways you can do so.

  • Let your employees know your intention – Talk to your employees about using LinkedIn as a marketing tool and ask for their support. Being honest brings in the best from the employees.
  • Create an active employee group on the platform – Create a new group on LinkedIn with the employees and encourage them to share stories, feedback, posts, and ideas. You now have original content you can share on the company’s feed.
  • Get your employees to interact with the company page – Regularly send details of the most important posts and shares you have on your page to the employees – This will improve interaction on the platform.
  • Consider “Work With Us Ads” – Work With Us Adsis a promotional feature of LinkedIn where your company’s logo shows up along with your employees’ display picture. Suppose someone outside the company interacts with them – this is one of the easiest ways to talk about your brand to people outside your loop.

Turn your company page into a lead generation page

One of the most useful yet challenging LinkedIn marketing strategies for B2B businesses is the ability to convert your business page into a lead generating space. The following strategies help.

– Have attractive images that create interest on the main page.

– Pitch subtly on your description page. Tell business what makes you different and irresistible.

– Create a Showcase Page. A showcase page is designed for a specific set of audience (B2B clients in this case) and can be tailor-made to show some of the best aspects of your page here. This page can be used for promotions and will be listed under your regular company page. You can use the Showcase page to share unique content with the audience of your choice.

– Be active on the page. Readily answer queries, comment, and connect with people.


Building a successful marketing platform on LinkedIn for business leads is a challenging yet advantageous strategy for B2B businesses. If you have not considered this before, it is time you looked into this social media platform that offers you millions of business opportunities.

Are you a B2B business interested in knowing more about LinkedIn marketing? Get in touch with us, and one of our marketing experts will get back to you for a free consultation.

Conversion Rate Optimization – A complete Guide for Beginners

Conversion Rate Optimization


The purpose of a website or a blog page is to drive traffic to the page in the hope that the traffic gets converted into business leads that give the brand a reason to exist.

A website might have thousands of visitors a day. How many of them end up buying the product or service offered is a very important question to ask.

For companies to be successful in the long run, they should be able to convert mere visitors into potential clients/customers.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is making potential customers who visit a website take a desirable action pre-decided by the brand. In other terms, it is tweaking the website, its design, and offerings to make sure a customer’s visit to your site turns into a potential lead.

The conversion of the interest of the customer into a potential lead is called Conversion Rate Optimization.

Businesses can make specific changes to their website and landing pages, create tailor-made experiences, and give visitors what they want to help convert them into customers/clients. CRO is an on-going process and it takes time for businesses to identify what works and doesn’t for their site.

There can be many types of conversions businesses want.

Major/macro conversions

  • Buying a product
  • Opting for a service
  • Contacting the team for a quote

Minor/micro conversions

  • Signing up on the website
  • Adding products to a wish list
  • Adding products to the cart
  • Opting for email subscriptions

While many businesses spend a lot of money in driving traffic to their website through SEO strategies and paid ads, they do not take a similar effort in improving their CRO. High visitor traffic to a website is of no use when the CRO is very low.

How to calculate CRO?

The formula to calculate Conversion Rate Optimization is quite simple. There are two scenarios given below and the formula slightly changes according to the type of business.

Conversion rate based on traffic/number of sessions

Imagine owning a website that sells mobile phone accessories. Users visit the website, browse through the products, and check the prices. Few visitors leave halfway through while others complete a purchase. In such scenarios,

Conversion rate percentage = (New leads generated/website traffic) X 100

If you have had 500 visitors to your website and 10 people ended up buying the products,

Conversion Rate Optimization % = (10/500) X 100 = 2%

Conversion rate based on number of users

Imagine a different scenario. You offer a streaming TV subscription service. Your visitor subscribes to a yearly package from you. The visitor visits your website multiple times to check program lists and other details but does not purchase anything else for the whole year.

In this case, calculating the conversion rate based on website traffic does not make sense. You should be using the below formula.

Conversion rate percentage = (number of new orders/numbers of unique users) X 100

Let’s say you had 200 new users signing up on the website. You got 50 orders/subscriptions that month.

Conversion Rate Optimization % = (50/200) X 100 = 25%

The benefits of CRO for small and large businesses

Why is CRO important? How can you make use of the CRO information to improve your business positioning and get better and more solid leads? Check out these top benefits.

  1. Get better insights about your key audience – What kind of customers actually convert from being mere visitors? Which page on the website triggers them? CRO will give you lots of chances to experiment with changes in the website to see if the conversion rate gets better. It also helps you identify user behavior specific to your website.
  2. Give a better user experience to your customer – By practicing CRO and making changes to the over-all design and engagement value, you make your website or blog page better every time. This improves user-experience and that, in turn, helps you get more leads.
  3. Get better revenues without spending more on driving traffic – Trying to increase your revenues by improving website traffic with paid ads and other expensive marketing strategies is not a smart move every time. You should instead try and convert existing traffic into leads. This is what Conversion Rate Optimization does for you.
  4. Improve your SEO efforts –Your website is going to be ranked higher on search engines if the user experience is good and your users are spending quality time on your site. Google had mentioned that its search engine is smarter and picked up user behavior as a trait to rank websites.
  5. Make long-term associations with your customers and clients – By tweaking your website and making specific changes that push customers into making a desirable action, you are making the visitors happy. The chances of your customers returning to the site are higher too.

Top CRO strategies to Try

  1. Don’t let your visitor work too hard

Let’s say your desired goal from visitors is to help them sign up on the website. You have driven a good amount of traffic to the site and the sign-up page opens. Imagine having a long list of form fields to fill up to create an account. Chances are the visitor gets bored halfway through and closes the page!

Ask only relevant information and make your visitor do the minimal of tasks possible and this will optimize your conversion rate.

  1. Have specific Call To Actions (CTA)

Instead of assuming your visitor knows what the desired action is, tell it to them. That’s easier and quicker. In case you want the visitor to make use of the limited-time coupon code you have on the site, have a bold CTA button on the home page that says ‘Click here to avail your 20% discount coupon’ helps.

Your visitors know what exactly the button does without any confusion. Transparency and clarity help in Conversion Rate Optimization.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

This is a very smart Conversion Rate Optimization strategy that will help you get more leads. Making the visitor feel like he/she will miss on a deal is a great psychological trigger in improving the conversion rate. Some popular conversion tactics to create a sense of urgency are:

  • Have an exit pop-up that offers a discount or a deal when the customer is trying to close the page.
  • Offer a discount coupon once a product is added to the cart. There are more chances the visitor ends up using the discount and buying the product.
  • Display the number of products available in stock. People can get tempted to buy products that are low in stock.
  • Give a period within which an order has to be placed. Having just 15 minutes to complete purchasing something will push people into ordering quickly.

Run tests on landing pages and high-performing pages

Running tests regularly is a very important strategy to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization percentage.

  • Start with the research phase. Take some time to analyze what visitors are doing on your site, how long they stay on each page, and what they are looking for. Pick up quantitative data to get relevant information. Changes that are not backed by the right research don’t usually work.
  • Make a list of possible changes that can help improve performance.
  • Try the A/B testing strategy. You split your traffic into two parts. You make changes to the website, its interface, CTA buttons, and other factors and implement it for one half of the traffic. You monitor the conversion rate. It is important to only change one thing at a time and test for improvements.
  • Collect enough data with these changes.
  • Implement the changes big-time if the testing proved it was successful. If you did not find improvements in the Conversion Rate Optimization percentage, identify loopholes in the idea and tweak the idea more.
  • Keep repeating the process regularly to increase your lead generation.


Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the most important tools you need to sustain as a leader and stay ahead in the race. If you have not been taking CRO seriously, it is time you did so. Contact us and we will put you in touch with some of the best CRO experts in the field. Get a free consultation and understand how to convert traffic into actual business sales that will help you grow.


7 Best Keyword Research Tools

best Keyword Research Tool

What is Keyword research?

Keyword research is the basic process of identifying the popular search terms that people use on search engines like Google or social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. The basic idea behind keyword research is to know what the customer is looking for and tweak your offerings correspondingly.

In simple terms, without knowing what your customer is looking for, how will you optimize your website, market products, and services, and create content effectively?

Keyword research tells you the below details.

