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9 Most Important Google Ranking Factor in 2020

Google ranking factors

Every website and page strives to rank higher on Google as it is the only way to reach out to the potential audience and scale the business to new heights. In digital marketing, Google ranking factors play a pivotal role in deciding which website or online business would thrive and which would fail.

Google algorithms are continually evolving, and the factors that determine the success of any webpage depend mainly on the speed and efficiency of the website. While most of the SEO best practices strive to increase the Google Search ranking, it is important to consider additional Google ranking factors like backlinks and Alt Text. 

In this article, we would discuss in detail the various factors important to increase Google Search ranking in 2020.

1. Loading Speed Matters

loading speed -   google ranking factors

The website loading speed does not only impact the impression and engagement with the visit. It also has a direct relation with the Google Search Ranking. In 2020, Google Search Ranking Algorithms give a lot of weightage to the efficiency and overall loading speed go the websites. If the website is clumsy and takes a lot of time to load, the users would not wait and switch over to the next link.

Ideally, if a website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, then the user interest is withered, and they switch to another link. This creates a direct impact on the site views and thus decreases the Google ranking. Every Google expert stresses on the need to optimize site speed. Google speed update showcases that the fast loading sites have a very high conversion rate and even the bounce back is lower on such sites.

You need to fix up your website structure and ensure that your hosting plan is awesome to ensure that the websites you host perform well. The bounce back is when people hit the back button to navigate away from your website since it is not loading. Whether it is an e-commerce platform or a static website, if the pages take long to load, you would lose business.

User experience is prime, and when the site speed is great, the users stay connected to the website. They browse for the items they need and buy services and products. The higher the engagement and stay time on your website, the higher the Google search ranking.  You may use various Website Speed testing tools available online to estimate and examine the performance of your website. Then take the help of experts to optimize the website so that it loads efficiently even in weak internet connectivity.

2. Mobile-Friendly Websites Win the Game

Google indexing is ever-changing, and in the present times, it has become more averted to mobile-friendliness.

Google announced that it’s changing its parameters and focused on the mobile-first indexing as part of the important Google ranking factors. 

It means that the friendlier a website to mobile view, the higher its chances to rank up on Google search results. The search engine seems to love mobile-friendly sites and gives priority to the ones which work seamlessly on the small screen devices. With time mobile phone usage has increased multifold, and today most people access the internet and services on the go using their mobile phones. Every business and utility have an app associated with it.

People want to read the news, access bank applications, book tickets, and even order food online through their phones. In the fast-moving times, opening the computer for small tasks seems boring, and thus people use mobile phones rigorously. In such a situation, Google has also increased the weightage of a mobile-friendliness factor in its search ranking parameters.

Around March 2018, Google formally announced its mobile-first indexing in which the websites would be prioritized based on their mobile version and not the computer version. Since mobile searches have taken the lead over computer searches, Google also prioritizes the websites based on their adeptness and prudence on mobile devices. The deal is to develop a highly mobile and tablet friendly website which can be easily navigated on the mobile phone browsers. Users should be able to view websites with ease without any hassle.

3. Structural Internal Linking can be a Game-Changer

A website that is well structured and has a well-designed internal linking plan has chances to rank higher in Google Search results since it provides the visitors with a better navigation across the site.

By embedding internal links on the various pages and blogs on your website, you can drive organic traffic to the right place without any extra effort. 

Before the website goes live with all the content and designing, it is wise to plan where and how the internal linking can be used. Google believes that internal linking is as important as external linking.

While most people look for external linking and affiliate programs to drive traffic to their websites, the power of internal linking is untapped. In 2020, however, you can rank your website higher with well-planned links as internal links are definitely one of the important Google ranking factors.

4. Header and Title Tags are important 

It is true that the Header and Title tags have lost their old significance in the search algorithms as Google evolved and considered more complex parameters in its ranking. However, these tags are still very important to structure and organize your articles and ensure that they are rendered properly on the various viewing devices.

Talking in terms of SEO, they make your content SEO optimized if keywords are used in the right manner in the various headers and titles. H2 tags are a must in any long-form article or blog post, and it makes the topic clear and understandable by providing the right navigation. In case there are no headings in the long text, readers may lose focus in continuous reading.

By using consistent Header tags, you can add a lot of SEO value to your articles and post. Including the keyword prudently in the headings is important. The thumb rule is to incorporate the keyword in such a way that it makes sense and reads well. Abrupt stuffing of keyword would just not do any good. The title-tag is what makes your webpage or the blog stand out in the crowd of many similar search results. The search engines read your page title based on the tags you aver used. The ideal way is to make them catchy, simple, and to-the-point. Using words like Best, Top, Breakthrough often adds an element of attraction.

