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7 Essential Tools for Marketing Automation in 2020

tools for marketing automation

A considerable amount of time and effort is accounted for marketing and promotion within every online business operation. Effective marketing automation can make a significant amount of difference in the way online businesses thrive. Several tools for marketing automation helps to automate and streamline your marketing strategy and assist in saving a lot of time and effort, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

The right automation tools help to automate the marketing initiatives for increased efficiency and staggering cost reduction.

Further, most businesses today use automated marketing tools for enhancing customer interaction.

As per Email Monday, on an average, 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation and more than half of B2B companies (almost 58%) plan to adopt the technology.

Understanding Marketing Automation

The high-end marketing tools enable you to connect with the users in a personalized way as those allow each email and message to be customized to create a one-on-one interaction experience. The marketing tasks are managed well with these tools to effectively send messages and emails to users and monitor online campaigns effectively.

Online marketing tools help keep track of business leads, generate leads through timely communications, and manage the leads effectively for increased ROI on marketing initiatives. The right marketing automation tools help analyze the customer data and produce high-quality reports through which you can study the efficiency and outcomes of various marketing campaigns, deduce customer buying behaviour, and create better processes.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Cost Saving
  • Time-Saving
  • NO Human Error
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Reach out to leads

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective and resourceful marketing automation tools suitable for growing businesses. These tools can help in business growth and create a seamless transactional flow for streamlining your business end-to-end marketing processes.


ClickMagick is one stop for all the marketing tasks presented in the most resourceful and cost-effective manner. Using ClickMagick, businesses can easily track, test, and improve their ads and online marketing campaigns’ efficiency. You no longer need to pay for the clicks on ads and links that do not value your business.

Using the right tools for marketing automation, you can track the efficiency of every advertisement and link you create for your marketing initiative. You can track sales efficiently and understand the impact of every action with clarity. You can optimize the customer interactions and garner newer leads at the right cost.

ClickMagick helps to track the links and helps in optimizing the sales funnels efficiently.

  • The tool efficiently tracks the links and user activities across devices to give you an overall picture of campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • It helps in finding the right customers using the ad networks.
  • Provides advanced GEO and Mobile Targeting for sending ads to users based on their location.
  • It comes with advanced affiliate marketing tools for building excellent affiliate links.
  • It helps in filtering bots for real-time estimates.

tools for marketing automation


Instapage is one of its kind tools that helps create customized landing pages for your business without any programming knowledge. Companies can create advanced landing pages for their websites based on dynamic customer needs to develop highly interactive and pertinent pages. It has an advanced landing page generation platform which can give dynamic pages for all the marketing needs and comes with advanced features to suit every need of a business. It helps ink rating landing pages for the brands completely relevant and mobile-friendly to give the user a seamless experience.

The personalization tool helps to increase user engagement by providing personalized landing pages based on the ads clicked by the user and highly relevant to the end-user.  Instapage is highly recommended for small businesses as they can quickly analyze the effectiveness of the landing pages and design future marketing strategies based on the analysis.



NinjaOutreach is a unique and customized influencer marketing platform that helps the influencers and bloggers manage their campaigns’ effectiveness.

It is a great CRM to track and manage the effectiveness of blogger and influencer relationships with a brand and understand the success rate of the promotions and campaigns rolled out with influencers’ help.

Using this tool, the brands can find the best and most effective influencers for promoting their brands on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, etc. The tool helps to search the right influencers and then roll out the most effective influencer marketing campaigns for the brands to influence the right target audience effectively.

The CRM helps manage, track, and scaling the influencer relationship ship and tactfully monetize the influencer outreach.



E-Goi is an all-around marketing automation tool that helps create a seamless end to end marketing campaign without any waste of money and efforts. It provides all the tools necessary for generating value for marketing initiatives. SMS, Email marketing, voice broadcast, push notifications, chats all the functions required for seamless automation of the marketing initiatives are available.

It has a wide variety of features like automatic landing ages generation and creating fast campaigns through email and mobile. Using e-goi, you can build a successful marketing strategy that enhances overall customer experience and brings maximum ROI.

It is time-saving and highly efficient, cutting the loopholes of the manual and unsupervised marketing techniques. The overall efficiency of any business grows multifold with highly sophisticated platforms like ego that help automate the end-to-end customer interaction and provide a better experience.



Businesses need to create effective and customized landing pages to adhere to the customers’ needs and inquiries. Using Leadpages, small companies can considerably cut costs by generating customized and personalized landing pages.

Using the drag and drop platform, you can create customized landing pages. The platform also provides highly sophisticated tools to track, record, and analyze customer interactions without hassle. Any business website’s effectiveness can grow multifold with a highly reliable and tech-friendly platform that provides maximum uptime.



HubSpot is one of the most popular inbound marketing automation tools, a boon for small business websites. Touted as the small business software, it helps plan and manage the marketing campaigns for small businesses and comes with an inbuilt email and CRM to manage your marketing tasks duly.

HubSpot is an all-around software that helps in marketing, sales, and service of customers to implement core business automation for small businesses. HubSpot also provides a lot of training and courses for marketing professionals to implement marketing automation. It has some of the most efficient tools for understanding and monitoring the customer journey end to end and helps in user tracking, collates information about website views, etc. The powerful emailing and communication tools help in building a personalized rapport with users and leads. There are lots of tools like forms, plugins for lead capture. HubSpot has a wide variety of features that strengthen the core marketing processes of small businesses.

  • It has free email marketing tools
  • Great customer support plugins
  • Live chats and chatbots plugin
  • Automated Lead calculation
  • Analytics



Endorsal helps collect customer reviews and testimonials in an automated manner without the need to buy fake reviews and implement ineffective campaigns for garnering the right and positive feedback for your business.

In the digital ecosystem, prospective clients are attracted to a business brand based on the reviews and testimonials for existing clients. However, fake or paid reviews do a little good to the business. Endorsal is an effective automated testimonial system that helps in efficiently collect customer reviews and display it on the various platforms with ease.

  • The tool is easy to set up and can be implemented within minutes
  • It helps the brands collect high-quality testimonials with ease and streamline the entire processes to give highly impactful results for the businesses.
  • It helps increase lead conversions, build an end to end customer loyalty and provide a spectacular boost to the brand image.

 By automating the customer testimonial collection process, businesses can save time and money.

marketing automation tools

To Summarize

Marketing Automation Tools can play an incredibly transformational role in enhancing the businesses’ efficiency and bring maximum ROI for marketing efforts by reducing cost and improving overall customer experience.

If you have used any of these tools, then do share your experience with us on the same. In case you are looking to explore any of these tools for marketing automation, then also share with us which one you planned to do.

You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for different purposes and share your feedback with us.

If you’d like to discuss how these tools for marketing automation can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Why You Should Choose Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative suite

For year’s enterprises have used the Adobe Creative suite products for various business needs covering the bundle of utilities from publishing documents, delivering creatives, and processing images. Adobe has dominated the creative market with its path-breaking software like Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat PDF and Illustrator, etc.

Adobe’s coming of age products is now available bundled as a package under the Adobe Creative Suite. Most designers and creative agencies depend primarily on the Adobe software solutions for delivering design and branding related collaterals.

Adobe Creative enables small and large businesses to work cohesively with the design teams to provide high-quality collaterals, design brand promotional materials, for both print and digital.

Who Needs Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

If you have any design, media, and marketing needs, then Adobe Creative Suite is just what you need. These days any enterprise irrespective of size and nature heavily depends on digital marketing and promotion. Social media marketing itself involves creating a lot of creatives, banners, memes, videos, etc.

Adobe Creative Suite offers all the software tools one needs to deliver the best creatives. Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc. are industry standards for creative professionals. Earlier available as standalone, now these tools are available within the Adobe Creative Suite.

Why Should You Subscribe?

Although extremely resourceful and highly productive, the Adobe tools were costly for individuals and freelancers. Adobe has provided a more flexible and affordable option for the users by bundling the tools and offering Creative Cloud as a service with a monthly subscription instead of a one-time purchase.  The subscription fees are variable based on the tools and services purchased.

Along with the software tools, you also get access to the super-useful features which enhance your work capabilities and effectiveness. The suite comes with 100 GB cloud storage to store and manage your creative data, a portfolio website on the Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe special features like Fonts and image library.

Benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

It enhances your overall work capacity, and instead of purchasing individual apps from different sources, you get a suite of tools to work seamlessly on any creative project.

There is no upfront cost that needs to pay for the expensive tools; instead, you can procure the services by paying monthly access.

You do not need to pay for the upgrade costs for the newer versions of the software since you are using the cloud everything you access is always updating at no extra cost.

Access to everything is available along with some extra features with the Creative Cloud. You heard it right with the monthly subscription you get access to the latest products, services, and tools. Longworth the regular tools you also get access to Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat and Adobe XD, etc.

Unlike the software’s legacy desktop versions, you can access the Adobe cloud across devices and share data without any hassle. The various files in the legacy formats can be shared across platforms easily on mobile phones, tablets, etc. Sharing a draft with a co-worker or client is a breeze.

What All Adobe Creative Cloud Includes?

Adobe creative cloud comes with various apps that work for designing, photography, video, and audio editing apps. It also offers a suite of web and UX development apps. Overall, Adobe Creative Suite is an excellent choice for businesses to cater to their all-round requirements for creatives and front-end development.

Adobe Creative Suite Apps
Design Apps Photography Apps Web & UX Apps Video & Audio Apps
Photoshop Photoshop XD Premiere Pro
Acrobat Pro Photoshop Mix Spark Character Animator
Bridge Photoshop Fix Dreamweaver Prelude
Capture Lightroom Animate Prelude Live Logger
InDesign Lightroom Classic and Mobile Audition
InCopy Media End
Sketch Premiere Rush
Comp After Effects
Spark Speed Grade
Illustrator Draw Story Plus

Adobe Creative Cloud Options

The creative cloud is available in various options, and you can select one as per your needs. Students, Individuals like freelancers, and businesses can opt for the plan.

           1.  Adobe Creative Cloud for Business

Adobe creative suite

Multiple licenses for the Adobe creative cloud are available in the business plans in which you can use the licenses to new users as the business requirements. You can do a lot of collaborative work in business plans like video editing etc. It is advisable to avail some discounts for ten or more users.

Two options of Adobe Creative Suite for Business are as below:

  • Single app for 24.99 Dollars/ INR 5412 a month each license
  • All apps for 59.99 dollars per month per license

The Adobe Creative Cloud for Business helps the enterprises and small companies to get access to all the necessary tools and software for their branding needs. When there are several users within a creative designing and delivery team, the Business plan serves the purpose. There is no need to get licenses for separate users and specific tools. The bundled package gives all the employees access, and it becomes easier to share and collaborate work. The Adobe Creative Cloud for Business plan is highly useful and also cost-effective for business owners and companies.

2.  Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers

Students and teachers get a substantial discount for the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and teachers.  if you study in a university or a college, school, or institution.  Students may get a discount of up to 29.99 dollars or INR 1353  per month.

adobe creative suite for businesses

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers helps the learners and trainers access the highly useful Adobe creative tools in a cost-effective pricing. There are special discounts for students and teachers, which they can avail by providing the institutional credentials at signup time. Considering the high cost of Adobe’s creative tools, it may be difficult for the students to afford them; however, with the right plans available in the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers, the students and trainers can use tools and gain expertise in these tools.

 3.  Adobe Individual Plan

Adobe creative cloud suite

The freelancers and solo entrepreneurs need a variety of Adobe tools for their creativity and business work. Such people can subscribe to the Adobe Individual plans in which they get access to all the required services.

  • Photography for 9.99 Dollars per month
  • Individual Apps at 20 Dollars per month
  • All Adobe Apps for 52.99 Dollars per month
  • All the Apps along with Adobe Stock Photos for 82.99 Dollars for month

The Adobe Creative Cloud Individual plans are for those who want to use specific tools and software for their individual needs. For example, a video editor would not be interested in Adobe Photoshop and would want to invest in Adobe AfterAffects or Adobe Lightroom. The Adobe Individual plans are most suited for freelancers and soloprenuers

Utility Apps Available in the Individual Plan

Let us see the individual apps available in Adobe Creative Cloud with their monthly pricing. You can choose individual apps that you use as per your need.

  • All Apps “In the individual plans a combination of more than 20 creative desktop and mobile phone apps are available got a subscription of 2,029 Rupees per month
  • A Customized photography plan is also open for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 20 GB of cloud storage at 676 Rs/mo.
  • Adobe Photoshop is open for a subscription of 1420 Rs/Mo through which you can create graphics, edit photos and create creatives on the go.
  • Adobe Illustrator is available for 1420 Rs/Mo with which you can create beautiful vector drawings and illustrations without any hassle.
  • Adobe InDesign also comes with a subscription of 1,420 Rs/Mo and helps create digital media-related pages and layouts on the go.
  • Adobe XD enables you to create mockups, designs, and prototypes to share user experience with an affordable subscription of 676 Rs/Mon.
  • Lightroom plan with 1 TB data is available with a 676 Rs/Mo subscription that lets you efficiently organize, edit, and store photos from anywhere
  • Adobe Dreamweaver is available for 1420 Rs/mo. subscription through which you can create highly responsive websites.
  • Adobe Animate helps you create stare of the art animation for various platforms for 1420 Rs/Mo subscription.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a 1420 Rs/Mo subscription, and it is a premier tool for video and film editors.
  • Adobe After Effects helps in creating the vest visual effects a motion graphics for different kinds of media. It available for 1420 Rs/Mo
  • Adobe Audition is a premium audio and sound recording, mixing, and restoration tool, with a monthly subscription of 1420 Rs/Mo is an excellent buy for music editors.
  • InCopy helps in working with the text and layouts without affecting the design of the webpages, creatives, and images. The handy tool is available for 338 Rs/Mo.