  • What is your customer looking for?
  • How and where is the customer searching for it?
  • How best you can present them with your product or service?

Once you identify the right keywords, you can use them in the content you develop to make sure it is ranked higher on the results page of search engines. This is one of the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps you stay on top of your game.

Keyword research is not a one-time process though! You will have to periodically revisit the top keywords searched for and keep changing your SEO strategy accordingly.

Here is where a keyword research tool comes to help. Such tools constantly discover new and popular keywords and list them on their databases. They can tell you how good a keyword is, what other keywords are used by your competitor, and give you a list of well-analyzed keywords that would serve your purpose.

Using a keyword research tool to identify popular and right keywords helps your website or your content reach the right audience and get a higher ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Below is a list of top keyword research tools in the market right now. Compare their features and perks and use the one that fits your SEO needs.

Best tools for keyword research

1. SEMrush


keyword research Tool
Image Credit: Semrush

SEMrush is one of the top keyword research tools in the market used by 6 million marketers globally. The brand is based out of Boston, USA, and is a quickly growing content marketing and SaaS platform. The brand was established in 2008 and keyword research is one of its biggest strengths.

Best Known For:Having the largest keyword database in the market with more than 20 billion keywords

Pricing: Paid service – Pro – $99.95/month, Guru – $199.95/month, Business – $399.95/month

Trial Version: Available for a limited period

Key features:

  • Provides a complete list of keyword rankings and pages of top competitors
  • Helps to identify keyword gaps to create better SEO campaigns
  • Can compare and analyze up to 1000 keywords to see changes in SERP rankings in real-time.

2. Ahrefs keyword explorer


keyword research tool
image credit; Ahref

Ahref keyword explorer markets itself as the most completekeyword research tool in the current digital marketing scenario. Headquartered in Singapore, this multinational company had its foundation laid in 2010.

Best Known For:Accurate search volumes, the Keyword Explorer analyzes and presents data from over 171 countries

Pricing: Paid service – Lite – $99/month, Standard – $179/month, Advanced – $399/month, Agency – $999/month

 Trial Version: Available for a starting price of $7 for 7 days

 Key features:

  • Has a huge database of over 7 billion keywords
  • New keywords are updated every month
  • Keywords generated for more than 10 different Search Engines
  • Ability to show the number of clicks for your keywords.

3. Google Keyword planner


Image credit: Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s little project that helps small and big businesses find new keywords that put them at the forefront of Google’s search engine. Once you sign up and get an account, you can see new and trending keywords related to your business everyday and tweak your content based on that. You can also look for search volumes of a particular keyword and see its historic metrics too. All this is free and you do not have to spend anything.

Best Known For:Helping small businesses with the smallest of budgets grow

Pricing:Basic keyword research is free.  Running AdWords has no fixed costSet your monthly budget

Trial Version:N/A

Key features:

  • 100% free
  • Find performance forecasts for the right keywords
  • Filter out keywords based on geography, language, gender, and interests
  • Easy to use for beginners.

4. KW Finder


image credit: KW finder

Established in the year 2014, KW Finder started as a small keyword researchwebsite. In 2016 the brand was renamed Mangools. To date, keyword research is the top strength of the brand and its core team. Some of the top clients of this keyword research tool include Alexa, Adidas, and Airbnb. You can get search volumes and historical data of your keywords on KW Finder with a click of a button.

Best Known For:Picking up exclusive long-tail keywords (specific longer keywords customers use when they are close to finalizing a deal/purchase)

 Pricing: Paid service – Mangools Basic – $29.90/month, Mangools Premium – $39.90/month, Mangools Agency – $79.90/month. All plans have a 48-hour money-back guarantee

Trial Version: 10-day free trial available

Key features:

  • 5 billion keywords available on the database
  • 100 million competitor keywords searched and presented monthly
  • Supports 52,000 locations all over the world
  • The user interface is easy to handle and navigate

5. Long Tail Pro


Image Credit : Longtail Pro

Long Tail keywords are very useful for businesses as they take them very close to customers who want their products/services. Long Tail Pro was created by an internet marketer named Spencer Haws who has had several years of experience handling different long-tail websites. You will be able to get hundreds of perfect long-tail keywords from a single seed keyword you provide on the site.

Best Known For:Ranking the viability of keywords between 0 and 100, showing up to 400 keywords per seed keyword in seconds

Pricing: Paid service – Starter – $37/month, Pro – $67/month, Agency – $147/month

Trial Version: 7 day trial forStarter and Pro packs available

Key features:

  • Detailed keyword research based on top competitors
  • SERP analysis of keywords provided by clients
  • Daily updates on keyword rankings to help you take crucial decisions
  • Exhaustive Long Tail keyword blog, article, and video resources available on LTP Academy

6. Moz Keyword Explorer


Keyword Research Tool
image credit : Moz

Moz started in 2004 as a forum where SEO experts came together to research new ideas and thoughts. Moz slowly turned into a Search Engine Optimization Company with a keen interest in keyword analysis. The brand offers unlimited resources for both clients and those using the website for free. This keyword research toolwill help you identify the top keywords for your business in a few seconds and will streamline your SEO process.

Best Known For: Experienced core team, 24-hours online support, and a lot of great free SEO tools to use

Pricing: Paid service – Standard – $99/month, Medium – $149/month, Large – $249/month, Premium – $599/month

Trial Version: 30-day free trial available

 Key features:

  • Tracking possible across multiple search engines, including Google US and International, Bing, Yahoo, and Google Mobile
  • 1-on-1 support from experts available
  • Easy to categorize, compare, and prioritize keywords
  • All keywords and SERP data are refreshed and updated every two weeks
  • Up to 95% accuracy for keyword predictions

7. GrowthBar


Keyword Research Tool
Image Credit : Growth Bar

GrowthBar is the Google Chrome Plugin for Search Engine Optimization offered by Growth Marketing pro. This is the number one Google Chrome Plugin available right now. You get monthly search volume keywords and competitor scores from the keyword research tool. If you have a keyword in mind, use the tool to see how competitive it is. You can track the ranking of chosen keywords easily too.

Best Known For:Knowing perfect ranking difficulty scores, hundreds of best keyword suggestions

 Pricing:Paid service $39/month, basic plug-in version for Chrome is free

 Trial Version:5-day free trial available

 Key features:

  • Millions of keyword suggestions and backlinks provided
  • Ability to see any competitor site’s organic traffic and domain authority
  • The basic version can be installed for free

If you have not invested in a keyword research tool yet, it is time to do so. Instead of spending hours together manually trying to identify keywords and using them right, give the job to the experts in the field. This way, the right keywords will add more value to your website or content and also convert customer queries to actual deal-closures.


Do try out these awesome keyword research tools and let us know which one you liked the best. If you want to discuss how to use these tools to improve your business positioning, feel free to get in touch with us or leave your contact details. We will schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.


How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Strategy

how to use instagram reels


Gone are the days of traditional marketing channels that required slow-paced print advertisements and Televised Ads to create the right brand awareness. The new-age consumer base is attracted by real-time, fast-paced, and interactive advertising techniques that match their style and choices. Social media has revolutionized the way brands reach out to people fostering a more interactive and personalized experience. Instagram Reels is one such new-age medium that encourages highly interactive customer engagement. In this article we will share few tips for – How to use Instagram Reels.

Instagram is the world’s most popular and highly used image sharing App, which has created a whole new career for the millennial generation called “Social Media Influencer.” Using hashtags, creative Instagram handles, and exciting features like Stories and Reels, Instagrammers have created a brand for themselves.

Understanding How to use Instagram Reels

The Instagram Reels is a new feature that the users can leverage to popularize their content across the internet. Dubbed as TikTok of Facebook and Instagram, the short video sharing service lets the users create creative and funny videos that go viral on the platform. Using the feature, the brands can implement a viral and penetrative marketing strategy to reach out to millions of users. The new feature is highly innovative and gives brands a scope to design a profitable social media strategy that boosts the overall promotion and marketing.

how to use Instagram reels
Image credit : Instagram

Instagram Reels was launched in Brazil, which boosted the user base of Instagram by 4.34 percent. When Reels was introduced in India in July 2020, the Instagram app’s download increased by 11.4 percent; this shows that the Instagram Reels caught user attention.