5. Meta Description: Get it Right

Meta Description is more than just introductory text, and it is something that compels the viewers to click on the link of your webpage or article from the search results. Even if your article ranks high in the search results page, if the description or the prelude is not interesting, the users would simply skip it and move to the next post. 

Let us understand it with an example, suppose a user searched for the best digital marketing courses in 2020, an article is listed up on the search page along with many other related links. The user is scanning all the results to see which one to open and read. Now Meta Description serves as a prelude to the overall content of the article. Most likely, a good meta description would attract the user, and a bad one would ward them off. 

If one meta description says, “Good courses you can take and the costs associated”, while the other one says, “An in-depth coverage of the most successful and comprehensive digital marketing courses which can help you turn successful digital marketer and start earning.” 

The second link would be more enticing to the users, and they would spend time to read the article.

6. SEO-friendly URLs

URLs optimized for Search engines help gather the attention of Google and search crawlers with ease. The poorly written URLs can make it difficult for users to find the website and hamper the google ranking. The right structured URL help creates better readability and ease with the users, and thus Google also prioritizes them. The trick is to use the relevant keywords in the URL, making it search-friendly. Moreover, using simple phrases or smaller URLs is a great practice. 

  • One must remove any unnecessary words like articles and conjunctions in the URL as they make it lengthier but do not add any values. The shorter and crisper the URL better it is to read and type.
  • Ensure that the URL is comprehensive and understandable, so try framing a logical and straightforward URL, making sense.
  • Since you cannot use spaces in the URL as they add to %20 within the URL, you must use hyphens and underscore to replace space and make your URL readable.
  • Do not use too many sub-folders and avoid nested structure in the URL.
  • Do not use duplicate content in the URL
  • Avoid using too many subdomains in the URL to improve the rating.
  • Ensure that you match the URL with the page title; it is suitable for making a perfect URL and a good website development practice. It helps keep your website organized.

By framing a high-quality URL for your webpages, you can ensure the search crawlers find them fast.

7. Alt Text Can Alter the Game

In an earlier blog, we talked about Alt Text in detail. Alt-text is an abbreviation for Alternate Text. Alt Text and descriptions are that are written at various places wherever the image is not loaded correctly due to some issues. The alt description is also essential for the visual readers and tools for the visually impaired users who cannot read the screens. The Alt text of prime importance helps the search algorithms and crawlers track the content through images and place the website higher in the search results.

8. Content Plays the Most Important Role

Content is definitely the king be it any publication or blog post or a webpage. Without informative, unique, and substantial content, your website cannot rank higher no matter how many SEO techniques, and master hacks you employ. 

The quality of the content is important to make sure that your website gets real and organic traffic, something which you can translate to profit. Google has employed all the tactics and checks to ensure that only good quality and unique content is seen by the users who search for any information.

The need is to understand the role of good and well-researched content in making your website rank higher. The content should be not only good quality but also well-drafted and structured.

As the saying goes, the more, the merrier. It has been noted that in 2020 as part of Google ranking factors, long-form articles and detailed blogposts are gaining more traction then short ones. However, one should not perceive that they can fluff the content and use unnecessary or redundant information to make content longer.

  • The more scannable, readable, and comprehensive the content, the higher the chances of Google Algorithms identifying your website or blog and placing it higher on the search page.
  • One thing is for sure that your content should be relevant to the users. If it is not in line with the search keyword or goes out of context, consider it being ignored by the search bots and algorithms. The content should be pertinent to the target audience considering various factors like age, profession, geographic location and purpose,
  • Suppose someone searches for “Best Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners,” then the article should educate the readers about the same. The focus should be on the users who are freshers and do not know much about the technicalities of the subject. You should provide them with information about the pre-requisites, give them an insight into the basics of digital marketing, and then clearly list some good courses which they can take. In case you would just give them the definition of digital marketing and generic content available on Wikipedia and other publications, it would not be useful for them.
  • Listing out courses with their important details.
  • Providing links to the course
  • Including associated costs
  • Talking about the benefits of each course
  • Providing a comparison with other courses

All these areas, if covered, would make your article much beneficial for the readers, and thus engagement would be higher for sure.

9. Backlinks

Backlinks from popular and highly visited sites are a great way of increasing your outreach. These are like a recommendation from the websites that your content is worth a read, and the page is worth a visit.

The more recommendations, the higher the Search engine ranking, be it Google or Bing. The idea is to have highly valuable backlinks from credible and verified sites. One should always strive for getting backlinks from the associated sites which post the content related to what you are doing. This is the best way to ensure that you get the right traffic on your site.

  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Quora are some of the best sites to get high engagement backlinks.

The more actively you write about relevant topics on these forums and then link to your websites, the higher your website can rank.