Adobe Creative Cloud is a must-have if you want to scale up your business’s creative side and enhance the capabilities of your design teams.

In the times of digital marketing, the creative ingenuity of any promotional effort or project matters a lot. Instead of using standalone tools that do not offer professional finesse to your creatives, it is always advisable to the highly revered Adobe tools which have proven excellence.

Video editors, audio designers, photographers, directors, and documentation experts rely primarily on the Adobe Creative Suite for delivering high-end results to their customers. Learn the new techniques and polish yourself as a skilled professional using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Ace up your branding initiatives with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

With its customized plans and extended offerings, you can get hands-on experience in limitless designing and rendering.

10 Best Web Hosting Service Providers

Do you know there are around 2 billion websites on the world web today? With such staggering numbers, web hosting service providers play a vital role as web hosting is the foundation on which a website is built. So here we will talk about Best web hosting service providers.

However, choosing the right service provider can be a tedious task. As each hosting provider offers different features and pricing, so it’s essential to go through those features, and also consider factors such as uptime and load-time.

Apart from hosting services, most of the providers offer a whole range of services such as:

  • Dedicated servers & management
  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Access
  • WordPress Support

Before we take you through the complete list of top providers of web hosting, let’s review some of the tips you should consider before starting with any provider:

  1. Understand all the features you are getting for what you are paying.
  2. Be aware of pricing tricks.
  3. Look for the credibility of the provider.
  4. Consider website builders that offer compelling ways to create your website.

1. Blue Host

Blue host is one of the most famous names for providing hosting services. It is owned by Endurance Corporation and is also the best web hosting service provider by Word press.

Blue Host gives you 24/7 support and free consultation if you get stuck anywhere on your website. It also provides on-demand assistance over the phone and chats service with WordPress experts.

There is a full blueprint which you will get, which is all about getting started with WordPress exploring all the aspects of making a Word Press Website.

Various shared hosting plans which Blue Host offer are:



Choice Plus






1 website

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

50 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Standard Performance

Standard Performance

Standard Performance

High Performance

1 Included Performance

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

5 Parked Domains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

25 Sub Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

2 Spam Experts


Spam Experts

Spam Experts

Domain Privacy


1 Office 365 Mailbox-Free 30 days

Domain Privacy

Site Backup-Code Guard Basic


Site Backup-Code Guard Basic

Dedicated IP



1 Office 365 Mailbox- Free 30 days

1 Office 365 Mailbox-Free 30 days

2. Hostinger


Hostinger is one of the fastest web hosting among the various web hosting providers. It has guaranteed 99.9% uptime with the fast loading cache manager. The multiple features of Hostinger are Custom Dashboard, Responsive Support, Free Domain, Unlimited Features, and Great Introductory Price.

The pricing plans that Hostinger offer for Shared Hosting are:





 $ 0.99 /mo


$ 2.59 /mo

$ 4.09 /mo


Free 24/7 Support

Free 24/7 Support

Free Lifetime SSL Certificate

done1-Click Installer

2X Processing Power & Memory

Free 24/7 Support

Optimised for Word Press

Unlimited Bandwidth

4X Processing Power & Memory

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

1-Click Installer

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

Optimised for Word Press

1-Click Installer


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Optimised for Word Press


1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Webmail access


1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

To know about other hosting options, visit – Hostinger

3. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a well-known name in the list of hosting providers. It is one of the oldest hosting providers.

With a customer base of more than 63 million, Go Daddy is an ideal choice of a lot of companies and individuals. The various Features of Go Daddy are that is easy to use, uses Top of the Line Technology, Wide Variety of Hosting Solutions, Design Flexibility, Quality Customer Support, Affordable Deals, Security and Reliability.

The pricing plan that Go Daddy offers for Web Hosting is:





C$ 2.99/mo

C$ 5.99/mo

 C$ 7.99/mo

C$ 17.99/mo

1 website

100 GB storage

Unlimited websitesºº

2x processing power & memory 

30 GB storage

Free Professional Email – 1-year trial

Unlimited storage

Free SSL Certificate – 1 year

Unmetered bandwidth 

Free domain – with annual plan 

Unlimited subdomains

Free Premium DNS and

Unlimited databases


4. Dream Host

Dream Host has been providing Hosting for 25 years and has hosted over 1.5 million sites. Some of its features are Above Average Speed and Uptime, 97- Day Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits and No higher Renewal Price Increase.

The chat support is good but gives limited live chat support.

The most popular pricing plan is of Shared Hosting starting at $2.59/mo, which gives you a free domain name, fast SSD storage, and email hosting for your website.

To know more, visit – Dream host


5. Site Ground

Site Ground has excellent performance up to 99.99% Uptime with above-average load time. It supports a large number of applications up to 500.

Site Ground has good chat support, unmetered bandwidth, 10GB storage, website builder free email, free SSL certificate, and content delivery network.

The pricing plans are:



Go Geeks




1 website

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

10 GB Web Space

20 GB Web Space

30 GB Web Space

10,000 Visits Monthly

25,000 Visits Monthly

100,000 Visits Monthly



To know more, click on – Site Ground

6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is environmentally friendly hosting by offsetting 300% of the carbon from the energy they use. Some of the popular features of GreenGeeks are top security measures, automated backups. It has hosted over 300,000 websites.

Its pricing plan is:







1-Click App Installer

Unlimited Websites

1 Click App Installer

Unlimited Web Space

1-Click App Installer

Unlimited Web Space

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Unlimited Web Space

Unlimited Data Transfer

Free Wildcard SSL

Unlimited Data Transfer

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Standard Performance

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Free Premium Wildcard SSL


Free Wildcard SSL

Free Dedicated IP


2X Performance

4X Performance


PowerCacher Included

PowerCacher Included


To know more, visit – GreenGeeks

7. iPage

iPage is a hosting service which provides Free Domain registration, Free drag and drops site builder, 1,000s of free templates, Free SSL Certificate, Free email address, 30-day money-back guarantee, Free 24/7 support, Free domain transfer.

You can see the various pricing plans offered at iPage.

8. Cloudways


Cloudways is one of the best cloud webs hosting for small businesses as it makes hosting simple and agile for everyone.

Cloudways provides you 24/7-365 days online support, free SSL certificates for your website security, unlimited application hosting and free migration to Cloudways.

It also specializes in high-speed CDN, free WordPress cache plugin, OS-level firewalls, launching more than 10 apps in one click and GIT integration.

The best thing is they give you a 3 day free trial for using Digital Ocean, Linode, vultr, aws, and Google cloud platform without any credit card.

























All Plans Come With

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • CDN Add-on
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access

9. BigRock


BigRock is an ICANN accredited domain registration and web hosting company which powers 6 million domains and has 10 years of experience in technical web hosting.

It provides some features for free after registering your domain with them like free email accounts, DNS management, multiple mail forwards, domain theft protection and domain forwarding with easy to use control panel.

The best thing about BigRock is they are providing free .net domain name with the purchase of 6 months hosting.

Products and features

  • Domain registration
  • Domain extension
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • DIY Website builder


(Personal use)



(web developers)


Business and start-ups


1 Website

1 Website

3 Websites

20 GB Storage

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Storage

50,000 Monthly Visitors

75,000 Monthly Visitors

1,00,000 Monthly Visitors

100 GB Transfer Bandwidth

Unmetered Transfer Bandwidth

Unmetered Transfer Bandwidth

5 Email Accounts

Unlimited* Email Accounts

Unlimited* Email Accounts

Server location-US

Server location-US

Server location-US

10. Kinsta


Kinsta is one of the most user-friendly hosting providers for WordPress with over 15 years of experience and award-winning performance.

The best part is you can make a free demo account on kinsta for 60 days thus allowing you to manage and scale your website.

Some of its features are a proactive customer support system, high-security network, great speed, Google cloud platform,              and free migrations.

Also, they offer the most flexible plans with 30 days money-back guarantee.





Business 1


Business 2


1 WordPress install

2 WordPress Installs

5 WordPress Installs

10 WordPress Installs

20,000 Visits

40,000 Visits

1,00,000 Visits

2,50,000 Visits

10 GB Disk Space

20 GB Disk Space

30 GB Disk Space

40 GB Disk Space

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

To Wrap Up

These are some of the best web hosting service Providers you can consider to get hosting and other related services. Please do share your experience with us in comments, if you have taken services from any of these providers.

If you’d like to discuss which hosting service provider you should pick, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our Specialists.

10 Best Free SEO Tools in 2020

best free seo tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like Game of Thrones; you need to battle with your competitors using the right keywords and techniques to be on the top of Search Engine Results.

However, choosing the right SEO tool is one of the challenges nowadays considering the level of competition out there.

But we are here to help you prepare for the battle with the list of best free SEO tools, handpicked by our experts. There are SEO free tools as well in case you are on a specific budget.

Best Free SEO Tools In 2020

1.  SEMrush

SEMrush is the Marketer’s favourite tool. It’s one of the best on-page SEO tools to analyse your website and that of your competitors. You can look at your trending articles, social shares, word count, and related keywords all at one place. This makes it easier for you to research well before writing your blog post and helps you analyse it after publishing the post.

Screenshot of SEMrush for Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

The best thing about this tool is that it also helps you plan the content for your blog with its content marketing kit. Not just that, SEMrush gives about 14M ideas for a single keyword. Just imagine how great that would be for your content chart.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Brenton Marcum, said their keyword strategy for writing copy for blog posts, websites, social media, and their clients, is done using SEMrush.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Paid – $99 per month

Best for Keyword research, Competitor analysis

Key Features:

  • Analyse competitor’s keywords, ad budgets, and marketing activities
  • Find less competitive keywords
  • Compare domains side-by-side
  • Get visual data in terms of charts
  • Segmentation of your keywords by topic
  • Perform Site Audit
  • Check your website using On-Page SEO Checker
  • Get useful insights about your site’s organic traffic
  • Measure and compare the performance of your content

2.  Mangools

Mangools is one of the best SEO software which comprises of below tools:

  • KW Finder (Keyword research)
  • SERP Checker (SERP Analysis)
  • SERP Watcher (Rank tracking)
  • Link Miner (Backlink Analysis)
  • Site Profiler (SEO Metrics and Insights)

Their USP is that they have a very smooth user interface which doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

The best thing is you can get a ten-day free trial without a credit card.

Also, they offer 40% off on their annual plans with unlimited keyword suggestions on Mangools premium and agency plan.

Type: Software

Pricing: Paid


Basic-49$, Premium-69$, Agency-129$


Basic-29$, Premium-39$, Agency-79$

Best for: Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Backlinks

Key Features:

  • Keyword analysis and suggestions
  • Analyse Competitor’s keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • Tracks your website ranking
  • Check backlinks
  • Checks Domain Authority, Page Authority and Credibility of a website
  • Provides a browser extension
  • Analyse Google’s SERP changes
  • Helps check website’s SERP snippet

3.  Serpstat

Serpstat is a great all in one SEO tool whose mission is to help businesses outrank their competition to gain higher profits.

It was founded in 2013 as a keyword tool but later became all in one SEO platform in 2016 focussing on generating leads through organic and paid search.

While they also help you track your competition and improve your content.

Interestingly, they have about 5 billion keywords in their database, and 25,000 are updated every minute.

The best thing about Serpstat is that they provide a free plan which helps you find relevant keywords, analyse backlinks, and do competitor’s research.

You can also save 20% on yearly SEO plans.

Type- Software

Pricing – Free for limited tools, Paid (Lite, Standard, Advance, Enterprise)


Lite-69$, Standard-149$, Advance-299$, Enterprise-499$


Lite-55$/month, Standard-119$, Advance- 239$, Enterprise- 399$

Best for – Keyword research, PPC analysis and competitor’s research

Key Features

  • Helps you do keyword research and competitor’s analysis
  • Analyse PPC campaigns
  • Track your website rankings
  • Gives content ideas
  • Performs On-page SEO audit
  • Track your competitor’s keyword positioning
  • Displays reports and infographics
  • Uses API
  • Analyses Backlinks

4.  Moz

Moz is one of the best SEO tools that is used by many experts. Despite the regular algorithm changes that Google does, Moz is one tool that is up to date. Besides, it is also known for its chat support to the customers.

Screenshot of MoZ for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 publised by Netilly

Moz comes with a free trial period of 30 days, post which you can decide whether to buy it or not. Now, that’s something great because most of the paid SEO tools allow you to have a trial for only seven days.