Leading fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Balmain employ Reels as an effective marketing strategy.

how to use Instagram Reels
Image Credit : Instagram

Reels are short videos that users can record through the Camera feature within the Instagram App and then use prerecorded songs and audios as the background music. They can also use a variety of effects and filters to create highly engaging and design attractive videos that they can share with their followers. Like TikTok, Instagram Reels is also propelled with the use of hashtags and tags. People can again do collaborations and tag other influencers in their reels.

Instagram Reels is embedded within Instagram through which you can create the most amazing videos which you can augment with the latest video editing tools. Using engagement features like Share and Comment, you can interact with the users in real-time, creating a more personalized and casual relationship with them. Reels are easy to use but go a long way in giving the right boost to your brand when employed smartly.

Tips for how to use Instagram reels into marketing strategy

Marketers can create highly successful Instagram Reels campaigns that highlight their brand and showcase the innovativeness through highly engaging content.

1. Build a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

Your content should appeal to the watchers and prominently exude the message that you want to convey. Before you go ahead and create Instagram Reels videos, you must plan the content to align with the social media campaigns that your branding team designs. The videos should be adequately planned, and the marketing activities should be thoroughly clean. The videos are short, so the message and story line should be highly impactful. The series of reels can also be planned in such a way that they convey a message sequentially. The integration of the content should be well planned and very catchy. For this, you must do thorough competitor research to see what the other players in the market have created and how they are targeting the audience needs using the right marketing tools. The goals of the brand strategy must be exact, and you must align your Reels with the plan.

Similarly, the content should be designed based on the audiences. Suppose your brand provides apparel to young girls, then you should develop the Reels in such a way that the content is sassy and appealing to young girls. The Reels may create in collaboration with other influencers and give beauty tips to the girls for dressing up.

The Reels should be scheduled in collaboration with other social media posts and well popularized on the various social media channels so that it reaches maximum users.

2. Your content should be informative and educative

The Search Engine algorithms base their ranking on content that is creative, informative, and highly unique. Reels that are contextual and educative from the marketing companies should be highly innovative and make content which enables the users to gain tips or awareness with the Reels. Sharing DIY videos, fashion tips, and hacks are a great way to compel users to view your content and share it with others. Thus, the trick is to be creative, funny, and creative alongside offering educative content to the users.

The more helpful, creative, and innovative you are, the higher are chances of your Reels going viral.

 3. User-generated content Is easy to use

Video content on Reels and other video sharing platforms is the key to success. There are a lot of exciting challenges and events created by these Apps through which the users make exciting content. This content is then used by the brands enabling them to engage more and more users. The Reels platform allows brands to leverage the already existing content on the platform that is in line with your marketing initiatives to quickly gain traction and incentivize the content created by other users. Using collaborations and credits, you can use other creators’ content, which is already popular on social media. By bringing in the testimonials, videos, and tutorials from other users who bring forth the content that fosters your brand, you can quickly gain the right traffic. This helps you save both time and efforts, which you can employ in other activities.

When you share content like DIY videos, fashion hacks, dressing tips, etc. from the leading influencers using the right hashtags, then you can easily garnerthe attention of the target audience. By collaborating and giving credits, you also encourage the top influencers to share the posts from your Instagram handles, thereby giving more views to your Reels as well.

4. Use Analytics

Instagram Reels is a popular social media tool through which you can quickly propel your brand and attract the right audience. You must, however, note that the analytics and right planned approach is required to create a successful marketing strategy to utilize Reels constructively. Using the various measurement tools like Analytics and Instagram insights, you can evaluate the impressions and impact of your Reels campaign.

By proper evaluation of the Reels content, you can see how well the campaign is performing and whether you can meet the underlying objective of creating Reels. There are many tools like Polls, Voting, and Live sessions in which you can interact with the audiences in real-time and see how the users perceive the brand. By examining the performance, you can tweak the areas that lead to improvement and create content which the users want to watch.

The proper analysis enables you to optimize your social media activities and gain maximum benefits without wasting time and effort on unnecessary aspects. Suing the right hashtags and collaborating with the right people, you can tap into the immense use of Reels.

 5. Use Right Video Marketing Tools

Reels are loaded with a wide variety of videos, which are specifically designed by the brands to profuse a highly professional yet quirky image since Instagram is an informal and fun channel. You must note that the videos on Instagram Reels must be engaging, professionally shot; however, they must touch the right chord with the young audience. It is better to understand the kind of videos that would yield maximum benefits for your brand instead of trying your hand at something irrelevant. For example, if you are a tattoo artist, you would want to create highly creative Reels and showcase your Studio with its most fantastic Tattoo creation. Your videos thus should be highly innovative and funny, highlighting the astoundingtattoos. However, if you are a brand that provides holiday packages, you must focus on Video content that showcases how your brand can help people plan the best vacations.

The bottom line is that you must employ the right kind of video on Reels to boost your brand.

a) Company Culture videos

These videos are highly instrumental in showcasing the vision, environment, and ethos of a brand or company. This helps in creating a distinctive impression amongst the audience without the need to get over the top. You can design the video in a fun and innovative manner, brand videos create a massive impact on the mindsets of the audiences, and the users are often compelled to check out the services provided by your brand if the brand videos convince them.

b) Product Videos

Product videos are straightforward and most fruitful in propelling the sales of the brand offerings. A short yet crisp video highlight the best aspects of the product can do wonders in attracting the right buyers. Videos are more convincing and appealing than articles and ads as they speak volumes about the product. You can create fantastic demo and launch videos for your product giving the consumers and insight into your offering.

c) Testimonial Videos

These are the best tool to showcase that real people are buying and using your product. These are the best way to create brand loyalty and influence the consumers compelling them to try out the product at least once. If you can onboard some notable collaborations or get the top influencers to provide a review of your product on Instagram Reels, you can create immense credibility for your work. Testimonials and review videos are like advertisements from the people who use the product and provide real-life firsthand experience. As on various eCommerce websites, buyers rely primarily on the user’s reviews and ratings before purchasing a product; similarly, on Reels, testimonial videos can be the right tool to impress the potential buyers. Such videos are the most efficient tool to convert leads to customers.

d) Educational Videos

It is an unsaid truth that the content that educates and adds value to the audience’s knowledge is most viewed and appreciated. Educational videos, tutorials, and DIY videos are the most sought after content on Reels and any other social media channel. Since Reels is a short video sharing service, users love them a lot as they learn tricks and tips in a fast forward mode. Be it designing tips, dressing tips, or making something interesting at home,educational videos are the most viewed and shared content that can bring immense traction to your website. By creating highly engaging and immersive short educational or demonstrative videos, you can harness attention from the right audience, thereby giving a boost to your marketing strategy.

Provide digital marketing services to your clients. A short educational video on using the right keywords or a video showing the impact of social media marketing on businesses can bring you the proper traction. If you are offering interior designing services to the clients, then a short educative Reels on finding the best furniture for a Studio apartment would excite your target audience.

The trick is to give people what they want to know about and provide them with the content they can use.


To sum up, if you are looking for an innovative and highly efficient way to use social media to foster your brand and bring the right exposure to your business, then Instagram is an excellent platform for you. With many youngsters and potential customers on Instagram, Reels can help you reach out the potential buyers by creating a special rapport with them through real-time engagement. Instagram Reels are informal and quirky; thus, your content should be highly creative and entertaining.

Leading fashion, designing, educational, consumer goods, and IT-related brands are already leveraging Instagram Reels successfully to advertise their products among the new age consumer base.

We hope in this article, you have learnt how to use instagram reel with ease. If you are looking for help with creating your Instagram Reels for your business or brand, do contact us, and we will help you create a creative Reel that will set you apart from your competitors!!

How to use Snapchat – Everything you need to know about Snapchat

how to use snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most engaging and spunky apps out there, which is immensely popular amongst teenagers and youngsters worldwide. It has around 240 Million daily users; it is a unique photo sharing or moment-sharing app. One can share Snaps or pictures with quirky messages, add stickers to their contacts and friends quickly. Snapchat is a highly dynamic application in which the messages and snaps sent to someone disappear after some time. It is meant for sharing a moment and promote privacy without keeping a record of everything one does on the social media app.