As per, social sharing can boost website links by up to 245over the course of a year.


Google search ranking can be improved by employing the right techniques and managing the content in the right way. You must remember that the right engagement comes with quality and informative content. Apart from content, the focus should be on building a modern and user-friendly website that is easier to navigate and faster to work on. Speed, agility, quality, optimization, and right linking are the keys to highly ranked websites.

We hope that the above Google ranking factors prove helpful and enable you to rank your website higher on Google. Please share your feedback on the comments section and let us know what best practices and tricks you used to enhance your website’s google ranking in 2020.

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What is Alt Text & How to use Alt Text in 2020

what is alt text

Google Search algorithms play around with many aspects of content within a website or a webpage to render the most relevant results as per the search terms entered by the users. While it is very evident that every digital marketing expert relies on the SEO keywords and content to rank their websites higher on the search results page, however, images also play a vital role in attracting completely organic traffic to the website and even rank it higher in search results. It is the ‘Alt Text’ that is used to create the right tags or descriptions for the images to appear in the searches.

Google these days renders a lot of search results based on images as equal to the text results, giving the users option to click on several photos to reach the page directly. On a standard Google search page, even on top of the text search results, Google displays a chunk of clickable images apart from the Images tab. This shows the significance of pictures in driving the right traffic. 

After all, the content that needs visuals and images to make it more effective can boost the SEO ranking if the alt description is used carefully. As per HubSpot, Google searchers prefer seeing pictures in the search results than the simple text links.

The Power of Image SEO

Image SEO is all about creating organic traction for the websites and webpages through the images used on the page by providing the right keywords and descriptions in the text associated with the photos. The visual appeal of the webpages increases multifold with illustrations and images that bot only talks about the content and augment it. At the same time, SEO experts and web designers pay a considerable amount of time and effort in creating the most impactful and feasible design and content for the websites so that they drive a high volume of traffic and generate profits.

Image SEO is often an area not fully leveraged. Using the alt text, properly indexing the images, and providing the right image title and file name, one can ensure that the image appears in searches. The crawlers get to the webpages where the photos are used. 

Images are returned for 22.6% of search queries on Google.

Image SEO plays a pivotal role in the current digital market space as more and more people are using visual elements to increase the webpage value. Images are returned for 22.6% of search queries on Google.  By understanding what is alt text and how it can be used, one can optimize the images on their websites for organically driving traffic. Altogether, search engine image recognition has considerably grown smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, most crawlers would still bypass images no matter how impactful and illustrative if they are not indexed properly and used correctly on the web page. By providing right and relevant descriptions and adopting the Alt Text best practices, you can increase the overall image Seok impact of your website. Great content complemented with high-value images properly indexed and collated with right alt text can do wonders for your site ranking.

  1. Let us understand what Alt Text is?

    Alt-text is an abbreviation for Alternate Text. Alt Text and descriptions are that are written at various places wherever the image is not loaded correctly due to some issues. The alt description is also essential for the visual readers and tools for the visually impaired users who cannot read the screens. The Alt text of prime importance helps the search algorithms and crawlers track the content through images and place the website higher in the search results.

  2. Why is Alt text important for SEO?

    Alt Text is beneficial as it provides accessibility and visibility to the images to create additional SEO attribution. We have often discussed the increasing efficiency of search algorithms in various blogs posted by us. As search engines grow smarter, it is essential to cognitively assign more and more visual elements to your webpages to gain traction.
    –         The search algorithms may still not understand and identify all the relevant images associated with a search term of content; thus, it is essential to guide the search engine using the right words to help find the associated images. Let us understand with an example; for example, someone is searching for content associated with the recent IPL match; you may put pictures of the current match in your blog about a scintillating match.
    – However, the search engine may not identify and recognize the images straight away; however, if you put right and understandable Alt Text in your image, it makes it easier for the search engine to pick your image. If a search engine can pick your image using the alt text, you get additional traction and keywords used in the content.
    –         When you properly add Alt text, Google can index in search, and they showcase them at the right search results. Alt Text is an interesting area to explore when you invest your resources in the right SEO techniques. 
    Thus Alt text helps add value to the images and helps the search engine understand your images on the page and then display them in search engine results.

  3. How to add Alt text in Images

    You can add Alt Text to the images easily through the content management system you are using. It is an amazing way to boost your page visibility and use the images which are already present on your webpage to gain organic traction with ease.
    You can add the Alt Text manually on the images, and just in case you do not add any Alt Text, then the image file name is automatically picked as the Alt Text. It is also a great way to increase the website’s reach to the users with visual impairment as the screen readers can read out the Alt text of the images to the users, and they can understand what the article is all about. 
    what is alt text

    – In WordPress, Square Space, and Weebly, when you design your webpage and upload the content, you can add Alt Text by defining the right keyword in the Alt Text field.
    –        However, you can also add the same HTML attribute in the HTML code of the page with ease. Using the tag <img alt=”text”> you can do that with ease. There are some simple guidelines for the same 
    –        If you want to really understand what is alt text and use it to increase page visibility, you must note that it should talk about the image if the image has information.
    –        The text should explain where the link goes if the image is inside an <a> element.
    Use alt=” if the image is only for decoration.