The ‘page optimization feature’ is said to be the best as it helps you optimize every single page of the website by clearly mentioning where to make changes or what to add.

Type: Software

Pricing: Paid – @99 per month post 30 days free trial period

Best for: Keyword Research, SEO Report, SEO Audit, Backlink Research

Key Features:

  • Allows you to track the keywords for which you’re ranking.
  • Finds out issues on your website and alerts you about the same.
  • Prioritized recommendations enable you to optimize your web pages.
  • Get custom suggestions that help you create content.
  • Link Explorer helps you find quality backlinks for your website.
  • Moz Local helps small businesses and enterprises get maximum outputs with minimum efforts.

5.  Post Affiliate Pro

Post affiliate pro is the highest-rated and reviewed SEO affiliate software which helps you improve your site’s ranking on SERP’s (search engine result pages). It also facilitates tracking the growth of affiliate programs and networks.

It has a very intuitive user interface, so it’s easy to manage commissions, campaign manager and reports.

One can integrate post affiliate pro with over 170 payment gateways and CMS.

The best thing is they are giving a 14 day free trial for network owners, merchants and affiliates.


Pricing-Paid post 14-day free trial

Pro-97$, Ultimate-197$, Network-477$

Best for – Manage affiliate and network programs

Key Features

  • Affiliate link styles
  • Direct link tracking
  • Forced matrix
  • Commission groups
  • Performance awards
  • Split Commission
  • Flash banners
  • Html banners
  • Image banners
  • Mass payments
  • Multilingual Support
  • Web2.0(Ajax)
  • Campaign, banner and affiliate report
  • Map overlay report
  • Online users report

6.  Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a keyword research tool that gives a free report of what your consumers are searching. The report is displayed in a visually appealing format with several questions and tags.

screenshot of Answer The Public for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

It’s an online tool for content ideas as well. While the free version gives useful insights, you can also go for the Pro version, which is beneficial for agencies.

Type: Online tool

Pricing: Free /  Paid ( Pro version for $99 per month)

Best for: Keyword Research, Content Ideas

Key Features:

  • Get search results in the form of questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and other related keywords
  • Displays visual data
  • Allows you to save the displayed data in the form of an image
  • Helps you generate content ideas

7.  Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is everyone’s favourite as it is a free tool for SEO. It’s the lighter version of paid tools. Performing keyword research using Ubersuggest is quite easy; you can do it either by entering your competitor’s URL or by entering the seed keyword.

The latest update of this tool also allows one to find out backlinks of your competitor’s site. Not just that, you can easily get long-tail and short-tail keywords along with SEO difficulty.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

Type: Online tool

Pricing: Free

Best for: Keyword Research, Backlinks

Key Features:

  • Estimated visit counts give you an idea about how much traffic you can get
  • Keyword suggestions based on the entered keyword
  • Get content ideas for your website
  • Provides the backlink data
  • Visit your competitor’s top-ranking pages

8.  Seo Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a tool that is useful to optimize your website for SEO. Checking your website manually for errors or issues to be fixed is a time taking process, but SEO SiteCheckup automatically does it for you. All you need to do is, enter your website URL and get a real-time report and fixes that are required.

Screen of SEOSiteCheckup for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

This tool solves all the SEO issues instantly with just one click. It’s an excellent tool for beginners as well as professionals. You can monitor your website’s SEO performance on a day-to-day basis and change it accordingly.

SEO SiteCheckup is one of the best SEO audit free tool, which is available for a free trial period of 14 days.

Type:  Tool

Pricing: Paid – $24.95 per month post-14-day trial.

Best for: SEO Audit, Monitoring, Competitor Analysis

Key Features:

  • Analyse your SEO issues instantly
  • Day-to-day SEO monitoring
  • Notifies when your SEO score changes
  • Compare your competitor’s SEO side-by-side
  • Generate SEO reports
  • Create automated checkups

9.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best tools for SEO, and many bloggers recommended it. This tool crawls the website efficiently and gives almost accurate results. You can perform keyword research by either entering your competitor’s URL or by typing the seed keyword. This gives you a list of keywords, both long-tail, and short-tail.

Screenshot of Ahrefs used in blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

You can filter your keywords according to search volume, keyword density, paid difficulty, etc. That’s the best part of this tool. Also, it allows you to vomit negative keywords.

Ahrefs is freely available for seven days.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Paid – $99 per month after 7 day trial period

Best for: Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Site Audit, Content Ideas

Key features:

  • Site Explorer for getting insights about organic traffic and backlinks
  • Use Keywords explorer for getting the right keywords
  • Content explorer gives you content ideas
  • Site audit feature shows you the issues that need to be fixed
  • Find the content gap of your competitors and generate content for your site
  • Compare multiple links of competitors at once

10.  Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool by google ads. You can use it to find low competition keywords. However, it doesn’t display the search volume precisely.

Screenshot of Keyword Planner for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

The keyword planner is mainly used for paid ad campaigns. It helps you discover new keywords and also shows the bid estimates for those keywords.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Free

Best for: Ad Campaigns, Keyword Research

Key features:

  • Search the most relevant keywords for your business
  • Find out how often a keyword is searched
  • Gives you suggested bid estimates for each keyword
  • Add the finalized keywords to your advertising plan


These are the must-have tools for best SEO practices. It’ll make your research easier and will surely help you rank better provided you work hard consistently and keep optimizing your website and content regularly.

You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for different purposes and share your feedback with us.

If you’d like to discuss how best free SEO tools can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO Specialists.

Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses Must Do in 2020

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

In the words of Brian Herbert, “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Be it any field of work, it is the willingness to learn that guides us towards attaining knowledge and practical skills.

The online and offline certification courses are one popular way of learning the underlying concepts of the subject and understanding their practical implications.

Also, as per a study, the clients are willing to pay 20% to 40% more to professionals who have completed certified courses.

Online Digital marketing certification courses are in demand from freshers as well as professionals from different fields.

Choosing Digital Marketing Field of Work  

Marketing stands for spreading a word about one’s services or products, commercial or otherwise, among the relevant audience. During the last decade, marketing has changed drastically.

Most businesses have gone online to acquire their share of consumers out of 4.4 billion internet users around the world.

This digital movement has led to the rise of the digital marketing industry and the need for experts who can provide result-oriented digital marketing services to businesses.

Businesses have observed a 200% ROI by using digital marketing channels like Google Ads.

Video Marketing alone has contributed an 80% increase in the conversion rates for businesses that have chosen to embed a video on their landing pages.

Many professionals are keen to pursue a career in digital marketing based on the positive and upward industry trends in 2020.

One can choose to become a generic digital marketer (jack of all trades) or specialize in one of the streams like SEO, SMM, PPC, and so on.

Things to Decide

You can find hundreds of online and offline resources to get yourself acquainted with digital marketing concepts.

While reading up from scattered resources can increase your knowledge; however, only professionally designed digital marketing courses can provide you a structured method to pick up the underlying concepts along with guidance for practical implementation.

The biggest dilemma, however, is how and what to choose? When you research online, you will come across a huge list of courses.

Instead of going through each of the titles, it is advisable to start with making two crucial decisions:

  1. Whether to select an online or an offline digital marketing course(s)?
  2. Whether to begin with a consolidated digital marketing course or to opt for one or more specialized digital marketing channels such as content writing, SEO, ORM, SMM, etc.

The first decision depends upon your availability for the course, while the other choice depends upon your interest and a little research about the current trends.

After taking the first two decisions, you must look for reliable vendors who can deliver the best online digital marketing courses, in a manner most suited to your needs.

To make your selection easier, our experts did thorough research on the best digital marketing courses available in the market and came up with a list of the best. 

Here Comes Our List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses

We have listed below a few highly ranked online digital marketing courses of 2020.

     1. Digital Marketing Learning Programs by Netilly

These learning courses are structured to focus on making the participant job-ready in the digital marketing field. It is the first of its kind learning programs in the entire digital marketing space as the focus is more on the hands-on experience of the techniques than the theory.

Netilly offers three best online digital marketing courses as below:

  • Beginners Master Class
  • Advanced Learning Program
  • Expert Learning Program

These course helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional marketers to get into the basics of digital marketing.

In all these courses, Netilly provides three weeks of instructor-led online learning sessions along with hands-on of each module. Below modules for digital marketing techniques are covered:

  1. Module 1- Basics of Digital Marketing
  2. Module 2 – Basics of Web Development
  3. Module 3- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  4. Module 4- Basics of Graphic Design & Video Marketing
  5. Module 5 – Social Media Marketing
  6. Module 6 – Pay Per Click Part 1- FB Ads
  7. Module 6 – Pay Per Click Part 2- Google Ads
  8. Module 7 – Email Marketing
  9. Module 8 – Content Marketing

Each module is covered over two days, on the first day, the domain experts take the online live sessions, and the following day, the participants take the online quiz and assignments. This course builds up a strong foundation for working in this field.

       2. Inbound Marketing Course by HubSpot 

The course is structured to focus on Customer-first Marketing. It focuses on the techniques to draw potential customers and visitors towards a business inwardly, instead of going outward to sell the products or services. The course help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional marketers to get into the basics of inbound marketing.

In this course, HubSpot provides 4 hours of video and a free downloadable study guide which covers the following inbound marketing techniques:

  • Content creation
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social promotions
  • Lead nurturing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Topic clusters 

The study is divided into 11 classes, each containing 2-5 video lessons and a quiz. This course builds up a strong foundation about attracting and retaining the customers for any business.

      3. Online Marketing Foundation Course by LinkedIn 

LinkedIn, as the leading professional social networking platform has taken the initiative in providing high-end learning in the form of certified courses. This helps recruiters to choose from highly skilled professionals.

For those who want to grow as a marketing professional and brush up their basic marketing skills, LinkedIn offers an Online Marketing Foundation Course.

The program develops marketing skillset with 4.5 hours of video lessons, quizzes, practice exercises, written transcripts, and an online notebook.

The subjects it covers include the basics of SEO, web analytics, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

Being the first course in a series of approved courses by the American Marketing Association, which was established to allow people to master digital marketing skills, this course has high professional value.

      4. SEO Fundamentals by SEMRush 

SEMRush is a well-known name in the field of online visibility and marketing analytics software. Their team of experts has designed an SEO fundamentals course for people who wish to understand how search engine optimization works and put it into an executable marketing strategy for potential customers.

Even business owners and marketing executives would benefit from such a certification course. The program can help participants in digitizing their business as well as to attain maximum online visibility.

The program starts with a basic understanding of how search engines work, search page layouts, the concept of crawling, technical SEO, indexing & ranking, ranking signals, international and local SEO.

The competency of an SEO professional is measured through the conversion rate of a business website. The course covers every aspect of SEO in 31 lessons, compiled as 4 hours of video lectures. Additional resources and practice tests help in building up practical skills.

This course has sealed its position among the top three digital marketing courses of 2019. SEMRush is one of the leading authorities on search engine marketing (SEM) makes such an SEO certification offering highly reliable and credible.

     5. Google Analytics for Beginners 

For tracking website traffic and related metrics, Google provides an analytics platform. Google analytics shows stats and figures concerning multiple dimensions of a business website. It can be as easy as reading the number of visitors and as complex as understanding the behaviour of the visitor and the webpage. To aid a better understanding of its widely used web analytics service, Google offers a “Google Analytics” course for beginners.

The course outlines the fundamentals of basic Google Analytics account creation, reading analytics reports, setting up filters and views, setting up the dashboards, creating goals, and setting up campaign tracking.

After completing the course, one can confidently take up tasks like setting up Google analytics for a client’s business and help them with suggestions based on the metrics from the platform. Advanced analytics programs are also available for continuous learning.

The high relevance of the course cannot be denied given the monopoly of Google in the search engine market. 

     6. The Complete Digital Marketing Course at Udemy 

With 1,00,000 courses and 42,000 instructors, Udemy is the leading online learning platform. It has multiple options for digital marketing, among which, the Complete Digital Marketing Course is the most comprehensive one.

A combination of 12 subjects combined in one, the course provides 20 hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps, including projects, checklists, and actionable lectures.

The program covers SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Copywriting, WordPress, and Market Research.

This course offers high value for the invested time and money for participants – be it business owners who have just started their firms or freelancers who are seeking highly paid projects or website managers who are struggling to drive traffic on their websites.

     7. Effective Content Writing for SEO at Udemy

Quality content is gaining the attention of marketers and potential customers alike. Interactive and accurate content is the lifeline of the internet. Hence, there is a rising demand for content creators.

The “Effective Content Writing for SEO” course on Udemy helps in understanding the type of content required to be written for acquiring the top 10 rankings on Google, the basic SEO rules that content needs to follow and creating well-optimized content for search engines and users.

Bloggers would find it the most relevant course to pursue.

     8. Digital Marketing Master Course by Digital Vidya 

Digital Vidya is the initiator of digital marketing courses in India, back in the year 2009. Their instructor-led online Digital Marketing Master course provides the most updated curricula. The program is delivered via 44 modules.

The firm is the official training partner for Google India; students are trained with the most recent changes made in the search and marketing techniques by Google.