Snapchat does not broadcast the activities and posts; instead, it privately shares them with one they are sent to. Snapchat is popular amongst youngsters as it is fun to use and safe to share almost all, the moments of their day with the people they want to.

1. What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a collection of some fun features which can make communication and interaction enjoyable. There are many social media and messaging apps available on the internet, but Snapchat is specifically for the teenagers and youngsters in their twenties, who want to share things on the go.

As the word suggests, Snapchat is Chatting with the use of snaps. Undoubtedly, Snap is the most common word used in the app, and while the users send messages to their friends, they use the word Snap. Thus, clicking a Snap is all you need to know about how to use Snapchat. A snap is a message with a picture and a very innovative message over the image. It has a lot of additional features like lenses, filters, fun effects, and video messages. One can use an already clicked picture on their camera roll or click one from the Snapchat camera to send to their friends.

2. How Does Snapchat Work?

Let us see how to use Snapchat?.The app is extremely easy and straightforward. One does not need to be tech-savvy to get started with Snapchat, as all you need to do is download the app on your mobile device and sign in using details like email,username and birthdays. One may choose some fun and innovative Snapchat handles to showcase their fun side and create a profile name that showcases their personality. Since Snapchat is a casual and entertaining app, one need not keep official and formal names in the account. Most of the users have funny and quirky names in the Snapchat handles.

3. How to add Friends?

Once you sign up and log in to your Snapchat account, you can start with the app.

how it work
Image credit – Snapchat
  • You can add your friends to your Snapchat account with ease. Once you have added friends, you can quickly start messaging them using the app. All you need to do is select the contact and then select the camera button to click a snap and send it to the contact. You can include excellent effects and stickers.
  • You can also add stories like Instagram and Facebook, which your friends can view for 24 hours. Group texting and stories are also available on Snapchat.

Adding Friends in Snapchat is easy, and you can do so by several methods. One of the fastest ways to add friends on Snapchat is through Snap code, in which you ask a friend for their Snap code. Once you have their Snap code, you can easily add friends by going to the Add Friends in Snapchat app.

You can quickly learn how to use Snapchat and then start sending snaps to your friends.


how to use snapchat
Image credit – Snapchat


Once you are inside the Add friends screen, tap the Snapcode to open the camera roll and then select the Snap code image.  Snapchat scans the code and adds the friend.

You can also add friends by searching them through your phone contacts. The friends whose number is saved on your phone contacts are automatically showed up under the My Contacts section. You can check all the friends who are already on Snapchat and add them. You can also send an invite to the other contacts to install Snapchat.

You can add friends on Snapchat by simply searching through the username or phone number. The lookup method is  most common wherein you can search for a friend and then send them an invite to connect with them on Snapchat.

The Nearby option is also available on which you can add friends when you are near people.

4. How to use Snapchat messaging?

Snapchat Messaging is fun to use, you can quickly learn how to use Snapchat. It is just quick and easy but also very creative as you can select a lot of effects and stickers while sending messages to your friends. To send a message to your Snapchat friend, simply choose the friend of the Snapchat contact list and then type in what you want to write to them. Then, select the Arrow (Send) button, and the message is sent to the contact. You can right swipe the messages to see when the message is delivered and when your friend viewed the message.

Snapchat also displays a timestamp next to the last message you sent your friend on the Snapchat home window. You can also click a Snap or record one, enter some text over it and then send it to your friend.

5. How to Use Snapchat Fonts?

Snapchat is one social media app that brings creativity and privacy at the fore setup; one can use a variety of fonts,with its innovative and designer fonts to add a fun element to the messages. Using Snapchat’s Fonts is easy; you can select the Text Icon on the Snapchat Snap window and type in the text which you want to send in the message. Later, all you need to do is select the Font options available under the text area and hit the send button.

Image credit – Snapchat


There are a lot of options available in the text Editor like Big Text, Label, Classic, Glow, and Scrip. Snapchat keeps on adding newer fonts and creative styles to make messaging and Snapchats fun.

6. How to send Snap and create Snapchat stories?

Snap is a term used in the Snapchat app in which you can send a Snap that can either be a video or an image to your friends with a text over it. Sending a snap is easy and adds a lot of excitement to the conversation, unlike simple text messages. When you send an image to a friend, then they get a notification on their device that you have sent them a Snap. If it is a Video Snap, then they receive a purple notification. One of the most exciting things about a Snap is that they are available for some time only and can be viewed just once or twice.

  • You can change the time duration of the Snaps from the settings;however, the intent is to maintain privacy with short lifetime messages.
  • To send a Snap, all you need to do is open your Snapchat App; select the Circle camera button in the center.
  • Click the image or record a video and then add a text message, sticker, or some effects over the Snap. You can then send the Snap to the selected friends by selecting the Arrow button.
  • Once you select the Arrow button, you can choose to create a story of the created Snap or simply send it to friends chosen from your Snapchat friend list.

7. How to add stickers, filters, and expiration Dates?

Adding Stickers

Stickers make Snaps look creative and funny. You can emote a lot on your images by putting some relevant and funny stickers which are available in your Snapchat App. Snapchat Avatar stickers are also available based on the Snapchat character you created for yourself at the time of profile creation.

To add Stickers in the SnapSnap, once you click the image, select the Square Sticker Icon from the right-hand panel.

It opens a menu in which a lot of stickers, hashtags, Date Time stamp, and trending Gifs are displayed. You can select anything that looks interesting to you and place it easily on your Snap.

Adding Filters

For adding fun and beauty filters to your Snap, all you need to do is swipe right on the image. As you keep on swiping right, the various filters are displayed.

To add filters at the time of creating Snap, you can select the filters next to the camera icon.

Setting Expiration Dates for Snaps

You can select the Snapchat messages and stories lifetime for individual friends and contacts from the Snapchat settings. You can choose to delete the chats immediately after viewing the messages or after 24 hours. For this, Select the friend from the contact list, long press the friend’s name, and then open the three dots.

Once you open the three dots, you can select to Delete chats after viewing or after 24 hours.

8. How to add Snap maps and Snap codes?

Snapchat Snap Map is a location-based feature through which you can share your snaps and your location with your friends. When you enable the location sharing feature on Snapchat, then your Snaps appear on the Snapchat Map. The other users can navigate to the various portions on the Snapchat map and see your stories by selecting the location where the SnapSnap was clicked or shared in a story.

Snapchat map is an interactive map that helps you and your friends share your stories with others. You can also see your friends Bit emoji avatar on the map if they have enabled that.

To access Snap Map, just select the friend’s picture on the Friends tab on Snapchat. Then you can see the preview map just in case the friends have enabled location. When you Tap the preview image, you can see the Snap Map.

You can also quickly open Snap Map by pulling down the Snapchat screen on the Snapchat camera. It opens the Snap Map with your location. You can then navigate to other sites to see the Snap Map and find other people’s stories on Snapchat.

9. How to use Snapchat discovery video?

Snapchat discovery video is an interactive and innovative way to gain more followers and create awareness about your brand. Many brands are using Snapchat Ads and Discovery videos to showcase their creative videos and gain traction amongst the youth who is very active on Snapchat.

The Snapchat Discover feature is something with which one can explore the latest and trending videos and keep up to date with the latest events, entertainment, and everything that is gaining popularity in the world. Snapchat is no longer just one-to-one communication app, but it has become a fun way to connect and get the latest news.

On the Discover Window, you can see the updates and videos from your Snapchat friends, publishers’ stories, and a lot of other open content.

You can find your friend’s stories, shows, and publisher content on the discover screen with ease. Using the search bar, you can easily find the information and users which you would want to follow. You can then subscribe to the stories and content from the celebrities, publishers, and channels you want to see. Your favorite content is at your fingertips on the Discover screen.

You can subscribe to the content you want to view and hide the content from friends and channels which you wish to avoid.

Discover feature on Snapchat brings a lot of information, knowledge, and entertainment to you.  Just learn how to use Snapchat and start using the Discover feature to find the content you would love.

10. How to Use Snapchat Friends Screen?

The Friends screen allows you to view all the conversations and interactions you have had with your friends. It also showcases the friends with whom you interact the most and who send you the replies fast. Snapchat uses interesting Heart and Smiley Icons to depict, which are your most active conversations on Snapchat.

To open the Friends screen, swipe right on the camera screen.