  4. How to optimize Alt text with keywords

    The Alt Text and Title tags for the images help the search engines find the images on your website and use them in the search results. These are not tags, but these are attributes that describe the image with the help of text and tell the purpose of the image on the page it has been used.
    Suppose there is a button on the webpage to search for the new items, then the alt text should say ” Button to Search New Dresses.”
    –       The alt text is very handy if created and optimized for search algorithms. Instead of stuffing, one should use the Alt text and title efficiently. The call to action for the button image should be included in the title of the image. The information contained in the Alt Text helps the users identify your picture and understand its purpose just if the image does not render on the page due to technical glitches.
    –       When you use the right descriptive al text for the photos, then the search algorithm spiders can reach to your website with ease. Instead of just using the crawlers to scan through the SEO keywords, the search spiders can also recognize the images related to a search item and share the pictures of the results. On Word Press and Yoast SEO checking, there is a considerable emphasis on the right alt text.
    – The Yoast SEO check available in site publishing platforms like WordPress, etc., reviews that at least one image on the page has the correct descriptive Alt Text so that the chance of ranking in image search is high.
    what is alt text

  5. How to write good Alt text

    We have already talked about what is alt text and the importance of SEO friendly Alt Text with the images on your webpage. They make the website more accessible and efficient; however, like there are best practices for writing the SEO-friendly content and choosing the right keywords, similarly, there are several things one should keep while writing Alt Text.
    The text should not look compulsive or unrequired; rather, it should be written so that it is accurate and adds value to the website. A poorly written Alt Text serves no purpose and can increase the confusion on the concept or idea you are trying to convey through your webpage or image. The appropriate Alt Text is related to the image and deciphers its purpose, intent, and definition without beating around the bush.
    Even though every individual may interpret an image differently and come up with Alt text descriptions per their understanding, it is always beneficial to follow the best practices.
    ·         Alt text should be similar to the content and the purposes of the image. Ensure that you understand the idea, its source, and the location where it will be used; this helps you come up with the most relevant, understandable, and accurate alt text description.
    ·         As mentioned above, ‘Be Specific’. Again, do not beat around the bush and use text as fillers. There is no need to fluff the content to increase words or write the content which is not relevant. Alt Text should be precise, crisp, and short.
    ·         Don’t Be repetitive: One should keep in mind that if you are going to use redundant content and talk about the same thing in different ways, it is not going to add any value to your image. 
    ·         Don’t Use Self Descriptive terms: This is a master tip when writing alt text. As we discussed that Alt text should be precise, and short writing terms like Image of a Horse or Picture of a white horse would look irrelevant.

  6. Some Examples of What is Alt Text and How to Write it Effectively

    Let us understand the impact of good alt text in an image with a simple example of a floral ladies’ dress. While it is not a great idea to write a picture of the lady’s clothing in the alt text, it is descriptive from the image name itself, and obviously, we are using an image, so using the word picture is not required. 
    Bad: <img src= “Floraldress.png” alt=“picture of ladies dress”>
    Using the alt text as ladies’ dress is okay as it describes the image and helps the screen readers to inform the users what the image is about. 
    Okay: <img src= “Floraldress.png” alt=“ladies dress”>
    Good: <img src= “Floraldress.png” alt=“Floral ladies dress”>
    Using a more descriptive text like a floral lady’s dress helps the search engine crawlers to pick the image as the reader is more descriptive yet crisp. 
    Best: <img src= “Floraldress.png” alt=“Floral ladies dress with flares”>
    Using the text like Floral lady’s dress with flares adds more details to the image and makes it relevant to the users searching for a dress with that style and design.

  7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

    When writing Alt Text, make sure that you do not unnecessarily stuff the SEO keywords in the Alt Text. It is ideal to use the keyword in the appropriate density and ensure that it is used logically in the text. Many writers and content creators make a mistake of stuffing the keyword to attain the keyword density goal without ensuring that the word is used logically in the sentence and makes sense to the overall content.
    Be it SEO blogs, articles, or alt description; one should keep in mind that the keywords and search terms should be used logically. One should focus on the quality of the content and provide the context of the image.
    There is no point in using the keyword to write alt text that makes no sense. Search algorithms are now smarter than ever and would not dock all the poorly written alt text images and may not even show them in the search results.
    On the other hand, if your pictures have well-defined, pertinent, and logically written alt text, you have high chances of emerging in search results and garner valuable organic traffic. If you can use the keywords smartly in the alt description, it’s an added advantage.