The course is exhaustive as it covers every single function of Digital Marketing activity, be it SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics, Facebook Marketing, and other digital marketing topics.

     9. Content Marketing Courses by LinkedIn was founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995 and was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, under its subsidiary LinkedIn Learning, which is a platform offering online courses on software, creative, and business skills.

In the field of Content Marketing, LinkedIn Learning offers 59 courses and training programs. The courses are available online along with “view offline”. The program focuses on fundamentals of how to market relevant content over the internet and promote business through newsletters, podcasts, social media, etc. 

    10. Facebook Ads Certification Course 

Social media users have grown by 202 million between April 2018 and April 2019, with Facebook having 2.375 billion users.

Facebook provides a marketplace, and other advertisement plans to help businesses and individuals in showcasing their offerings to an enormous number of users.

The best part is, it is an interactive platform, where potential customers and businesses can connect in real-time and crack a deal.

Facebook Ads Certification course at Udemy teaches basic as well as advanced concepts of Facebook marketing, optimizing Facebook Ads campaign, and analyzing the reports.


Digital Marketing is a vast and growing industry. Business owners, marketers, and professionals from across industries today realize its importance.

It is estimated that India alone requires nearly 20, 00,000 digital marketing experts by 2020. Therefore, a huge opportunity exists for beginners and professionals to build a career in Digital Marketing.

Please share with us in the comments below, if you have subscribed to a digital marketing course out of the list we shared. If yes, was it worth the time and money? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Best Video Editing Software for Amateur & Professionals

Best video editing software

In recent times, video content has been absolutely ruling over social media with more than 87% of online marketers using Best Video Editing software in their digital marketing strategies. Needless to say that bloggers, advertisers and digital marketers can’t swim in the stream without Best video editing software.

Since there are a lot of tools available so we have consolidated a list of best video editing software so you can churn out good professional videos to keep your digital marketing strategy ahead of the curve. Let’s dive into the details of each of these tools and how they can facilitate to create and manage a customized video layout.


Adobe brings its users, a complete set of tools. While all of its tools are cost-efficient for video industries, it may sometimes hit hard on the pockets of freelancers and entrepreneurs who are beginning with their video editing careers.

One cannot distinguish between the tools that Adobe provides. All of the tools add complementary features to the videos. Let us see how.


best video editing software

With a lot of features entitled in it, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most preferred editing tool around.

It offers:

  • 4k and higher HD resolution videos;
  • Convertible formats for media;
  • Simple video editing with background sounds;
  • Supports multiple camera recording and;
  • requires windows or MACOS for functioning.

While simple videos can be edited on the desktop through premium pro, motion graphics can be added through the after-effects.


Adobe After effect

Adobe After Effects is used to add motion graphics to the produced video. It adds digital visual effects to the movies, video games etc. So when one is done with producing a simple video through Adobe premium pro, he can come to after-effects to add the desired effects. Another such supporting software from Adobe is adobe animate and Adobe audition.

c. ADOBE ANIMATEAdobe animate

While adobe after effects add motion graphics to the video and the end results are in video format, Adobe Animate, earlier known as flash, is used to create animations. It gives the animation to the hand-drawn objects and puppet characters. The output of this software is a web-based animation and not a composed video. The tool gives the necessary creation to animation required by a creator.


Adobe premiere rush

Though Adobe Premiere Rush is a simple performer of premium pro, it is more of a streamline version. It is available in iOS and performs functions like desktop functions of a pro. It supports live video and audio recording for the video and also enables direct social sharing through the platform. However, Rush is still in its infancy and is looking towards growth.

Pricing – The company offers a package of services depending on your needs. The starting price is, however, $19.99 per month.



Filmora by wondershare is most easy to use platform for video editing. The interface is so easy to track that it will seem so friendly to the editor in the first go itself.


  1. Compatible with webcam to allow voice recordings and video captures.
  2. Hundreds of transition effects are present to make videos more effective.
  3. Allows the text editing on the videos.
  4. Supports more than 10 output formats to export your videos including mkv, WebM etc.
  5. Enabled direct social sharing on YouTube, Facebook etc.
  6. Easy to use trimmer and merger facilities are available.
  7. Allows quick editing of the videos by providing themes and music to the videos.
  8. Requires a minimum of 2GB RAM
  9. Compatible with Windows (64 bit) and MACOS version 10.9 or greater.

Limitations –

  1. The functionalities sometimes get disrupted.
  2. No provisions to add animations to the videos.
  3. Not compatible with PC lower than 64 bit.
  4. Watermark is present in the videos edited by using the free version.

Pricing – It provides an annual plan for $39.99 per annum. However, the lifetime subscription costs $59.99 and the unlimited access is for $99.87.


coral video studio

Corel Video Studio Pro supports video editing, photo slideshows, video capturing etc. The best feature of Corel draw includes supportive tutorial sessions which help the user to learn its functions.

Features –

  1. It has a windows based deployment.
  2. Enabled 3D editing, and speed adjustment.
  3. Has split/merge tools and a user-friendly interface.
  4. Enabled titling, transition effect and colour grading for a decent presentation.
  5. Enabled slideshow making, audios and video captures and video sharing.
  6. Supports up to 4k HD format and 3D media.

Limitations –

  1. The installation of software is a tedious process.
  2. Blurred rendering is a common issue that the user faces.
  3. The software occasionally hangs or crashes while other softwares are open in the background.

Pricing – $80.00 per annum.

4. LUMEN 5

lumen 5

Founded in Canada in 2016, Lumen is a platform to draw social attention towards your project. It provided a good variety of video-editing services.

Features –

  1. Enabled animation effects.
  2. Supports social sharing and HD resolution.
  3. Enabled customized effects and voice-over feature.
  4. Supports content marketing through brand management, campaign management and video management.
  5. It has a cloud-based deployment.
  6. Videos can be edited in 720p resolution exceeding up to 1080 in the paid plans.

Limitations –

  1. Technical glitches occur in this software causing the delay.
  2. Voice customization is not available.
  3. The paid plan offers limited services as compared to other applications, thus, if you are a freelancer, you may find it expensive.

Pricing – It offers a free plan with limited features. Users can shift to paid plans for better effects.

Plans name Starter  Premium Business Enterprise
Cost per month ($) 19 49 149 Negotiable



iMovie by Apple is pre-installed video editing software in Macbooks. The apple users can capture the videos in their iPhones and share on their MacBooks to enable effects and editing in the captured video.

Features –

  1. It comes free for Apple users.
  2. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly menu for editing options.
  3. It imports and edits 4k videos smoothly.
  4. It has all the top effects and templates for video editing.
  5. It can easily trace out the required media from the iCloud.
  6. It is well optimized and highly responsive to the user.

Limitations –

  1. Limited to MAC users only.
  2. Lack options like Multicam editing etc.
  3. UI cannot be customized.

Pricing – Free for Mac users.



Used and trusted by more than a thousand companies including Nestle, Coolix has found its way in top 9 video editing tools today. It offers a variety of customized video templates for advertisement and business purposes.

Features –

    1. Interactive catalogs and potential customer formats in videos are present.
    2. Enabled CRM integration with platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp etc.
    3. Compatible with iOS and Android in mobile phones.


So far it is seen that users are completely satisfied with the services. Although sometimes, the smaller level businessmen and freelancer have found the price chart to be less convenient.


Plan’s name Starter Professional Enterprise
Price per month ($) 19 65 Negotiable



Powerdirector software by CyberLink is a long-running software in the race of these tools. It provides a lot of easy to use features to the users at a decent price.

Features –

  1. Provides the user with a large number of video effects, motion graphics and AI styled plugins.
  2. Offers slideshows, included in movie wizards, and a large number of interfaces for videos.
  3. Supports new video formats like blurry discs to perform disc burning functionality.
  4. Compatible with Windows only.
  5. Availability of Live technical support.
  6. Enabled sharing on YouTube.
  7. 3D animation and cloud connection up to 10GB storage are provided through this software.


  1. It is not available in phone versions and compatibility is only limited up to windows.
  2. A 3GB RAM is required for the quality production of the video.
  3. Watermark appears at the beginning of the video for 5 seconds.
  4. Supports 3k resolution and more. Lesser resolutions ain’t supported.

Pricing – It costs $4.33 per month when paid annually. However, if the user wants to purchase the whole suite, the cost is $8.08 per month.



Renderforest is a cost-efficient and easy to use video editing tool. It is highly recommended for the beginners, freelancers and new marketers.

Features –

  1. It has a cloud base deployment, the user need not download any app on the device.
  2. There is a free version available.
  3. Voice and animation can be added to the video.
  4. Enables the users to make logos, create a video in HD quality, and slideshows. It provides annotation and whiteboard services as well.
  5. Basic utility features come free in this app. However, the user can shift to the premium plan if required.
  6. Enabled screen sharing, animations and transitions, customized templates and social sharing.
  7. Video can be captured live for editing in HD resolution.

Limitations –

  1. It doesn’t provide analytics of the usage.
  2. 3D videos cannot be edited.
  3. Video cannot be edited in offline mode. Internet connection is required to operate the cloud services.
  4. Sometimes, not having concerned app trouble the user.

Pricing – This platform comes free to its subscribers. However, for advanced services, they can shift to the paid plans.

Plan Amateur Pro Business Enterprise
Cost per month ($) 59 89 119 299



Wevideo is a platform recommended for freelancers, bloggers, small and large enterprises. It has more than 20 million registered users across the world.


  1. It is compatible with android, iOS and has a cloud-based deployment.
  2. Provide 720p to 4k resolution to the videos. Allows horizontal, square and vertical tools for editing.
  3. Enabled screen-casting, voice-over and slow-motion graphics.
  4. It has a music library with hundreds of sounds to spark your project videos.
  5. Provide creative themes, fonts and green screen options which supports student-teacher presentation purposes as well.
  6. Provides reporting and analysis to the users about the usage of the content.
  7. Enabled social sharing, video capture and speed adjustment.

Limitations –

  1. The plans are somewhat costlier. Limited features can be accessed in the free version.
  2. Privacy can be convoluted since there are many possible sharing options for the content.
  3. Some tools are operated by complex functionalities which irk the user.

Pricing –

Plan Power Unlimited Professional Business
Cost per month($) 4.99 7.99 17.99 29.99

To Summarise

To take a call which tool you should go for, just consider features shared for each and your budget. Work out your video marketing strategy and create quality video content to get the desired results.

Want to know more about Best Video Editing Software, you can contact our specialists for free.

How Businesses Can Bounce Back after covid-19

How business can bounce back after covid - 19

How Businesses Can Bounce Back After covid-19 – The impact of Covid-19 is impending on the businesses irrespective of size and scale. It is going to take a while for the economy to revive, forcing the companies to adopt digitalization and online framework. Businesses need to adopt newer techniques to ensure they are running at the right pace and generate profit in the pandemic-stricken economy.

The need of the hour is that the companies create the right business model in which they can operate and function in the changing ecosystem where most of the activities would be carried in a contactless and online environment.

Nearly 2.05 billion digital shoppers are expected to be in 2020, which is almost 7.8 billion people in the world. This showcases that digitalization is imperative in building a successful and profitable business.

We have already witnessed during the lockdown in lieu of covid-19 that only the companies which had digitalized their business and were operating over the internet in full scale have been able to continue their operations. Hence, business owners need to bring their business online irrespective of their size, domain, and scale of operations.


Thanks to technology and higher ready to use services available, it is easier than ever to digitalize your business and start operating online. In this article, we will discuss in detail the various steps and ways you can take to bring your business or service on the internet with ease.

Kick start the Digital Journey with a Website

The most important aspect of kickstarting your digital journey is to get a highly interactive and impressive website for your business. The website is the first interaction of your brand and the customer online. It reflects your brand vision and creates a connection with the users, compelling them to take a Call to Action, bringing sales to your business.  Before designing, developing, and rolling out the website, deciding a good domain name for your website is important. You would need to register a Domain name with the Web Hosting company.

Domain, Website, Blogging, Design, Web Developer

You can reach out to a good digital marketing agency that helps to understand your business model, your brand vision, and then help you develop and design a website that replicates your functions. It would be best if you decided on a domain name that is catchy and identifiable by your target users. Once done, you can register for the domain name and also get the required Web hosting.

Web Hosting companies provides all the services required to bring the website online, including domain name registration, website hosting, email account setups, and database management.

Start  Spreading the Word About Your Website with Right Branding

Once your website is up and running, the next step is to ensure that your companies do the right campaigning and branding to ensure that the business gets the right traction on the website. With the right branding and marketing, the companies can bring the traffic to your online store, website, or educate the customers for your business.  A right digital marketing company can help businesses to design the most effective branding campaigns which are specially meant for your industry and cater to the needs of the markets you deal in.

There are many tools available online from renowned companies like Adobe, which help you create amazing brand collaterals, brochures, magazines, advertisements, and everything under the umbrella of branding. The hi-end tools help your business create the right material for the business to effectively communicate your events, promotions, and day to day notifications for both online and offline media.

Adobe tools give the best in class designing and drawing tools, which can help businesses greatly impact users.