You will see an icon next to the friend’s name if they have sent you a Snap according to what they have sent you.

  • A Blue one means a simple text chat.
  • Red means a Snap with an image but without audio.
  • Purple means that you have a snap, which can be a video with some audio.

To view the Snap, simply tap on the message to open the chat/ messaging Screen for that friend in which the past saved conversations, and your interaction with that friend is displayed. You can open to view the Snap. You can also replay the Snap once again, after which the Snap will vanish.

In case you take a screenshot of the conversation, the friend is notified that You have taken a snapshot of the conversation.

11. How to use Snapchat text save function?

Saving text on Snapchat conversations is extremely easy. Just in case you want some of your chats and messages to stay within the chat screen, show that you can view them later. You can do so quickly by holding the conversation and then selecting the Save \Chat option from the popup menu.

This saves the chat, and it remains in the conversation history forever until you delete it. However, please be cautious that whatever you do on the chat screen with a friend is also listed, and the friend is notified when you save a chat or take a screenshot of conversations.

 text save function
Image credit – Snapchat



Snapchat is fun to use and is indeed an exciting way to connect with friends and peers. It has many innovative features through which conversations can be made memorable and exciting without worrying about privacy.

It ensures that confidentiality is maintained, and one cannot misuse the conversation without consent. With its transparent usage and notifications, it is indeed something that makes chats more relaxed and enjoyable rather than scary and stressful. Even though Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers and youngsters in their early twenties, it is fast becoming a popular medium to promote businesses and accelerate business growth through strategic ads.

With this article, we have discussed the key functions of Snapchat and thus you now know how to use Snapchat with ease.  So start engaging and communicating with your friends using the new age app.

Snapchat filters are fun, and the stories add a lot of personalized flavor to the conversations.  Snapchat is one of the first apps to use Stories and Timed Conversations features. It would be interesting to see how Snapchat grows in the coming times and how much mainstream acceptance it attains amongst all age groups.


How to get Pinterest followers – 11 Amazing hacks

How to get pinterest followers

Pinterest is an innovative platform where users get fantastic ideas and creativity. It is an exciting media platform where the users find creativity, collaboration, and many opportunities to market their products. Bloggers and brands are leveraging this unique platform to foster their brands with an intent to create an excellent customer base.  In case you want to learn how to get Pinterest followers and increase your business, then follow the amazing hacks listed below.

More than 400 Million people use Pinterest, which makes it a massive platform for the brands to promote their products and services. It is an unusually engaging platform where the images and creativity take center stage. It is indeed a visual search engine that can create a tremendous impact on the users’ minds. Thus, in a nutshell: The more creative you are, the more successful you are on Pinterest. So,let’s take a quick look at the factors that can help to get more Pinterest followers.

1. Know your audience

This is the most critical aspect of using Pinterest. One should first identify the right customer base and then tailor the Pins or boards according to the nature and demands of the userbase. The most common Pinterest users are women and children, as they want to engage in creative and visual content more than men. The innovative, artistic, and craft-loving people mostly use Pinterest to get their new projects’ latest ideas. Pinterest is not limited to just creating stuff. All models, designs, and technical layouts are quite popular. Thus, one must carefully assess their target audience before designing and collaborating with their Pinboards. 

Many millennials and young people are most active on Pinterest, and in The United States, almost every other youth visits Pinterest once a month. 

Understanding these demographics is a smart move for marketers before designing their boards. One fascinating aspect of Pinterest is that you can engage your audience with visuals and make them share your Pins to attract more audience.

If your product or services are about fashion earrings, you can engage the user base, young women and girls, by sharing creative and classic designs. However, you must be unique in your approach and distinguishable from hundreds of similar pages.

How to get pinterest followers

2. Follow relevant people

It is essential to engage with what is popular and relevant to your business and niche. It is all about tapping what’s trending and getting the right traffic from the growing boards and Pins available, which are creative, unique, and yet re-elevated to your product. For example, if you are providing home decor services, you should engage with the trending and well-performing boards and Pins which are showcasing Home improvement and decor ideas. You should follow the most creative and trending people on the same in your Popular Feed to understand what’sthe growing traction in the field and how it can help your brand gain traction. 

Engaging with the famous and creative people on Pinterest is the way to get Pinterest Followers. This approach is fast and organic and also gives you a lot of inspiration. The deal is to promote and appreciate creativity on other people boards and thereby getting the right attention on yours.

Thoughtfully written comments and the excellent feedback on other Pins can give you great exposure. But one should not spam other boards else it would look lame.

3. Share Relevant Pin

You should always reshare the Pins, which are creative and look astounding to you. With an intent to grow your Pinterest follower, you may achieve more traction by merely appreciating what is good and creative. When you follow the right people and share their creative pins associated with your service and brand, you automatically bring the right traffic and get more focused followers. In this way, you are increasing your Pinterest Followers and adding the ones that may be your potential customers.

Sharing Pins of other people who talk about the best home decor on a small budget may be a highly strategic step for your Home improvement Business. You may share someone else Pin, but since it’s trending and is associated with your business, you give your followers more content. 

4. Use Keyword in the Description to Increase Your Visibility on Pinterest Keywords in Your Board

Keywords and hashtags are essential in the Pinterest search engine from the SEO perspective. Most users search for relevant images and ideas on Google or Pinterest based on the keywords instead of following the boards directly. Like a search bar is vital in any eCommerce or networking site, it is equally crucial in Pinterest.So, you must include the relevant keywords and right hashtags in your Board’s description to appear in the search results. Keywords are incredibly crucial for coming on the top search results within Pinterest and Search engines from where the users are redirected to the associated Pinterest board. Hashtags make the Pin more visible and trending, and hence you can reach out to a broader audience looking for similar content.

5. Join a collaborative board

Collaborative boards play a pivotal role in Pinterest engagement and help increase traffic, and the more engaged you are in such popular boards, the more traffic comes to your account. Thus, it is a great way to increase Pinterest Followers without any hassle. It increases your Pin views and helps you collaborate with others. You may leverage the popularity and high user base of other boards to bring traffic to yours. This is easy and promotes mutual growth.

All you need to do is find the popular boards on Pinterest, which share a similar vision like yours and belong to the same niche. You must carefully evaluate which Pinboard has a similar target audience and customer base and then collaborate with them for ideas. It is all about building a relationship and rapport with the popular boards.  Indeed, it is the best way on how to get Pinterest Followers.

You must collaborate with the boards to attract their users on your Pins too, and you must ask the popular boards to send you an invite to their Board. You may request to join and contribute to their Board based on the instructions available on the group description. If the direct Join button is not available and you cannot ask to join, you may also send an email to the group administrator and request them to let you be a part of their Board.

To convince a popular board owner to allow you to collaborate on their group, you must have engaging content andassure them that you can bring creativity to their Board and add value.

join a collaborative board

6. Comment and Tag

Engagement is the key to success in any social media site, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The more actively you engage with the other users and resources, the more traffic you attract on your profile or Board. The idea is to increase visibility and stay on top of things when it comes to collaboration and sharing what’s trending. One of the sure-shot ways of how to get Pinterest Followers is to get seen as much as possible and at the right places.

Thus, it is very logical to comment and re-pin the various pictures and post which you find like your Board and business. If your Pinterest board is about the latest Baby Shower Party and Gender reveal party ideas, then sharing and commenting on posts about the recent celebrity baby shower celebration pictures or re-pining such trending images is a superb idea.

Make sure that you engage in a natural and reasonable manner instead of just commenting mindlessly on trending pictures as most people do. Your comments can be appreciative, suggestive, and specific, thus creating more value for your brand. Just writing “mind-blowing” would seem very vague. Instead,  writing a proper complement or appreciating specifics like decor or color combination in party decor would make more sense.

The comments should look genuine, and thus the viewers will be compelled to click and open your profile and redirect to your boards also. You must tag the right Pins and boards in your posts to get more engagement.