  8. Finding Images with Missing Alt Text

    If there are images on your website which do not have a clearly defined alt text, then your pictures may lose the purpose and not add much value in the SEO perspective.
    The search crawlers may not catch them, and thus you miss out on a considerably good chance of getting the high organic traffic to your website. Having a title and alt text can help your images rank higher and boost your SEO efforts considerably. 
    It is not an easy task to find the images with missing text within your website or page. You can do that manually; however, it is going to be a very cumbersome job altogether.
    There are several SEO tools available in the market that help find the images with missing alt text, and these tools track the images more extensive than the size of 1 by 1 pixel and suggest you add alt text. You can use the online tools to check the missing text in the images and inure that your pictures are UpToDate.


We have talked about all the essential aspects of alt text, including what is alt text and its importance in adding value to the available images on your web page. Just by providing alt text, you can optimize the images on your websites to generate additional SEO value. If used optimally, image SEO can help drive highly organic traffic to the websites. They need to carefully analyze the right keywords and use them in the alt description intelligently.

Let us know your feedback about the insights shared about alt text and also share with us any alt text best practices that you follow while developing webpages. At Netilly, we strive to bring the topics that are helpful and informative. So, do let us know if you want us to cover any specific topic you want us to cover. For any professional digital marketing services, feel free to contact us

Amazon SEO – 9 Hacks to boost product sales on Amazon

Amazon seo

Amazon SEO Hacks – Whenever anyone thinks of buying a product or daily utility item these days, their first preference is to quickly search for the product on various e-commerce sites. While there are numerous e-commerce sites available on the internet these days, Amazon has surmounted the league.

Amazon is the world’s largest and most used marketplace, which has created a monopoly by providing millions of products to customers across all genres. You think of any product or item, and you can easily find that on Amazon in a wider variety and from several sellers. With the presence of over 15 countries, Amazon has a massive customer base, giving the sellers high prospects of profit earning. People are earning by selling their products and services on Amazon and through various affiliate programs with ease.

Amazon is an integrated marketplace where the sellers from various fields can put forward their products for sale. The company charges a commission on the sold products listing with every sale made through it. While this brings many opportunities for the regional sellers to reach out to a more extensive customer base ( Amazon has 95 million loyal customers) and sell more units, Amazon gets more commission and builds a substantial inventory of the sellers and products.

There are a lot of Amazon affiliate sites available where people share the Amazon products, which they endorse and earn substantial profits. Since millions and millions of products are available on Amazon, one needs to ensure that they do appropriate Amazon SEO to rank their products and services higher on the e-commerce site and scale up the competition.

Let us have a look at nine smart hacks to enhance sales using the Amazon SEO techniques.

  1. Product Name Should Be Strategic and Include Keyword

    Amazon SEO plays a pivotal role in determining the rank of the Product in the marketplace. Once you have determined the right target SEO keyword for your Product, you should ensure that the way product is listed on the site is in conjugation with the SEO guidelines.
    The Product Title should have the target keyword in the right place and position. The target keyword, as per the Amazon SEO, should preferably the leftmost. The product title must be highly optimized for the SEO and include the Brand Name, Keyword, description. The product name should reflect the key features and various common attributes like size, material, color, metal, etc. The keyword should be included in the title, and ideally, more than one Keyword should be there.

  2. Find and Enter Right Backend Search Terms in Amazon Seller Central Account

    Amazon seo
    You can efficiently manage the search terms for the products listing from the Amazon Seller Central page. By optimizing the keywords and ensuring that you enter the right search terms, you can tweak your product listing in such a way that it appears in most of the searches.
    The backend keywords are substantial hidden search keywords, which, when added to the product listing, can help in boosting their visibility on the Amazon site. You can use the Seller Central account to enter search terms, which are extremely important in Amazon SEO. Even though the buyer cannot see these search terms on the product listing page, these search words substitute the various search terms that you are not able to add on the main product listing page when creating the product page.
     You can use the page to enter all the relevant search terms and keywords for your product.
    a. Enter synonyms: Often, various users can put in the synonyms for the products to find the items they need. For example, someone looking for a Sweatshirt on the e-commerce site can use the terms like Hoody, Jacket, Sweater, etc. on the search bar.
    b. Search terms: You can enter different words, terms, and synonyms for the root keyword in the Search Terms field. By doing so you can increase the possibility of your product appearing in the searches when a visitor looks for a particular product.
    c. Enter possible misspellings: Many people might use the common misspellings of the products also for search. So, when you add those details, it becomes easy to rank the product higher.
    d. Use keyword extensions: Enhance the product to rank on the listing page, it is one of the most effective Amazon SEO techniques. Using the Seller Central, the sellers can ensure that their Product is efficiently registered and marked up in Amazon and appears on a search.