Reach Out to Customers Through Social Media

Today, Social Media is one of the most prominent platforms for marketing and creating brand awareness. As per Global Web Index, every person spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social networks and messaging. Thus, businesses need to leverage this space.

Once you have created the right brand collaterals and designed your marketing campaigns, the next step is to create the right social media campaigns for the business. Most people use social media these days to get reviews, recommendations, and all sorts of information for the products and services they need.

Using an effective and strategically planned social media presence can facilitate a highly profitable juncture to the businesses. In the post-covid-19 ecosystem, people would indulge more actively in online buying.

Social Media Management tools help users to manage and plan their social media posts and activities effectively. Using calendars, you can schedule your posts, using the analytics features, you can see the impact of the social media channels. For example, YouTube is one of the most used video-sharing platforms; you can create engaging videos for your customers to educate them about your brands and offerings. Using the right SMM tool like Tube Buddy, you can optimize the capabilities of your YouTube channel by robustly generating real-time suggestions on videos.

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Bring the right traffic to your site using smart SEO

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to ensure that your content created for your brand is useful and reaches out to potential customers.  As per a study, more internet users conduct more than 2.2 million searches per day only on Google. Thus SEO is important to bring the right traction to your site.

Without right and effective SEO, your business website or eCommerce store would never attract the right traffic, which can give you the ROI for your investments. Right SEO is a combination of correct tools, use of right keywords, and strategically developed content that can generate traffic.

The SEO Tools like SEMrush, Mangools,  Serpstat help the users to implement the right SEO techniques and analyze their activities and content in real-time to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns. It helps in collective data analysis and competitive research to deliver the most coherent keywords and topics that the users want to read about. Answer the Public is another SEO tool that combines the searches from Google and Bing provides an overview of questions people are typing most of the time.

Optimized websites in which the landing pages are created with good content as per smart SEO techniques can rank higher on search engines, helping you get better business. The businesses which have suffered the loss of clientele due to covid-19 can use Local SEO more actively to reach out to customers.

Affiliate networks also provide a good opportunity for businesses to generate funds from their website and portals and gain traction by leveraging the traffic inflow on other sites. Post Affiliate Pro is one such SEO tool that can be extremely handy in monitoring the affiliate programs with ease. SEO Platforms provide an effective suite of tools through which users can monitor their SEO activities.

Sell Online by Setting Up Ecommerce Stores with ease

bounce back after covid-19

Online shopping is need of the hour, and right now, everyone needs to bring their offerings online so that the users can buy products through the online stores without the hassle of visiting the physical stores.

Ecommerce stores have been in demand for many years now, be it retail or wholesale; today, people prefer to buy things online after thorough comparison ad reviews. In the times of covid-19 when there is lockdown and people are still hesitant to visit shops physically, small vendors and business owners can set up their eCommerce or online stores to enable the customers to buy the products they offer online without any hassle. These days a lot of tools are available to set up an online store with ease. One can create an instant checkout platform without the need of any programming knowledge through these tools. A neat layout and an easy-to-use interface are readily available for the customers with the highly reliable tools available.

Ecommerce sites are a great way for the vendors and sellers to reach out to customers and sell their products and generate profit.

Educate and Train Online Using E-learning Solutions

Do you have an education institute or teach students professional skills or academic courses? Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic may have impacted your business as everything was shut during the lockdown. You may lose students in case you have not been able to maintain continuity in classes.

A lot of people are using video conferencing tools and webinars to ensure that they are connected to their students and trainees. Schools also have regular classes with the students through video conferencing platforms. However, the e-Learning solutions provide a better and enhanced way of providing training to the students, which can be real-time and self-paced. Using the right e-Learning solutions, institutes and educators can devise their courses and curriculum and ensure that the students are facilitated with the right knowledge even without physical classes.

E-learning solutions provide customizable features to create courses, video tutorials, exams, and tests. Post Covid-19 Pandemic, the face of education and training is going to change massively, thus the need for online coaching, e-Learning would increase.

Create Impressive Media with Video Editing and Graphic Editing Tools

Any branding, Social Media marketing campaign, or website layout is incomplete without the use of impressive media, mainly in the form of attractive graphics and video. The video consumption has increased multifold in times of pandemic as people have more time at hand. As per HubSpot, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool to reach out to customers. With the penetration of social media, a lot of information exchange happens over communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat in the form of videos and pictures. The need of the hour is to create high quality, good looking graphics for the images and videos which can attract the viewers and thus compel them to take a call of action. It can be in terms of inquiry, read more. Users share generously on the internet, any video or image which they find innovative and informative, apart from content, the graphics play a very important role here. Highly sophisticated graphic editing tools are available in the market these days through which you can create engaging posts in a jiffy without any hassle.

Similarly, video editing can become seamless, and you can create engaging videos with high-end graphics and simulations using the right tools.

Manage and organize your work efficiently

One of the most important aspects of keeping your customers happy and ensuring brand loyalty is the efficient management of work within your teams. Be it management of documents or maintaining an accurate account of finances or communicating promptly with the customers or within your teams, you need a comprehensive office suite to complete your day to day business activities and keep a record of everything.

No longer physical files and mails can facilitate proper business operations. Instead of using separate applications for different tasks, your business needs an enterprise-based office collection, which can help you maintain documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, etc. and facilitate emailing, social media posting, project management, etc. at one place.

Ace Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The key to a successful business is right and timely communication with the clients, keeping them aware of every detail at the various steps of a business transaction. Emailing works as the most efficient communication; it is important to reach out to the customers at the right time, whether it is informing them about the new product, sending the registration information, or simply thanking them.

Sending arbitrary emails, with random content that is not formatted or formulated as per proper structure, can create an unprofessional image. Thus, you need an effective email marketing tool that can help you design and plan the right email marketing campaigns in a phased and structured manner. With the right email service provider, you can create automated emailers, prompt responders, and use the advanced reporting systems to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Email marketing can help businesses reach out to a large number of customers and help to communicate effectively.

Stay Connected with Teams and Customers Using Video Conferencing

It is important that the teams within a business or enterprise can connect and work from remote locations in the present times. Right now, in the times of covid-19, pandemic physical movement is restricted, and we do not know how long it would take for people to travel for business purposes freely. Thus, to ensure that the business is up and running, you need to enable your employees and team members to connect and communicate through various online platforms such as Go To Meeting, Slack Social, Click Meeting. Video conferencing and webinar platforms are required these days as they bring teams together and provide seamless interaction with clients in real-time.

A lot of video chat platforms are available these days. However, you need to choose the one which provides safety, security along with advanced features like screen sharing, video playback, and multiuser connectivity.

In nutshell, by using the right tools, businesses can create a good online presence and gain the lost foothold in their markets. If you need assistance from our experts to help you pick the relevant tools for your business to bounce back after covid-19, feel free to contact us.

Choosing the Best free Office Suite for your Business – Zoho Vs. G Suite Vs. Office 365


The office productivity suites are a boon to enterprises and institutions in present times. These cloud-based productivity suites are in such high demand and available in multiple options that stakeholders cannot decide which one to choose. Moreover, Best free office suite has become a necessity today to carry forward the work remotely.

Everyone needs the best free Office Suite

Office Suites provide an array of utility tools that are imperative for the day-to-day activities of any individual. From a combination of spreadsheets, word processors, email utility, image editing, database tool to high-end tools like video conferencing, the best office suites are a must-have for any business.

The share of the best office suite market in the United States is mostly shared by Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365, with Google suite being the winner holding a share of 56.97 percent and Office 365 grabbing 42.63 percent, of the market till April 2020.

Where Google and Microsoft are already world leaders in the best Office suites, Zoho is an Indian initiative to come in this race. Impressively being a comparatively smaller player in the market, Zoho has fared well till now, making its mark in the market.

The count of Zoho subscribers has reached 13 million to date, and it is counted among the top best office suites for client handling and management.

We have compiled the information about three premier offices suites Microsoft office 365, G-Suite, and Zoho. They are the best suites available in the market for a user’s convenience perspective.

 ZOHO Office Suite


Zoho Corp. was founded in India in 1996, and expanded globally in 2005, and it launched its Zoho office suite. It contains all the basic features of the best office suite like spreadsheets, writer, email facility, calendar, etc.

Digital researchers have pointed out that if people are seeking a cheaper version of office 365, then Zoho is the choice. Besides the similar kind of features it is providing, it has integrated with google drive as a cloud service provider and with the MS office too to manage docs and sheets within Zoho CRM.


  1. If you are looking for the best office suite supporting outlook, google drive, Mailchimp, google maps, etc., then you can go for Zoho.
  2. It can be customized according to your business needs.
  3. It has a user-friendly graphical interface.
  4. It has methods to generate leads, read analysis, track the progress of meetings, automate sales activities, etc.


  1. Zoho doesn’t allow the direct transfer of contacts from social media. It only allows us to build contacts through emails.
  2. Sometimes the software shows usability issues. As it is created using AJAX, it may behave lower than the expectations.
  3. Geolocating, live reloading is not always supported by the application.

The compilation of its features is done below in the table.

G Suite


Today, 1 out of 4 users is vouching on Google as the leading service provider. Undoubtedly, the G-Suite of Google can be considered as the most used online productivity suites. With G-suite, a lot of institutions and offices have transitioned their IT department to the cloud servicing, and it is estimated that with several over 2 billion G-Suite users. In the upcoming 5 years, the IT area will completely move to the cloud.

  1. It has collaborated with slack, basecamp, keep and jumble, etc., out of which jumble is an IOT based software. It provides the smart boards which can be connected through the internet.
  2. It is easy to use and provides maximum cloud storage through Google Drive.
  3. The charges fit the pockets of every category of users
  1. The user interface of docs and spreadsheets are less friendly to the user as compared to the MS office.
  2. There is no option to search for a document as whatever is edited earlier shows up on the top.

Why G-Suite? The services are discussed in the table below.

Microsoft Office 365

Office-365Along with Zoho and G-Suite, Microsoft also offers an all-in-one package – Office 365 for business services. Microsoft is a world leader in Office utility suites, which has far created its credibility across the world. All of the people belonging to IT or even working with computers for their work management must have, from the very beginning, been familiar with the office tools like word, excel, etc.

The suit witnessed an increase of around 2.5 million per month in the number of users till now. The total number of users relying upon office 365 has crossed the 200 million mark to date.

  1. Easy access anywhere, anytime by the members of an institution.
  2. It makes the user aware and knowledgeable of cloud computing.
  3. With no extra charge, the users can update to the latest version with advanced features. However, using the updates sometimes becomes messy for the users as well.
  4. It has enabled advanced security mechanisms and encryptions.
  1. Since it uses cloud storage, it may be vulnerable to security threats.
  2. The cost can be a bit high for lower-level organizations, startups, and beginner level endeavours.
  3. It requires a high-speed internet to access files. If the internet slows down, sometimes the access is lost.

How promising Microsoft has been to its users while launching its office suite, and how it is keeping up in the race, we have done a quick and easy to go review of the three platforms in the table below.

Comparative Analysis
  ZOHO G Suite Office 365





























E3- $20/USER/Mo

E5- $35/USER/Mo


 Summing up

We can prudently say that all of these suites are highly efficient and resourceful.  They are frontrunner utility tools which most of the people need irrespective of their nature of work, Zoho is a preferred choice for the small -effectiveness and cutting edge features. Also, for a smaller business, opting for Zoho will serve both the pocket and the purpose.

To know which tool is going to suit you well, you can contact our specialists for free. They will help you in choosing the best free office suite as per your business needs.

Top 10 Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing Tools


In recent times of coronavirus pandemic, there is a massive shift towards working remotely. Professionals have been highly relying on video conferencing tools to manage their daily work or project related meetings. Also, the students are taking their classes online via these tools.

Zoom happened to be one of such tools that got the most traction during Covid-19. According to some recent app stats, Zoom connections got increased by nearly 225% in March 2020, along with around 300 million daily meeting participants.

However, in light of recent security and privacy concerns about using the Zoom app, people are open to trying other available alternatives.

We are listing down few such platforms for you. If you haven’t reached out to any of them yet and are planning to use for your enterprise, you would not regret choosing one.


 1.GoTo Meeting


With essential features like video conferencing tools, this platform has a lot to provide to organizations for smooth conduction of their meetings and work processes. It supports HD video, multiple videos feed at a time, and is feasible with gallery view, webcams, full screen, etc.

Key Features:
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing and recording
  • Web Audio, calling options
  • Group chat rooms
  • Whiteboarding
  • Annotations can be done within the presentation on the screen.
  • Host and admin controls via meeting lock feature to control the entrance of participants
  • Display up to 25 webcams
  • Allow the user to set up a video meeting and add it to google calendar or other booking apps
  • Allow unlimited cloud recording and storage in the pro plan.
  • Compatible with Macbook, Android, Windows, iOS
  • Technical glitches are a big-time issue that GoToMeeting’s users have faced.
  • Cross-talks make it difficult for others to hear the necessary information. Hence, the feature to mute all the participants must be provided to the host.
  • GoToMeeting doesn’t have a free plan; however, it provides a free trial.
  • The cost for upto 150 participants is $12 per month in the professional plan, while its business plan costs $16 per month.