7. Add the Pinterest follow button

Once you have engaged in the other boards and found strategic Pins that are relevant to your business, you must ensure that the content you are posting is impressive and stunning. The users would like to see something which adds value to their needs and is also unique. To ensure that you retain every person who visits your Pin and then remains engaged to the youth Pinterest profile, the idea is to add a Pinterest Follow button on your Board. This way, the users would be able to get all the updates on yourBoard, and get notificationsevery time you post a new picture. Pinterest is all about engagement and the free flow of creative ideas. The more innovative you are,, the more your followers would be motivated to reshare your content. But imagine they find your posts exciting and resourceful enough to keep seeing your newer posts, but there is no way to follow you,the audience would be lost, and they might not always type in your beard name to visit your page. Thus, a Follow button is a must to stay connected with your target customer base. 

Adding the Follow button is accessible on the Pinterest board. 

You should add the Follow button on the right places where it is prominently visible, like the header or footer. Adding a button to follow your board in Pinterest is one of the key ways on how to get Pinterest followers?

8. Name Pinterest board thoughtfully

Your Pinterest boards should be named accurately and precisely in line with the kind of content you are going to post on it. If you have a business that promotes different types of products and services, you must find a name that makes sense and targets the niche. In case you cannot have an exact name that fits everything, it’s better to create separate boards for different products.

 Like Home Decor Ideas and Gardening Supplies cannot be covered in a single board even though your business sells products related to both. The board name should be highly focused and optimized for the search engines. You must include the right hashtags and keywords in the board description to ensure that the traffic comes in. You must ensure to do a bit of research on relevant Pins and Internet as well to see how they have named their Pinboards.

A relevant and creative name that is easy to associate with your content is a must for increasing Pinterest Followers. Suppose your Pinterest Board is going to focus  on Designer Gold Earrings. It should be named suitably and specifically like “Best Gold Earrings” Instead of earrings, accessories, or something generic. This is because users search with particular keywords when they want to find ideas and designs. Thus,‘Follow’ button is the answer to  get more Pinterest Followers.

9. Promote Individual board

You can promote your Pins on Pinterest using the paid Pinterest Ads, which help your pins stand out in searches and associated places. By boosting your boards, you get a chance to attract the most relevant traffic and thus bypass the search results to attract more Pinterest Followers without hassle. Pinterest promoted content is that which appears at the places where a similar kind of content is visible and has more chances of getting you the traffic that can convert into customers. The promoted content appears at more places and is visible to more pinners than usual however the visibility is similar to those of general pins. 

The ads are targeted to the right audience, and thus it makes sure that you get Pinners and Followers who are interested in your content. In this way, the chances are very high that the Followers would stay loyal to your brand and even buy services or products you offer.

Thus, it is an excellent alternative to try Promoted Pins and get targeted traffic. If you are looking for how to get Pinterest followers, Paid Pin is the most appropriate answer for you.

Pinterest says, “90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest.”

10. Run a contest

Everyone loves contests and competitions, as it is an innovative way to engage with a brand or profile on social media. On every social media platform, contests and competitions bring in massive engagement as people love to win something. Influencers and brands run contests and giveaways on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to increase visibility. The same approach is very successful on Pinterest, wherein you can ask the Pinners to share your boards and add more followers to your Pin boards. Providing some lucrative giveaways and shoutouts on your boards is a great way to attract people to participate in the contest. You may find some exciting ways to run a game, which would help you get more Pinterest Followers. You can acknowledge the winners and give them the right exposure.

Running the contest has dual benefits as first, the people follow your boards and pins to take part in the competition in an attempt to win it. And later, the winners love to flaunt their victory; thus, they again share the posts in which their victory is declared. Therefore, there is a massive amount of exposure you may get on Pinterest by running contests.

The contests should be well thought of and engaging, this ensures people automatically follow your posts and  motivate others to follow your account as well.

11. Link Other Accounts

You must leverage Pinterest’s power to drive traffic to your other social media accounts and drive traffic from other accounts to your Pinterest Board by merely linking your accounts. The easiest way is to provide a sharing option to tweet the Pin on Twitter or simply share it on Reddit or Facebook profile.

You must also provide a link to your Pinterest board on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media profiles so that the users from there can be redirected to your Pinterest page.

Whenever you post a new pin or image, share that update on your other social media accounts as well so that there is maximum visibility of the post. The more visibility, the higher the engagement, and the higher the engagement, more the number of Pinterest Followers. Indeed that’s the way to get Pinterest Followers.


Thus, we have seen the essential and straightforward ways to increase the number of Pinterest Followers. You can leverage your Pinterest profile to expand your business profitability. Pinterest is undoubtedly a very engaging and successful platform for promoting the brand. All it needs is creativity, innovation, and the right strategies to make the most of this unique platform

Pinterest is an innovative platform to increase brand visibility across the audiences, specially those who are associated with arts, crafts and creative professions. By presenting unique ideas and creating interactive boards that resonate with the creative mindset of different genres and categories of users, you can gain massive following. By following the hacks provided above, you can definitely learn how to get Pinterest followers and  bring attention to your brand.

What kind of Quality makes a High-Quality backlinks

high quality backlink

Backlinks are the backbone of any SEO initiative as they bring the right traffic to your websites and posts. Google does not disclose all the factors that contribute to the search engine ranking, but,  Backlinks are an integral part of the SEO.

Importance of High-quality backlinks

The SEO experts and content managers pay special attention to the kind of links they can include in their content to ensure that they get the right traffic. The powerful backlinks help generate substantial traffic, which propagates ranking and organically makes the website show up in the search results. However, all backlinks are not vital for the website ranking.

There may be certain wrong links that can be harmful to your website, and instead of getting it a better ranking, they can make Google blacklist it. Thus, it is essential to understand the backlinking process properly and be aware of the sites and directories that are suitable for your business, to get the right kind of benefit from them. 

As per Ahrefs, the more backlinks on a page, the higher the organic traffic.

The SEO experts should understand the difference between bad and good backlinks and be 100% aware of which websites are trustworthy.  Let us understand the four types of backlinks. 

high quality backlinks, Google ranking factors
Image source – @Data Flair

1. High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks provide you the most traction from relevant websites that are associated with your niche. The organic link building is when the users are redirected to your website without any spamming or tricks. These are the ones that are considered most credible and reliable from the search engine perspective. The Organic link building is not straightforward and takes a lot of time when it comes to right backlinking. 

Some of the examples of High-quality backlinks are as follows.

high quality backlinks

a). Relationship-Based backlinks

This is when the blogger and the websites have a personal connection. Based on their personal rapport, they agree to link websites and pages of each other’s content. The backlink creation based on mutual consent to generate value to both the parties is a genuine way of building backlinks to generate traffic and equally rank websites higher. Content creators, agencies, and websites may strike a deal in such a manner, that  they write about similar topics or address a similar audience and then provide backlinks at the right place to transfer readers from one website to another logically.

However, one must note that personal relationship-based backlinks is useful only if the content and the purpose of the websites and blogs are relevant and serve a similar audience and business. Using unnecessary links and out of context connectivity would be of no use.

b). Editorial links

Editorial backlinks are the most preferred backlinks as these are considered most credible by the Search engine algorithms. In this, a blogger, content creator creates a genuine backlink to your website from a very renowned source. This kind of link building occurs naturally, and sometimes even without knowing which writer is making a backlink, you get significant traffic. Such backlinks will happen if your content is awe-inspiring, catchy, and useful to their audience.

c). Article directories

Article directories and blog submission websites are a great way of generating the most reliable backlinks to your website, and they are easy to do as well. You can submit articles to the directories specific to your niche and provide the right information on the most trending topics. With well-written articles and highly informative content, you can include links to your website for attracting genuine traffic to your website. You must employ the right content and submit it to the most pertinent directory to get High-quality backlinks. Directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. are excellent for getting local traffic.

2. Bad Links or Medium Quality Links

Bad links are the ones that are not beneficial in terms of traction to your website. One should generally avoid such backlinks as they are not worth the time and effort. However, most SEO professionals employ such backlinks to generate mass links with the least effort. 

Guest posting  is a widespread practice these days as the users submit their content on the websites which allows guests to write on various topics. The guest posts are a great way of getting backlinks.  However, some content creators write similar content in abundance and submit it to many websites. This practice leads to low quality content and does no good. Most of the user directories do not publish spanned content. The SEOs and content writers publish their articles on low quality and useless websites to gain presence on the internet. However, it does not improve the ranking at all. On the other hand, the website becomes vulnerable to spams and unwanted advertisements.