  3. Relevant Seller Name Is Must

    While product name is essentially the essential part of listing the Product on Amazon as per the Amazon SEO, you must ensure that the seller name is also relevant, accessible, and as per the SEO algorithm guidelines.
    When you have identified the right root keyword, it is of utmost importance that you include that in your Seller Name. If your seller of store name is not identifiable with the products you are selling, the Amazon algorithms and the buyers, in general, would not be able to relate with your brand.
    It is advisable that your seller name is in line with the product category. So, for example, you are selling health and fitness gear on Amazon, then your seller name should be something that is relevant to the Product and contains the root keyword. So, selling Fitness Watches, your seller name can be Fitness Watch Store, Fitness Watch Arcade, Fitness Watch Online, etc.
    The idea is to let the buyers and users searching for a fitness watch to see your products at the top. The relevant and matching seller name increases the chance of appearing in the top search results.

  4. Brand Name for Enhanced Ranking

    Most of the consumers and potential buyers relate with a brand for any product they are searching for. When you include a brand name of the Product in the product title, search terms in the seller page, and the description, the search results are likely to bring your product at the top. The brand name included in the backend field can also increase the chances of a higher rank in the Amazon search page.
    Most of the time, the consumers may search for the item by product name instead of the category, and in such a case, when you have included the brand name in all the parameters, then the chances of Product being listed in top pages are higher.
    Suppose a user wants to search for Fitbit fitness watch instead of any watch from any brand, then if you have included the Brand name in your search, it is an excellent boost for your listing. The fitness watch will appear in more search results if you include the keywords and brand name correctly as per the latest Amazon SEO strategies.

  5. Well Drafted Product Description and Image

    Most of the buyers on Amazon would search for the product based on the Keyword and look through the description in detail to find out whether the product is worth their money or not. Here the trick is to clearly emphasize the product features and benefits to distinguish from the other competitor products.
    The way you write the product description determines whether the visitors would be encouraged to buy it or not. The product images should be of high quality and clearly show the products from as many angles as possible. There is a clear need to ensure that the Product is clearly visible; you must ensure that you use a white background and high-resolution image.
    Product Description
    .Amazon seo product

    The product description is of utmost importance, so you should ensure that you detail all the necessary attributes of the Product. The more details are there, the more the users are convinced about the Product’s genuineness and quality.
    The idea is to list all the Product benefits instead of plainly writing out the product features.
    If you use the statistics and facts to boost your product features and advantages, the consumers would be compelled to consider your Product for purchase.
    The product description should be detailed and compelling by covering all the possible scenarios.
    The content should be written in understandable language and should be 100 percent grammatically correct.
    Another important aspect is to ensure that you use powerful language, which coincides with the nature of the Product you are selling.
     For Example, when talking about Fitness Watch, you should detail how it can help track the steps, monitor sleep patterns, and motivate an activity to ensure the buyers stay fit. One of the most successful hacks for writing a good and catchy product description is to use short and crisp sentences in bullet points so that the users can easily read and understand the details. 
    The products listed on Amazon become more credible if you include answers to the commonly asked questions or FAQs and detail the various concerns that the users might have to pertain to the Product. The more queries address more convinced the consumers

  6. Better Conversion Rates

    Conversion rates increase the chances of Amazon ranking your Product higher on the search results. The conversion rate is the percentage of the sales made on the e-commerce site based on the number of clicks. So, the number of clicks on your product page compared to the sales made determines the conversion rate. For example, if you got 100 clicks on your fitness watchlisting and then ten users bought the watch finally, then your conversion rate is 10 percent. The higher the conversion rate better the sales. That’s why most of the Amazon SEO experts vouch for better conversion rates for enhancing sales.
    There are some straightforward ways to enhance conversion rates that include
    Competitive pricing for the Product.
    A well written and highly compelling product description that includes the root keyword as per the Amazon SEO.
    Answering the various queries from the customers about the Product.
    Ensure that all the necessary details are available for the Product, which help the customers know the Product itself on the page without the need to do additional research on the internet. 
    Share the positive as well as negative user feedback and reviews. Remember, the products that the positive reviews on Amazon have only may doubt the customer’s mind as being fake.
    Using the right digital marketing techniques to redirect visitors to your product page.