It has been observed that it provides the features benefitting the organization class or big enterprises.

Key Features:
  • Video conferencing
  • Stores the database of employees and gives access
  • Integrates with tools like Google calendar, Zapier Salesforces, etc
  • One on one calling available
  • Group calls up to 15 people at once
  • Provides Do not Disturb feature and message threads as well.
  • People can see each other’s comments even after not being present during the calls.
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Slack users can make Skype calls and create polls from directly inside the app.
  • If you are a beginner and have a smaller enterprise, the platform would be expensive for your pockets.
  • It doesn’t have the feature of screen sharing and is only available in desktops. However, mobile versions are soon to be launched.
  • For smaller teams, slack comes free.
  • The standard plan charges USD 6.67 per month for medium-sized businesses.
  • For administrational needs and larger businesses, it charges the plus plan for USD 12.50.
  • For more features and group size, the negotiations are to be made under enterprise plans with their sales department.

3.Click Meeting 


 It is one of the top picks among video-conferencing tools. The software is easy to use and provides versatile features to its users.

Key Features:
  • Quality video conferencing
  • Focuses majorly on webinars
  • Give hosts access to mute- unmute all the participants and the access to allow the entry as well
  • It Provides an eye-catching interface
  • Enable file sharing from PCs and dropbox
  • Enable polls creation within the app
  • Chat option is available in 11 languages while the translation feature extends to 52 languages
  • Compatible with PCs and MAt Cs
  • Compatible with browsers like chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3, Apple Safari 4
  • Plugins with Google calendar and Microsoft programs available
  • Enable screen-sharing and recording events
  • Enable YouTube integration as well
  • It does not support the phone version
  • The conference lines are not toll-free

After a free trial of 30 days, the user can opt for the plan according to their needs. It charges

  • $25 per month for two presenters and 25 attendees
  • $165 per month for 4 presenters and 5000 attendees
  • However, on an annual payment of plans, a discount of 20% is granted to the purchaser.

4.ZOHO Meeting


If you are looking for a decent presentation tool, Zoho is the one.

Key Features:
  • Compatible with WebRTC technology, hence browser friendly.
  • Group Chatbox available
  • User friendly and easy to locate environment.
  • Let the user share monitor or monitors
  • Give access to the reports determining the usage of the software
  • Enables host for the audio-video recording
  • Embeds a meeting via inline frame onto a webpage
  • Webinar customizations are also available.
  • Accommodates up to 250 participants in a webinar and 100 meeting attendees, respectively, in the paid version.
  • It doesn’t offer social media integration and third party recording options.
  • It doesn’t provide the whiteboard tools, private chat, and hand-raising feature.
  • It is only a desktop-based platform.
  • It costs $10 per month for a meeting with 100 attendees.
  • For a webinar, the price chart is as follows.


  No. of attendees    Cost per month($)
25 19
50 29
100 39
250 79



With UberConference, we can host the meeting anywhere anytime. It includes a lot of versatility in its essential features at affordable prices.

Key Features:
  • Video conferencing tools are available in both phone and desktop versions
  • Allows file sharing via dropbox, google drive, and Evernote
  • Enable operating google drive live in the conference
  • Allows automated calling to the participant when the meeting begins
  • Third-party integrations with G-Suite, office 365, slack, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Allows recording in MP3 format
  • Allows sending an email link to each participant of the meeting recording
  • Enabled screen sharing
  • Integration with social media like Twitter and LinkedIn is also available
  • It Accommodates 100 participants in one meeting
  • It provides voice intelligence in the paid plan
  • The application puts a cap of 45 minutes in a free plan for every meeting, which might disappoint users.
  • The maximum users that can be entered is only 100, which is comparatively lower than other such platforms.
  • The basic plan up to 10 participants is free, while the one up to 100 participants in the business plan, charging $15 per month.

 6.Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex is a software designed by specialists keeping the need of all classes of businessmen in mind. Placed in one of the top video conferencing platforms, it provides a number of features in the market, challenging its competitive platforms.

Key Features:
  • Video conferencing tools, along with presentation tools and hand-raising features
  • Enabled screen sharing
  • Enabled recording and playback ability
  • Live chats available during video conferencing
  • 24×7 online support
  • Compatible with iOS, android, windows, MacOS, and cloud
  • Allows file sharing during the conference
  • Enabled webinar hosting with a single host
  • It can accommodate 100 persons in the free plan while the number exceeds to thousands in the paid plans
  • In its webinar space, it doesn’t provide a window for question-answer sessions and polls related to the meeting, which other similar tools in the market provide.
  • There cannot be multiple hosts in the webinar, and social media integration for the same is not available.
  • The features enabled for the video conferencing tools are highly supportive to the user, but while coming to the webinar space, a lot of times, the user is disappointed.
  • App installation is required to access video calling in a browser or desktop site.
  • It offers a free trial to the users, after which users can select their plans accordingly.
  • The starter plan costs $13.5 per month for one host.
  • The Plus plan costs $17.95 per month for one host.
  • The Business plan costs $26.95 per month for one host.
  • While for the enterprise plan, the user has to connect to the sales department of WebEx for negotiations.

7.Demio Webinar 


The Demio webinar is a specialized webinar platform. It is a modern and powerful tool keeping up with the expectations of users.

Key Features:
  • Enables different kinds of webinars like live, recorded, hybrid (live prerecorded), etc.
  • Allows automated replays of webinars
  • Has the embedded option of private chats
  • Creates polls, question-answers window, and surveys inside the application
  • Give the analytical insights into the webinar performances
  • Allows live document sharing and screen sharing
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, cloud, SaaS
  • Multiple hosts are allowed to host a webinar
  • Allows third party Integration with applications like Zapier
  • If a webinar is targeting a high number of audiences, the user might be disappointed. The maximum participation allowed is 500, and that too in the business plan.
  • The cheapest plan can only accommodate 50 attendees.
  • The pricing sometimes goes heavy on the pockets of small organizers due to the cap put on the number of attendees.
  • A free trial of 14 days is granted with one host and 20 attendees. However, all the plans are priced.
  • The starter plan, allowing 50 attendees and 1 host, costs $34 per month when paid annually.
  • The growth plan, allowing 150 attendees and 1 host, costs $69 per month when paid annually.
  • The business plan, allowing 500 attendees and 4 hosts, costs $163 per month when paid annually.

8.Microsoft Teams


Microsoft teams, also famous as only Teams, is a platform for video meetings and file storage and sharing.

The app is found to be benefitting the student-teachers’ community in the times of COVID.

Key Features:
  • It has an inbuilt meeting planner for organized channel management
  • It is comparatively more compatible with Microsoft office than other similar platforms
  • Available both in desktop and app versions
  • Provides a log for activities of the user
  • Has active chat teams, calling availability, and file sharing
  • Channels can be customized in teams for different occasions
  • For example, if there are 3 departments in an office, say legal, technical, and HR, three teams can be made through 3 channels, and meetings can be carried out in an organized manner.
  • Each channel has chat tabs with active threads
  • Allows both audio and video calls along with screen sharing
  • Enables caller to leave a voice message too
  • It is restricted to Microsoft office users and demands a commitment to Microsoft
  • The costs are pretty high comparatively

There is a free plan available. However, the specialized plans are as follows –

(If paid annually per user)

  • Office 365 business essential plan costs $5 per month.
  • Office 365 business premium plan costs $12.5 per month.
  • Office 365 E3 plan costs $20 per month.



TrueConf is a Russian software that is compatible with desktops and mobile phones for video conferencing tools and online networking.

Key Features:
  • Enable annotations, electronic hand-raising, and presentation tools in video calls
  • Enable screen sharing and the private chat window
  • Enable playback ability and recording
  • Have voting management enabled and schedule planners with calendars
  • Enable analytical tracking
  • The host has remote access and monitoring access
  • Enable webinar hosting
  • The user faces trouble while using this app. Post-implementation training is not very clear with the users
  • The user has to obtain a server license to join the conference, which becomes a tedious process
  • The cost is for one day to 365 days
  • If a meeting is scheduled on a particular day, the user can hire the software for $50.00 for 24 hours
  • The paid plans start from $240 per annum



How would you react if all of the utilities for a video conference come free to you?

Well, FreeConference made it real for you. The app has its cost tiers, but we believe the necessary and required features are fitting well for a user in the free plan. All you need is to create an account, and the platform unlocks for you.

Key Features:
  • Compatible with desktop browsers, Android, and iOS
  • Enabled entry up to 100 web participants and 1000 call participants
  • Active chatbox and screen sharing
  • Scheduling of meetings is available
  • Enabled document sharing and whiteboard features
  • Enabled audio and video recording and high-security features in the paid plans
  • Enabled youtube streaming in the pro plan
  • Despite being free, the sound quality is crisp and compelling
  • Apart from the absence of live technical support, the users have found the app to be of great purpose for them.

A handful of features come free for the user. However, the paid plans are as follows-

  • Starter plan costing $9.99 per month
  • Plus plan costing $24.99 per month
  • Pro plan costing $34.99 per month


A lot of these platforms are emerging out today due to the requirements in the times of COVID. All of them have their own pros and cons. To choose a platform, you may go through the crisp details we provided. Feel free to contact our specialists today to know the suitability of a perfect video conferencing platform for you.

If you’d like to discuss how one of these video conferencing alternatives can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email and contact us.

Top 9 Email Marketing Tools: What You Should Know

While the digital world is experiencing brisk growth, the stream of email marketing tools has successfully marked its essential presence in digital streams.

Email marketing targets the subscribers sharing common interest towards a product or merchandise. A lot of times, we have our inbox flooded with such broadcasted newsletters. We find some worthy of giving time to, while some we dismiss, but the impact of such marketing cannot be rejected from the user’s mind.

To make email marketing more influential and helpful, the marketers keep trying new trends and tools and modify their work strategy. This doesn’t only increase user-friendliness, but also help the marketers gain more clicks and ultimately increased PPC.

The email marketing tools help in content creation, effective optimization, email broadcasts, and lead generation. These tools overall make the job easy and less time-consuming.

We have curated a list of best email marketing service providers

These can help small to mid-segment to big organizations to engage with prospects & existing customers and grow their business.


1. Mailchimp



Mailchimp is one of the most effective all-in-one email marketing tools, which performs many functions for marketers and businesses.

Key Features:

  1. It provides healthy contact management.
  2. This tool serves secure and effective surveys on behalf of a marketer to subscribers.
  3. It maintains data analysis along with the availability of 80 beautiful templates.
  4. This tool helps maintain communication with clients, customers, and people who subscribe to the website or seem interested in a product or anything that the company is serving.
  5. It offers an intermediate level of email marketing automation.
  6. This tool sends first 10,000 emails of the month free to 2000 subscribers
  7. It provides a list of segmentation and customizes users of different categories so that emails can be broadcasted according to customer’s interests.
  8. This tool allows third-party integration with other applications like WordPress, Zapier, etc.


  1. Under DMARC policies of email providers, this tool is not compatible with Gmail and Yahoo mail though it goes well with the email address having personalized domains.
  2. A lot of users find it expensive as the level of automation is intermediate only. If advance automation is expected, the user might be disappointed.

This America based automation platform is one of the essential tools of the fastest growing email marketing. Beyond the threshold, Mailchimp has its plans for different services it provides. The cost goes on from nearly around $29.99 per month and above. In Mailchimp, cost per email policy is also preferred, which means, an email sent to subscribers will cost the marketer around $0.03.

Total subscribers No. of emails Cost ($) per month
0 to 2000 10000 Free
0 to 500 Unlimited 10
501 to 1000 Unlimited 15
1001 to 1500 Unlimited 20
1501 to 2000 Unlimited 30

2. ConvertKit 


Specifically benefiting bloggers, podcasters, and small online businesses, YouTubers, Convertkit is our next email service provider on the list. Initiated by Nathan Barry, the service provides designed and customized newsletters and broadcasts them to the subscribers.

Key Features:
  1. With the help of different tags, a different set of receivers can be targeted simultaneously, which helps in time management.
  2. It allows the first 500 subscribers and an unlimited number of newsletters to them for free.
  3. As per Hubspot, only 25% of newsletters get opened; therefore, this tool has an added feature of auto-resending broadcasts to unopened mails.
  4. It has the feature of Visual funnels, which represent the sales data in a funnel shape. It helps in analyzing the growth pattern.
  5. This tool allows Subscribers’ tagging and segmentation into different categories to send customized emails to users as per their interests.
  6. There are no caps on the number of emails to be addressed. Unlimited emails can be broadcasted in a month.
  7. API integrations with third-party applications like zapier is available.
  8. Reports and analyses are provided to the marketer from time to time.
  9. It has the same page for creating and optimizing the mail and sending it, which makes the process in-line and less tedious.


  1. This tool provides limited editing features.
  2. There are barely two to three email templates, and the process is very tedious.
  3. One has to go around with HTML or CSS to get templates, which a lot of marketers do not want to do.

The cost of plans varies for a number of users. The features provided are the same in all the plans. Convertkit is an efficient tool that is powerful and easy to use also with cheaper tariffs.