Often, people try to generate high-quality backlinks from irrelevant sites that would publish the link to their blog, webpage on the sidebars, headers, and footers. In all such cases, the link is flashed at the irrelevant places that users would least likely click.

3. Worst Links or Low-Quality Links

Such links should be avoided at any cost as they can mar the reputation of your website, and Google could even penalize your content. Google and other search engines do not like paid links; because if you pay for links, you are deriding the whole purpose of organic and natural linking. It would serve no purpose to the users and, in a way, is a deception. If anyone is selling backlinks to you, then they are merely duping you. Google identifies such forcefully plugged in links and the paid ones. If you are associated with paid links, Google may just rank your website low or even blacklist it based on its results.

a). Spamming

Many people employ professionals to post links on their websites in comments section across blogs and social media posts. Spam comments are the worst methods to get backlinks. No one wants to look at irrelevant comments with links to inappropriate websites that are entirely out of context being discussed. For example, spammers post links to a shopping website on the posts about elections. Spammers generally post deceptive comments and links on YouTube videos, which do not have anything relevant to the statement. Google quickly catch such malignant practices and the spammers are subjected to link-based penalty.

General Websites /directions should also be avoided as people post spammed or rephrased content to create volume. There is no credibility for such websites, and one should not indulge in such time-wasting practices.

At any cost, one should avoid unnecessary linking from websites that are not related to your business or niche. Suppose you have a blog on “Cooking healthy Meals”; you can embed links to websites that sell the ingredients you have used in any of the dishes. This makes sense, and such backlinks are useful for both websites. Now imagine you create a link to a website selling automobile spare parts. Would your backlinking to such a website be reasonable or logical? Obviously, it is not relevant. However, some people do such irrelevant backlinking to get traffic. Such links are considered useless by Google. Instead of helping gain some traction, it may hamper website ranking by following such practices.

4. Three essential principles of High-quality backlink

Natural High-Quality backlinks are the ones that occur spontaneously and completely based on the quality of the content on your website/ blog. If someone is writing about a similar topic or selling something like the content you have published on your blog post and find your content mind-blowing, they will link to your blog. Such links are entirely based on your content’s quality and impressiveness in which the other party approach you and link to your website. Natural link creation is a challenging task and needs a lot of originality and skills. However, if you manage to get those, you have genuinely aced content creation and SEO. Google loves natural backlinks, and you will see your site soaring on Google Search results if you manage to get some good natural backlinks.

Reputable backlinks are the ones which come from reliable and high standard websites and directories which the internet users love to read. The credibility of the content on such websites is high, and these often rank higher on the various search engines. Reputable sites are the ones that belong to renowned brands or institutions which are dedicated to service or product for which you are seeking the backlinks. Consider having a backlink to your blog about “Best SEO Techniques” from a website like SEMrush and having a backlink to your article on restoring natural water resources from a National Geographic activist or a celebrity who works for the cause. Thus, reputable, high-quality backlinks can be considered the ones which have a high position on the internet and search engines. The websites with high volume and engagement can give you the most reputable backlinks to do wonders for your website ranking.

Relevant Links are of utmost importance as these are the ones that would get the most relevant traffic to your website or webpage. When we talk about generating real business value from the websites or e-portals, the relevant backlinks is a must.

 You would generate value by selling off services and products to the users who want to buy them. So, relevant backlinks come from the websites and blogs meant for people looking for service that you are offering.

So, a blog on “Buying the right dress for the wedding” would bring the most relevant traffic to a website selling wedding dresses. The users who are looking for a wedding dress would be the one reading such blogs or articles.

When you create high-quality backlinks on such blogs that have a good number of views or ranks higher, your website’s traffic inflow would also be increased. To top this, the traffic generated in such manner would be extremely relevant, and the right leads to buy your product.

5. Difference Between Natural and Reputable Backlink

As we discussed above, reputable high-quality backlinks come from a high ranking and much looked into websites or blogs. The potential value of such blogs and websites is high, and thus you get a lot of traction from such websites as these websites have high volume traffic.

However, how much you can profit from such links depends on your website and service quality. Moreover, you can get reputable backlinks through various methods like an affiliate program, buying links, or guest posting. But natural backlinking would happen when other websites’ creators or content creators find the content on your blog or website relevant and valuable for their audiences. So, for reputable backlinking, you must find useful quality websites and blogs which are suitable for your website exposure; however, for natural backlinking, you need to make sure that the content on your website is informative, unique, and valuable.

6. Difference between Reputable and Relevant Backlinks

Reputable backlinks are from high volume and highly revered websites and blogs that hold a high position in the niche.  However, Relevant links are from the websites and sources which are similar to your content or service you are offering.

E.g., Coursera blogs may be a highly reputable website from which you can get excellent backlinks, but these are not relevant to your website on which you sell “Wedding Dresses.” 

If you can get reputable and relevant high-quality backlinks, you can increase the traction and search engine ranking to a massive extent.

7. Role of .gov and .edu in High-quality backlinks

The .edu and .gov domains are considered highly reliable and indeed are a top-level domain. The search engine thinks these domains extremely safe, and thus the high-quality backlinks from such websites make a great deal of difference to the SEO ranking. The .gov and .edu links have the right mix of age, domain authority, and compliance with safety measures, ensuring that the links are safe and of high quality. However, now many people spam these pages with comments and links, and thus Google may not consider every backlink a good one.

The government and the educational institutes always publish the most reliable, useful, and verified information on their websites and online publications. The information on these websites is referred to by all the readers and content creators; thus, these websites’ traction is high, and the credibility is also very high.

Google loves content which is accurate, reliable, and backed by authorities. Such websites always rank higher, and backlinks are also highly valued by Google. 

The right approach to building highly relevant backlinks from government and educational domain websites is to provide an in-depth and unique extension to the content published on these sites. Write content that would be useful for students of the university, and you may also receive natural backlinking requests.


To sum up, backlinking can be extremely helpful in your SEO initiatives and make your website rank higher on the search engine results if done correctly. You must invest your time and effort in high-quality websites and strive to get organic and natural high-quality backlinks.  Avoiding bad backlinking practices, and robustly choosing your backlinks can be a game-changer. 

Best Engine theme for WordPress website

best wordpress theme

WordPress is the most widely used platform for publishing and developing custom-made websites globally, with 37. 5%  of websites developed using this tool. By using the best WordPress theme and layouts, you can design websites with ease and attract more traffic. The most striking feature of WordPress sites’ is that they are fast, user-friendly, and highly scalable; however, the right design elements and back-end programming are something that non-technical people struggle to comprehend. The engine themes are helpful as they enable you to create efficient and impactful sites quickly.

Easy Site Development with Best WordPress Themes

Using the right engine theme for your WordPress website can make it extremely robust and customized with ease. There are many WordPress theme engines available, which can add efficiency and efficacy to the website. With the right best WordPress theme, you can effortlessly increase the website’s responsiveness across various devices, be it mobile, tablet, TV browser, or computer. The loading becomes swift, and the website rendering is smooth. Engine themes are aptly designed best WordPress themes that facilitate high-end customization and development of WordPress Website with ease. You can tailor-make your website with inbuilt components, making your content look fantastic and website classy and catchy. 

While every business has its requirement, Engine themes have state-of-the-art specified themes designed specially to cater to the specific type of business needs.

Power of Simplicity

The website design should be crisp and minimalistic to draw the users’ attention to the right elements. With the help of cleverly designed templates and themes for the WordPress sites, users can create highly efficient and modern looking webpages with ease. Simplicity is the defining factor in an effectively developed website, no matter what the niche is. Consider the world’s most visited website’s home page – Yes, we are talking about the Google Search home page. It has a simple yet very impactful design with just the Google Logo and a search text box in the middle and some links placed smartly on the page so that the main element, which is the search bar, stays in focus.

 Even though Google experiments a lot with Doodles’ creativity, commemorating the latest events and historic significances of a particular day, it has kept the design minimalistic. With the best WordPress themes engine, you can also design WordPress Sites that are crisp and user-friendly.

Multiple Language Support

As global internet users consume internet content in different languages, the websites must provide the flexibility to post and share content in various languages. WordPress can render content in multiple languages, whichmakes the website more consumable and usable for a wide variety of users.