  7. Buy Box Hack

    The “Add to Cart” option in the Amazon is referred to as Buy Box. The idea is to win the Buy box so that your Product appears on the item’s product page when a user searches for it. You can get the buy box if your Product’s performance is exceptional on the largest marketplace, along with offering the best price. You must ensure that you are selling at the best price to win the prestigious buy box.
    If you can win the buy box, you have massively high chances of making large-volume sales on the e-commerce site. The Buy Box would appear only on the one of the seller or product page even though many sellers may be offering the same Product. The buy box is the most important call to Action on the Amazon product page as it redirects the customer to the purchase page. 
    Along with offering the best rates, you must ensure that you buy in bulk to offer trade discounts and explore the various import options from other platforms so that you can offer the most competitive rates to your customers by sourcing your products from most consummate rates.

  8. Reviews

    Amazon seo product review

    Customer feedback is the most reliable and encouraging element of any product listing, especially online e-commerce sites. 
    Every buyer goes through the reviews from the customers who have already ordered and used the products as it gives them honestly, Real-time, and most practical suggestions about the products. The sellers would naturally write the best description and details about their products in which they may make high promises; however, the real customers would share honest feedback. Amazon SEO relies mostly on the customer reviews and star ratings; the better the ratings higher the chances of customers buying the Product. 
    Thus, one of the definitive ways to ensure that your Product ranks higher in the Amazon search and enhance your products’ sale, you should encourage your customer to write the reviews for your products. You must ensure that you follow up with the buyers to give a review of your Product and even post photos of their copy of the product. 
    You can do that by merely contacting the selling through your orders page. Simply open the order and contact the buyer and request them to leave a review of your Product. The higher the reviews, the more substantial sales.

  9. Custom URL

    Amazon ranks the products which have more views and sales based on a keyword. In case you want that there are more views on your product page so that Amazon also ranks it higher when the related Keyword is searched, then you can use a custom URL and drive traffic to the Amazon product page from different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
    Custom URL is the direct link to your Amazon Storefront or product listing, which you can share on the various social media channels to direct the visitors directly to your product page. You can also use the custom link in your affiliate articles and product listings done by influencers to directly send visitors to your product page. With the custom link’s help, you bypass the search process and end up the customers landing directly on your product page.
    You can share the custom URL on the various social media channels and also create shareable content backed by the right viral marketing techniques to attain better traction on your product page.
    The higher number of visitors on any Amazon product page would increase the chance of the product to even rank higher when the search is done with related Keywords or brands from within the Amazon site. Every sale made through the search results or direct links adds up to the chances of gaining more traction.
    Master Tip
    You can use affiliate platforms, blogs, and get in touch with the Amazon influencers to promote your Product in place of discount code for their followers.


In All, Amazon marketplace is a wonderland for sellers and brings diverse customers, increasing the chances of making substantial sales; however, there is massive competition as there are more than 2.5 Billion sellers on Amazon. Using the right Amazon SEO techniques and following the hacks listed above, you can easily enhance your sales and garner massive profits.

Powerful Ways to Use Online Marketing to Boost Local Business

Market is very competitive now a day, and it’s often a challenge for local businesses to make themselves recognized especially when they’re just starting up.  Local online marketing is an excellent way to reach potential customers and grow your business.  

“Things nearby me” is the most searched keywords now a day by people.

Can u imagine – What’s the percentage of this keyword, its 46% of all Google searches – almost close to half.

As per latest Google search statistics, more than 3.5 billion searches go through Google every day, meaning that around 1.6 billion of them are local and the latest Google Maps stats reveal an intriguing bit of data: 86% of consumers use this platform to search local stores and look for nearby businesses

Your potential and future customers are searching the web and using mobile devices to find products and services in their community and appearing in their search results relies on the strength of your local online marketing.

What is local online marketing?

Local online marketing is basically marketing to a local community using the internet and it’s a fantastic way of

  • Building a brand’s value
  • Forming a relationship with a customer base
  • Improving lead generation
  • Acquiring new customers digitally

Why there is need for online marketing for local businesses?

As the internet usage is growing so local business owner need to understand the value and power of online marketing.

  • It helps to grow your business better
  • Boosts your ranking on search page results
  • Reach out to new audience
  • Increase online traffic

Let us look at the most important strategies which you can apply to boost your local business

  1. Get a website

    In today’s digital world, the majority of people use online search engines to look for products and services they need and if you are not having a website for your business then you may end up giving your profits to your competitor. So having a website is the most important step before you start boosting your local business.

  2. Confirm your website is mobile-friendly

    As nowadays, people do more searches for the things they look for on mobiles only so ensure your website provides a user-friendly experience that enables the potential buyer to engage with your business.

  3. Work on local SEO

    Local SEO sometimes referred to as Local search marketing is an effective way to do local online marketing for your business.
    It’s an important process to get yourself searchable online by optimizing your online presence and attract more business based on local searches. Keywords and tags play an important role in this process.

    So you need to identify the most locally searched keywords relevant to your business and optimize your website based on those keywords.