Number of subscribers Cost ($) per month
Up to 1000 29
1000-3000 49
3000-5000 79
5000-8000 99
8000- 10000 119
10000-15000 149
15000-20000 179


3. Aweber


Effective email marketing with around 700 responsive templates of newsletter with a simple combination of pictures and texts, we have Aweber as one of the fastest-growing email marketing tools in the list. To date, Aweber has over one lac users, making it one of the popular tools in the world of digital marketing.

Key Features:
  1. It has a maximum number of templates superseding 500 in GetResponse and 80 in Mailchimp.
  2. This tool allows automated broadcasting of emails to the subscribers;
  3. It helps in viewing and analyzing the stats for the company;
  4. This tool encloses phone, email and lives chat supports within its services;
  5. It allows integration with third-party apps.
  6. This tool automatically triggers emails on various occasions like when a subscriber subscribes, he/she will immediately receive a welcoming newsletter.


  1. Aweber doesn’t let the user broadcast the newsletters to multiple segments. This limitation lowers the quality of segmentation functionality in it.
  2. With a significant number of templates, it has a few outdated models too.

The plan for Aweber starts from $19 monthly for 500 subscribers and follows linearly, providing the same features. There is no free plan; however, a free trial of 30 days is granted to the user.

Number of subscribers Cost ($) per month
500 19
2500 29
5000 49
25000 149


4. Get Response 




With over 3.5 lacs users, Getresponse is the tool you cannot avoid to have if you are using email marketing as a tool to develop your business. Containing a large number of responsive templates, it performs all the essential functions like all other tools in the market.

Key Features:
  1. The services include creating newsletters, analytical surveys.
  2. Automation of emails to subscribers via auto-responders is enabled.
  3. The user can analyze his/her email marketing campaigns through features provided by his tool like open rate, clickthrough, etc.
  4. The first month is free for trial, and beyond that, it charges amount based on different packages. The package starts from $15 per month for 1000 subscribers.
  5. Webinar hosting up to 500 participants is enabled on this platform.
  6. There is a conversion funnel present in the tool for building automated sale funnels.
  7. E-commerce in integration with woocommerce, Shopify, etc. is also enabled by GetResponse.


  1. There might be bugs and clunks sometimes occurring while working that decreases its functionality.
  2. The drag and drop interface is not user friendly.
  3. The pop-ups occurring during the task are less mobile-friendly as well.
Plan name Number of users Cost ($) per month
BASIC(email sending and contacts engagement ) 1000 15
PLUS( generate leads, profits and sell products) 1000 49
PROFESSIONAL (pro optimization and integration) 1000 99


5. Moosend 



Providing all the necessary features like all other email marketing tools, we have next on our list Moosend. With the essential services of 40 user-friendly interface, third party integration and plugins, segmentation, etc., Moosend guarantees the speed and affordable delivery rates for broadcasting the newsletters.

What makes Moosend advanced is?

  1. CRM system to show the behavior of subscribers on previous newsletters.
  2. Customized information from subscribers is collected.
  3. It grants open-click device preferences to trace activity on the email newsletter.
  4. This tool offers phone, email, and live chat support to the user.


  1. The domain authentication process is a bit tedious to prevent bad domains.
  2. The set up of Moosend is a little bit troublesome.  However, when the set up has been established one can enjoy the services to a great extent.

Moosend provides 15% off on the half-yearly package and 20% off on an annual package. The costing for this tool depends upon the number of subscribers, and is as follows: –

Number of subscribers Emails allowed to be sent Cost($) per month
Up to 1000 Unlimited Free
Up to 5000 Unlimited 10.00
Up to 50000 Unlimited 150.00


6. E-GOI 



Effectively and efficiently designed. E-GOI is not only an email marketing tool but also includes a lot of features to benefit its customers. Providing general marketing tools like A/B testing, autoresponders, customized broadcast to subscribers, etc., the platform offers-

Key Features:
  1. It allows Webinar arrangement in the tool.
  2. It offers integration with google ads to the user.
  3. Segmentation of the subscribers’ list is made, and API integration with 2000+ apps is provided through this platform.
  4. Live support through chats, phones, and emails is delivered.
  5. It guarantees compliance with can-spam rules. These rules are the guidelines for marketers to follow for a user-friendly space.
  6. Event-triggered emails are automatically generated to keep the customer engaged. Let’s say, if a user has a birthday today, the email marketing tool will make a Happy birthday newsletter and send it to him/her.


However, it has a lot of advantages to offer to the customer. But many a time, Week statistics are observed while using autoresponders and A/B testing options.

It offers a free trial to the customer for a month. The pricing starts at $30.00 per month.


7. Mailer Lite




Bringing a wide variety of designs and features, Mailerlite is very easy to use.

It works in a modern, quick and straightforward way. They have launched their app in the digital market. However, it is only provided on iOS (iPhone Operating System). 

Key Features:
  1. Email Marketing automation is advanced.
  2. Customized newsletter broadcasting and survey forms are available in this tool for users.
  3. Segmentation and tagging system is available for different category of subscribers to send personalized emails.
  4. Basic reporting and analysis are enabled in this tool.
  5. It is available in 8 languages. Till now supports five languages.
  6. Unlimited storage availability is provided to the user.
  7. It gives access to third-party integration with Shopify, WordPress, etc.


  1. A limited number of templates are available in the free plan.
  2. It doesn’t provide spam and design testing
  3. This tool only supports the basic level of reporting features.
  4. It lacks social tracking as well, and e-commerce is only limited up to Shopify and Woocommerce.

The price chart for the same is as follows-

Number of subscribers Emails allowed to be sent Cost($) per month
Up to 1000 12,000 Free
Up to 1000 Unlimited 10.00
Up to 2500 Unlimited 15.00
Up to 5000 Unlimited 30.00
Up to 10000 Unlimited 50.00


8. Mailigen




The next tool in our list is Mailigen. Originated in 2010 in New York, it has become an impressive tool in a shorter span.

Key Features:
  1. It serves the broadcasting of unlimited newsletters. There is no upper cap to the number of emails that could be sent per month.
  2. SMS marketing is enabled in this tool.
  3. Supports .xlv, .csv, .txt files for contact managementprovides essential features like Auto responding, A/B testing, reports and analysis, and user-friendly customizations and templates.
  4. This tool has third-party integration with platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, WordPress, etc. And has e-commerce integration with woocommerce and Shopify.


  1. HTML codes are required to be changed sometimes to get the desired template, which everyone is not willing to do.
  2. The list segmentation and re-confirmation is a little tedious process.

It provides a free trial to users without asking for payment credentials. Further, on the purchase of an annual package, a 20% discount is granted to the customer.

Number of subscribers Emails allowed to be sent Cost($) per month
Up to 500 Unlimited 10.00
Up to 2500 Unlimited 25.00
Up to 7500 Unlimited 50.00


  9. Active Campaign




If you want to generate multi-channel marketing like sending SMS, social- media tracking of contacts, and Facebook Ads, along with the email marketing tools, ActiveCampaign is the right tool for you. Renowned as a highly automated platform for email marketing, it provides.

Key Features:
  1. It has inbuilt CRM allowing the sales team to act quickly and accordingly
  2. It enables Lead scoring and social data management to streamline the sales
  3. This tool gives access to SMS marketing, personalized conversations to the visitors
  4. All the basic features of email marketing like broadcasting customized newsletters, auto-responding, A/B testing, segmentation, and third party integration with Shopify, big commerce, and Woocommerce are covered in this tool.
  5. It offers thorough analytics on areas like page-visits, eye-tracking, click maps
  6. Free migration – if you are from a different email marketing platform, it does the account migration for free.


  1. It doesn’t provide the landing page editor.
  2. If you are a smaller businessman or a beginner, the charges of this software are not going to support your pockets.

It provides unlimited broadcasts to subscribers in all its plans and a 14-days free trial. The rate list goes as follows-

Plan name Number of users Cost ($) per month(yearly payment)
LITE(email sending & contacts engagement ) 3 9
PLUS( CRM, E-Commerce) 25 49
PROFESSIONAL (pro optimization, site messaging & integration) 50 129
ENTERPRISE( priority support & one-on-one consultation) Unlimited 229




These email marketing platforms suit different categories of users in different ways. You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for different purposes. Don’t wait to start your free trials.

If you’d like to discuss how email marketing can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.


Effective Digital Marketing Strategies during Covid-19 Pandemic


Effective Digital Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses are going to run in the future. With everything coming to a standstill, Covid-19 has made the most horrific impact on the markets across industries bringing the world on the verge of economic meltdown.

Effective Digital Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

The Eurozone economy contracted by 3.8% in the first quarter of 2020 and more than 30 million Americans filed unemployment, indicating economic disruption led by the pandemic lockdown across geographies. The estimated loss for the restaurant industry alone is around $225 Billion, followed by hotel industry, among the most impacted businesses, that is not even expected to see the dawn of normalcy anytime soon.

While everything is almost shut and on pause mode, thanks to technology and digital media, enterprises are still functional. As the crisis escalated, completely paralyzing physical business spaces, digital marketing and e-commerce platforms are still thriving; however, the impact cannot be denied.

Times are challenging for every enterprise and business, irrespective of the domain and scope. 

Changed Businesses Ecosystem                         

Events cancelled, malls and outlets closed, fitness centres shut down, and small businesses running out of funds. These have been some of the trending topics on every social media platform for the past couple of months.

Supply chains of various manufacturing sector units have entirely been blocked due to dependence on Asia, Europe and other areas. As businesses may take longer to re-establish, these industries are going to have a tough time.

Entertainment and sports industry is amongst the worst hit due to cancellation of events and inability to release movies. The industry is now relying largely on Over-The-Top media (OTT) and Social Media Live Events to gain momentum and distribute content.

The economic depression can haunt companies for longer. However, rethinking, realigning, and finding the best possible online solutions is the way businesses can revive.

Businesses would look to leverage the recent shift in consumer behavior, and companies like Amazon, Doordash, Uber are likely to see a surge in demand. The reason is simple, their ability to deliver at consumer’s doorstep.

If we take an example of food chains, it will take a substantial amount of time before people feel comfortable enough to go out for a meal even after lockdown restrictions are lifted. Thus, brands are relying heavily on their effective digital marketing efforts to create a strong relationship with their existing and new customers through one on one personalized campaigns. Now, the new business models require brands to drive their customers to online orders and pickups.

Effective Digital Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

As the impact of COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, businesses and marketers need to keep a close eye on the shift in consumer behaviors and its impact on industries to ensure that they are prepared for any outcomes and find new opportunities.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Covid-19 Pandemic to Bounce Back

Brands need to rethink their digital marketing strategies and quickly evolve to change trends to fit in the consequential dynamics. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought after digital marketing approaches in the covid-19 crisis.

Smart Bidding on Google Ads

Google Ads are a primitive source of attracting new customers as they search for products and services online. With the changing dynamics post-pandemic outbreak, Google Ads can catalyze acceleration of business growth on online platforms.

With smart bidding on Google Ads, machine learning is used to optimize ad bids for maximum profit conversions. Google introduced some fantastic improvements to its Smart Bidding mechanism in its #GoogleMarketingLive 2019 event, which is a turning point for digital marketing space.

Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experience can be more exciting with the altering algorithms that can select the conversion actions at the campaign level and tailor the activities for the needed time. Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities enable digital marketers to tailor their Google Ad bids more prudently and improve the overall experience.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it imperative for digital marketers to adapt quickly to the changing ecosystem. Google Ads smart bidding is undoubtedly one of the most strategic marketing trends to vouch for.

 Highly Creative and Engaging Videos

Video consumption has been high in the times of Covid-19, as people have had more time in hand to watch content on various platforms. As per a survey by Global Web Index, more than 80% of consumers in the U.S. and UK say they are using video content more than usual in times of pandemic. As people restrict themselves from moving out, there are enough chances that the viewership of video content is going to increase multifold.

Brands can leverage the immense capability of video streaming platforms and high engagement on social media apps to create low budget yet highly profitable video campaigns that deliver the right message to potential buyers.

Video marketing is an essential aspect of digital promotion and can foster the message to the audience with much more prominence than the textual content.

YouTube viewership is massive, and while other OTT platforms are gaining popularity, the free content available on YouTube is the first preference of users across the globe.

Creating engaging content that is projected and advertised right on the streaming platforms can help brands create a significant impact without incurring an exorbitant cost. It is the easiest and potentially the most lucrative platform to promote your brands through creative and engaging content.

In the uncertain times amid the covid-19 crisis, video content can bring audiences right to your website. The catch is that the competition is fierce in the area as everyone is creating content online. The critical differentiator in such a scenario is quality, originality, and interest factor in the videos made.

Digital marketing is evolving at a fast pace, and with videos tapping the nerve of the audience, the right strategy can help create the impact brands always look for.

The Next Generation SEO

SEO is the foundation stone of a practical and effective digital marketing approach, and if your digital marketing efforts are not focusing on high-quality SEO, the plans are likely to fail.

SEO is no longer restricted to keywords and backlinks; it has come a long way with dynamic algorithms and checks for premium quality content.