The best WordPress theme engines have translation support and users can easily translate content from various languages to the language they comprehend.

The real-time translation support in the engine for the best WordPress themes helps the website become more flexible. Users can easily use the Translate feature to convert text written in other languages to English, encouraging more engagement and diverse views across the countries. French, Spanish, Hindi, and other languages are supported on most of the websites. The most efficient websites have an instant translation feature.

Mobile Friendliness

Today, most users access websites on their mobile phones and tablets because it is easy, fast, and handy. No one wants to open a laptop to access the website for discussions or find a service they want. Whether searching for a nearby restaurant or trying to find the answer to some math problem, they would like to access the relevant website on their mobile phone from wherever they are.

If businesses want to increase their engagement, they must ensure that websites are mobile-friendly and work well on mobile phones. Whether it is an iPhone or an Android device, the website should render fast and operate seamlessly without any hassle.

With the best WordPress themes, you can ensure that the website opens quickly. The user can perform all the functions available on the desktop website, whether downloading and uploading pictures, signing up, creating profiles, uploading videos, making queries, or merely participating in discussions. The best engine themes are designed with mobile-friendliness in mind to preview and access websites on mobile phones with ease.

Review and Comparison

Whenever a website is developed, one must review it for performance, design, and usability. While WordPress provides a highly efficient content management system in which the users can control the versions, publish the pages and posts after a thorough review, the best WordPress Themes enhance the admin’s capabilities.

An admin can compare the posts and webpages with the previous version and check for any errors. They can also roll back, make any changes and send it back to the author  to make changes  as per review comments.

The engine themes give the admin and moderator full control of the user profiles to ensure that website is error-free and running efficiently.

Theme Engines for Every Type of Website

Microjob Engine Theme

microjob engine theme

Microjob Engine Theme is intended to help businesses create a highly robust and easy-to-use website for their marketplace. Their users can post jobs, share, and discuss opportunities with ease. The admin or the sellers can easily generate revenue by selling their services while the job seekers can avail of the right services.

  • The engine theme is designed intelligently to offer versatile features for handling job seeker and provider marketplace.
  • It offers two user profiles in which the Admin has access to the various control features for handling user roles, website changes, job postings, and package creation.
  • Users can sign up as buyers or sellers to quickly post a job or search for one.
Best wordpress theme

FreelanceEngine Theme

Freelancing is a huge market these days, and independent entrepreneurs and professionals look for efficient websites through which they can offer their services to potential customers with ease. The right website helps them attractively showcase their skills and talent and also receive payments. The budget with individual service providers is often limited; thus, it is always beneficial to have an easy-to-use and customizable solution to develop a good website in moderate budgets.

  • The FreelanceEngine is the right choice for freelancers who want to create their marketplace where other users can post their services’ requirements and avail them. The freelance marketplace engine theme helps create an easy to use marketplace where the users can find working partners with ease.
  • The FreelanceEngine enables you to create payment packages for employers who want to post jobs and projects on your marketplace to find workers.

The engine offers the employer and the freelancer roles through which the users can seamlessly post jobs and bid for projects.

DiningEngine Theme

Food outlets and restaurants need to step up with the technology in the present times and have an online presence to create awareness about the brand. DiningEngine helps them develop an easy-to-use-and-browse directory where the various users can post information about their restaurants and offer services. The admin can create the right payment plan for multiple users and charge a fee accordingly.

The DiningEngine is a hassle-free, simple, and efficient directory theme that the admin can use to create a suitable directory and generate revenue. You can also make money by placing advertisements on various pages of your website using the Theme. The Theme engine is a designer to onboard the users with ease and minimal steps. The DiningTheme is ideal for building an attractive and impressive dining marketplace for the restaurants in the area. Using the geolocation feature, one can easily add GPS enabled features to find restaurants nearby.

Directory Engine

Directory Engine is a multi-purpose, customizable, and a versatile WordPress theme that can create a directory in WordPress with ease without any advanced programming. The Engine themes are created with the most needed  utilities and features  in a resourceful and well-run guide. With the built-in features, you can make sites that are robust, attractive, and functional.

The Admin of the website can easily accept payments for listing the services and control the amount of information shared. For example, you can control the various elements of the contact information they share and charge them for sharing direct contact details with the buyers.

You can customize the theme as per your need to cover as many areas as needed.

On the other hand, users can create profiles and register through their social media accounts or email. After creating an account, they can search for the services they need based on various parameters and then choose the right vendor.

Real Estate Engine

Real Estate directories are one of the most widely used and accessed guides on the internet. Consumers search for hundreds of properties before visiting the locations for zeroing in on a place personally, irrespective of wether it is a rental property, a new home they want to buy, or an office space they want for their business. Real Estate directories provide access to thousands of potential properties that a person may consider as per their need.

The Real Estate Engine provides the most versatile and best WordPress theme, with which you can develop a real estate directory with ease.

  • The Admin can control the user accounts and decide the payment plans for the various users. 
  • Here the users can easily create profiles and search for the property they need using a smartly designed search widget, which helps filter properties on many parameters.
  • Sellers and property owners can list their properties for sale, rent, or lease and then reach out to the customers with ease.

The Real Estate engine is designed to help users develop an exceptional real estate directory in easy steps.

Question & Answer Engine

Question & Answer websites are quite an in-demand these days, as people resort to the internet for finding answers to their queries on different subjects. With the help of the Q&A Engine, you can create a question-and-answer based website,  wherein the users can post any questions regarding your niche, and others can answer them.

  • The community discussion and support-themed websites are quite a rage in current times, and if these websites are designed prudently, they can attract massive engagement in a few days.
  • With the Q&A Engine themes’ help, you can develop a Question and Answer based website on WordPress with ease. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements as per your need.
  • Users can easily create profiles and connect with their social media accounts and then start posting their questions. They can share the problems or posts on various social media accounts and get maximum views. Once another user answers the question, they can vote for the best answer and also post replies.
  • The Q&AEngine Theme is highly recommended for people who want to create a discussion forum or a knowledge-sharing website.

Forum Engine

Like the Q&A Engine, which promotes the development of Question and Answer based website, the ForumEngine helps the users to create Forum websites in which the various users can take part in a discussion thread and share their views. While the Q&A Engine is restricted to the Q&A format, this one allows a wide variety of discussions in which one can start a discssion thread on a variety of topics.

  • The users can then take part in the discussion and share their views by stating facts and ideas.
  • The subscribers can create a new thread and then follow it to get new comments or actions mentioned in it.
  • The admin or moderator gets control of the discussion and deletes posts, which seem inappropriate. They can also interact with other users.

HotelEngine Theme

HotelEngine themes are a boon to the hotel business owners as they can easily create robust hotel websites without worrying about the programming aspects. The HotelEngine comes with all the features necessary to build a website that talks about its services, offerings, and areas in detail.

Using the themes, you can create aesthetically beautiful and functionally efficient websites with ease. All you need to do is customize the elements on the Theme as per you need and add all the widgets which make your hotel website unique.

The HotelEngine lets you share details of all the services you offer and share 360 Degree views of your hotel rooms with multiple photographs.

As a hotel owner, you can add and remove the services on the go, share photographs of new areas that you add, share information about recent events, and do a lot more.

JobEngine Theme

Everyone searchs for jobs online these days as the days of employment exchange and classifieds are a passe’. The job websites have maximum engagement as it is something that everyone needs. With the JobEngine theme, one can develop a highly responsive and interactive job website in which the employers can post jobs, screen candidate profiles, and invite invitations with ease.

With the theme engine, you can create fantastic job websites that facilitate both job posting and application.


Functional, creative, and efficient WordPress websites can massively enhance your business. In a world where digitalization has overtaken every industry, companies need to pace up and have a highly recognizable online presence. It is imperative to create an attractive and functional website, enabling users to transact, interact, and find solutions quickly. Though it is cumbersome to develop a practical-and-responsive website, using the right engine theme can be done more efficiently and effectively.

The best WordPress theme, which is tailor-made for every type of WordPress website, is the most diligent approach to website development. The users can easily browse through the services and connect with the support to get their queries resolved. The HotelEngine theme is the easiest way to create a phenomenal hotel website in an instant. You can make payments, allow reservations and cancellations as per your need.


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