During the current pandemic, tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are working hard to fight misinformation and fake news. Thus the search engine algorithms have become smarter and sharper. 

Effective Digital Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

As per HubSpot, statistics reveal that local SEO saw 900%+ growth in mobile searches for “near me + open + now”. SEO can help clients’ clock higher rates of conversion than other marketing techniques. 

SEO tools such as Semrush, Mangools, Serpstat, etc. can be leveraged to optimize you website and content.

Within the transformed ecosystem post-Covid-19 outbreak, outbound forms of marketing like calling, advertisements appear costlier and less feasible. With correct SEO techniques and the proper use of the latest tools and technologies, enterprises and businesses can maximize their profits.

Smart Social Media Commerce

Social media channels are the hub of users from various age groups and segments of society. There is high interaction, and the maximum time is spent on these platforms by people.

Social media has become the most resourceful, engaging, and fruitful medium of communication and reaching out to potential customers. With everyone spending a considerable amount of their time on social media platforms, these times present a significant opportunity for brands to increase customer engagement and achieve success with less investment.

With an effective digital marketing company that specializes in strategic planning and handling social media accounts of brands, clients can see a mammoth increase in their brand recognition. Relevant social media engagement can bring spectacular results. Proper use of technology and accurate placement of ads on social networks like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook can get traffic, which is relevant.

LinkedIn has also proved to be an enormous source of engagement for brands in the professional arena.

If the business has the insight to tap the spirit of the moment and design creative and need-based ad campaigns on social media; they can create long-lasting relationships with customers.

 Creativity Matters

With so much content on various digital platforms, effective digital marketing agencies need to ensure that they offer premium-quality range. The websites, social media pages, Instagram posts, and messenger ads; everything needs to be highly engaging and unique. Brands need to offer ideas that resonate with the thoughts of readers and information that is reliable. Content should be exclusive and must not be a rip off information from various sources. 

Let us understand this from a user’s perspective that has so many options at hand. Why would they spend time reading a blog post which is bland and not informative? Why would they want to watch a video which is not entertaining and fun? Thus, the formula for successful content marketing is to find ways to design engaging marketing campaigns and serve readers with quality content. 

Moreover, effective digital marketing rides on waves of audience interaction, using the latest and most fun tools like polls, quizzes, contests, and brands that can leverage the power of viral content. Interactive content is catchy, interesting, and shareable and highly boosts brand awareness. 

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality Ready

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be significant in the coming years. Gadgets like PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus, etc. are attracting new-age customers who want to enjoy content in the virtual space.

Interacting in real-time and highly engaging content that is ready to be played on the AR/VR devices can completely enthrall the customers.

In the coming years, marketers should focus their efforts on developing video and playable content, which is AR ready. It will boost their engagement and add a new dimension to their customer experience.  With physical sporting events and auditoriums closed down, AR, VR, and online streaming is the next big thing for popular events.

Forbes reported that companies are now looking to stream their events in VR and on platforms like Facebook Live, among others.

The effective digital marketing agencies can create novel avenues for businesses to rapidly tread towards success using the latest technologies and tapping into the changed consumer behavior.

To Summarize

Covid-19 has posed a major economic threat and created an environment of insecurity and restlessness, where people are not readily prepared to buy services.

Further, consumer behavior and buying patterns will change enormously. After the Covid-19 crisis as it has altered human lifestyles a lot. The largest of organizations would not be able to survive in the market without digital presence as the fate of the brick-and-mortar marketplace is doomed for long.

Loss of jobs and lack of funds will impact the customer buying behavior. As people would be shelling out money only for essential things they need.

Digital marketers would certainly need to make a paradigm shift in their strategies and techniques with the changed circumstances and adverse economic conditions.

To stay apprised about recent business trends, their impact on marketing, and the way forward do follow our blog page and social media handles.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking to adopt the latest and effective digital marketing strategies in these challenging times to get your business back on track.

How to Build a Business Website Yourself


A website is a basic requirement for any business in today’s Digital World. Would it not be great if you on your own can create a basic website for your business, something that can meet the marketing requirements? The need is to know how to build a business website from scratch (DIY) and is one of the most required skills for a start-up or a small business.

Here are some of the advantages of acquiring this skill:

  • A lot of money can be saved if you know how to build the business website on your own; else you could end up spending on website developers and designers.
  • You would obviously research a lot and are sure to understand the market trends and thus are likely to develop the website with conviction.
  • Enables you to be ahead of your competition as you save on consultation time with your developers and designers.
  • Enables regular changes and upgrades to the website with quick turnaround time.

Decide a name and find a domain for your website

Fortunately, these are not two separate steps; we all would love to decide the brand name for our products/services and the domain name for the website.

But since the internet is a couple of decades old, you would most likely realize that once you freeze the brand name, finding the relevant domain names is difficult as most are already existing or reserved.

This is how shortlisting a domain name is likely to work out.

  1. We shortlist, seek opinions and then zero down upon an attractive
  2. We then go into hibernation till such time we actually decide to start our business.
  3. Just before the commencement of business, we decide to purchase the domain name.
  4. When we try to book the domain name shortlisted earlier, the same is unavailable.
  5. Hence, we introduce a lot of changes to our original thought on the domain name.
  6. Then we eventually create another awesome name as per the availability.
  7. So, we end up paying attention to names that we aren’t comfortable with the belief that something is better than nothing.
  8. We try to fit in such a domain name which is available, and we can survive with.
  9. Finally, we go for the domain name as per the availability but not exactly the thought process.

The process of shortlisting the name for the business and purchasing the relevant domain name are the same sides of the coin. Hence it is a better idea to decide upon a certain business name if the domain name for the same is available.

There is enough guidance available online that you can refer to for completing the purchase of your domain.

The remaining process for the creation of a website is well defined and more predictable. With the domain name finalised and purchased, the most difficult and crucial part is over.

Domain name Registration

Let’s quickly understand and differentiate between the web host and registration of your domain.

The company which specializes in purchasing (registering) of domains for your business is called a domain registrar.

The companies engaged in the service of providing server space to store our website data are called web hosts.

Most of the web host companies also provide your registration of domain as an additional feature with a bundled offer. Our suggestion is that we should buy all these critical things for our business from companies that have the expertise and are reliable. is one of the best for registering domains.

Website hosting

Let’s consider that you have decided to build a business website with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that helps us with our efforts to design and construct a website. However, we also require a host that would store our website for visitors. Based on our experience, Netilly recommends GoDaddy or  Bluehost.

For more on the top hosting service providers, you could refer to the blog published earlier by us on the subject.

Finalise the type of website to be created and the right platform

To be able to design and build your website, you don’t need to acquire programming skills! Yes, you heard it right. Today we have platforms that enable us to design and construct websites fast using plug and play tools.

Some popular tools used widely are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix.

Most of the online blogs and influencers would recommend you to adopt WordPress to build a business website. WordPress is easy to use, and the most popular Content Management System (CMS).

However, the options differ as per the requirement of your website.

Lots of businesses opt for a website with few variables and data points if you have a business independent of your website. If you just want to be present digitally in case someone is searching for your business online. Consider, if you want to build a business website with minimum content and limited data. Some important information that your website should provide includes

  • Who is your customer?
  • Activity and USP of your business for customers
  • Slides/pictures that demonstrate the work
  • About us/ Contact us

If basic information is what you need for your website, then we would recommend you to opt for Squarespace. It is a professional site which provides ease of use and comes with an affordable price tag. It’s a perfect match for small businesses.

Squarespace would want you to believe that it can manage everything. But that’s a myth. However, it is fun to use, as they have made it reasonably simple and effortless to use. But they fail to provide advanced features required by your website/business. Also, they have a very limited approach towards e-commerce websites. As a result, Squarespace is not the option for businesses wanting to transact for their business online.

When you need to provide less information on a website but prefer a professional look, then Squarespace is perfect for your business, e.g. small businesses like printing press, freelancers and artists.

For all other types of businesses that you can foresee apart from the options above, using WordPress would be a good option. With WordPress, the possibilities are endless, including e-commerce, marketing sites and sites with a lot of content.

The need for customization may be a little higher in WordPress, but it can provide you with a lot of flexibility. Also, the easily available pool of talent and ecosystem around WordPress can be utilized.

With WordPress, you could either build a business website yourself or get it done by an online marketing agency. WordPress provides lots of flexibility in terms of altering the design or content on your own without having to edit any code.

Creation of Website with SquareSpace

The first step is you need to create an account. Login to your account.

In SquareSpace page is the only type of content you can create. The template is the most important selection for your website. As it decides the layout, look, and feel of your website. Following are the options available to design your pages.

Edit Pages

To add, edit and remove text or image and to customize a page. Using edit, you can customize every section of your page.

Create Pages

Add and remove pages’ panel. When you are done, organise them as per your navigation menu requirement that can help your user.

Style Pages

Use a design panel to define look and feel of your website. You can customize your site by picking a design, fonts, and color themes

Create an account on Squarespace

Login to SquareSpace. It will ask you to select a template to create your website. You can view the demo website made with this selected template. After selecting this template, you can click on the button START WITH THIS DESIGN. After the selection of design, the creation of your website starts. It offers the following two options to select from

Option 1: Start with Logos, Fonts, and colors

Option 2: Explore on your own

You need to select one of the above options. The suggested option is to start with Logos, Fonts, and Colors

You can complete these options and later to create a page you need to select the pages option from the left sidebar. It would provide with lots of page layouts to select from. It provides you with lots of designs to be added to your page. Create all the pages as per your requirement. Now you can design your website’s navigation menu to make your website user friendly.

This is how you have designed your first website in Squarespace.

Installation of WordPress

For Godaddy

Log in to your GoDaddy account. Select launch element under Hosting option on your hosting package.

Steps to Build a Business Website Yourself | Netilly

Then select Application WordPress and select Install Now.

List the name of your domain and click on the Next option.

Type in all the fields such as username, password and others.

Steps to Build a Business Website Yourself | Netilly

Click finish for installation of WordPress on GoDaddy after filling in all the details.

For Bluehost

This is the hosting space where you are not required to download WordPress. Once you are signed up with Bluehost, for no cost, your WordPress is installed. Think of it this way, Bluehost takes care of your sites and site names. WordPress is readily available for you to build a business website. If you want to use any other CMS, you need to download that particular CMS.

Redirection of the domain to host

Let’s review. After purchase, you need to click on the blue create account button

  • You have bought your domain name.
  • Fixed a hosting plan.
  • Installed WordPress.

Now you will interconnect all these activities by directing the domain to the host. So, if someone accesses your domain, they would reach your website.

Some technical settings are required to be applied. The host will provide the configuration for nameserver settings for your domain.

If you are blocked, the host can provide you with all the facts and settings you need.

WordPress theme selection and installation

Consider WordPress as the heart of your website, which keeps it going.

The looks of the website are determined by the theme. The looks of the website can be changed without having to rebuild your site from scratch by just changing a theme. All you need to do is replace your old theme with a new one. Your design will look completely different.

Themes are a basic part of your website in WordPress. It enables you to change its looks and feel by using the theme option instead of building it from scratch. To just change the look, you are done with a single task of changing your website’s theme.

There are lot many free themes available on WordPress if you don’t like either of those you can always go ahead and use a paid one. Quite a few options are available for paid options  Envato and Studiopress are two of those.

After finalizing on the theme, if it is paid one you need to upload it in WordPress. Go to Appearance section on left panel select theme options and select add new option and upload your theme.

Steps to Build a Business Website Yourself | Netilly

Go ahead and upload the .zip file you received when you purchased your theme. To make it live, you need to activate it by clicking on the activate option.

Add content to your website

The actual part of website creation starts here. Let’s say you are supposed to create pages for the website. In WordPress, you can create two types of content: posts and pages.

The permanent kind of information is created or locked in the form of pages, like contact information or information regarding the company.

The post type of content is posted under a “blog” section on the site. If you are not bothered to have a blog section on website, you can skip the post part completely

Must pages for all the websites:

  • Homepage – Theme normally takes care of this page.
  • Contact Page – A new page must be created for customers to reach us. Install a Plugin to create a form for the website.
  • About page – attract customers with the story of your business.
  • Product or services pages – Core things that you are providing like products or services your business is known for.
  • Blog – If you are a blogger. Assure that all the posts get listed here.

To start with, it is sufficient. Always you can add up all your ideas later.

Keep enhancing the website

Now you have a completely functional website.

Further, you can keep adding extra elements to make your website grow in terms of visitors, customers, etc. For that, you need to keep adding new plugins that upgrade the website, add a mailing list, make your visitors and customers grow.

This is all optional, and it depends on your expectation from the website.

You don’t have to do any of this extra stuff — it’s all optional. It depends on your priorities and goals.

A website is not constant stuff. It keeps evolving. It’s not necessary that it would look the same as before a year. If you want your website to mature, consider the following activities.


Now you have just learned how to build a business website using WordPress and Squarespace. The most important part is you can design it on your own with a low budget and a friendly platform.

Once you have your website ready then you can start adding more content in form of blogs and can further look to monetize your content.


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