    Based on locally searched keywords, almost  50% of mobile users visit the stores within 24 hrs.
    Working on local SEO will help you to reach your relevant customers and get more leads.
    Google Trends is a very powerful and important tool for identifying what terms are popular in your location and for your industry.
    local online marketing

  4. Take advantage of local directories

    When we have to search for anything on the internet today, the first choice is Google. Registering your business in Google listings is an easy way to make your business appear in the search list of the customers looking for keywords relevant to your business.
    All you have to do is fill the form with this information:
    ·         Address
    ·         Directions
    ·         Phone Number
    ·         Hours
    ·         Link to website
    You can also add up a few photos to give people a better idea of how you operate.
    You can ask customers to write reviews about your local business for other people to see.

    You can list yourself at other directories like Yahoo!, Bing and Justdial.
    Listing on these sites can help you drive local traffic and improve your local online search ranking.

  5. Run a local Ad campaign

    Local ad campaigns allow us to target relevant customers demographically and geographically. You just have to add a few text lines, a budget, local extensions, some assets, and the rest is optimized to help customers find you.
    You can use Google Ads and pay per click campaigns to drive local traffic. These ads will help you reach potential customers that are interested in your business.
    local marketing

  6. Use Social media to engage the audience

    People have a busy life now a day and they generally prefer to go to the stores they trust. If you want the customer to scroll your business website then you really need to create visuals that are a feast for their eyes.
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are great places where you can establish your online presence and draw a customer in your world.
    You can run local ads on your Facebook page and make a reach to potential customers relevant to your business.
    You can establish direct connections with your relevant customers on Twitter and you can network on Linkedin both at the personal and company level to reach out to potential clients.

  7. Video Marketing

    Video contents are ruling social media nowadays. You can make promotional and informative videos about your business and post it on your social media platforms. You can put up your videos on youtube channel as well.

    In order to get engagements, you must add content that is relevant to your business and people would like to view

  8. Post Testimonials

    You can ask your customers to put reviews and comments about your business as they have the ability to shape the opinions of the people in their circles.
    Their comments will help to improve the credibility of your brand and will also boost your SEO.
    Your rating given by the customer is one of the factors used by the consumers to decide whether they will buy from your local business or not.
    Almost, 94% of the customer prefers to buy from online stores with good ratings.

  9. Influencer Marketing

    To take your online local marketing to next level, you should identify the local influencers locally and leverage them to influence your business potential buyers and drive a brand message to your relevant market.
    As these influencers have a large social following so u can pay them to do local online marketing for your business on their distribution channels and increase your reach.
    You can collaborate with local bloggers, YouTubers, or Instagrammers who have extremely high engagement rates with their followers and can influence purchase decisions in your region.

  10. Join the online community

    As a successful business owner, Networking is the most essential skill he needs to have.
    For every niche segment, you can search online communities on social media platforms and get involved in it.
    After joining communities, you shouldn’t simply start promoting your business as it may most likely annoy some audiences. You just need to remain active in the communities by participating; contributing and building rapport firstly and then you can subtly promote your business by sharing your website link
    Joining a local group is a great way to stay connected with residents and other business owners.

  11. Run Giveaway or contest

    You can hold an online contest through which participants can enter on social media and collect their prize in person.
     You can also offer discounts or free giveaways if shoppers engage with your social media profiles, share their purchases, or tag the business on Facebook or Twitter.


These are the Powerful Ways to Use local Online Marketing to Boost Local Business and position your business as an industry leader in your local area.

Please do share your experience after implementing these strategies. If you’d like to discuss how these hacks can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our Experts.

How to do Viral Marketing in 2020

“Viral marketing is immersive, cost-efficient and highly successful in present times.“

Have you ever been flabbergasted by a sudden blast of mention of a single term, brand, or song everywhere? Received the same WhatsApp message and forward from all your contacts sharing an interesting offer or just a funny meme.

Did you ever wonder why all sudden everyone is talking, writing, and tweeting about the same topic or a person redirecting to a brand? Well, in the world of social media and interconnected technology, information spreads faster than anything. It gets a viral-like viral fever, which propagates quickly and multiplies as people meet each other. While Viral is picked from the sickening Viral Fever, its implication and implementation in the Social and Virtual world are healthy and beneficial for businesses.

As per Bryan Heathman, the president of I Promotion for 24/7 Media, an online direct marketing company, 80 percent of online firms use viral marketing.

So, let us talk about how to do viral marketing in 2020 to promote a product or a brand and provides enormous exposure to the businesses, making them reach millions of potential consumers within a limited budget.

  1. How Viral Marketing Captures Attention? Tapping the Emotion.

    video marketing

    Viral marketing is intended to spread awareness about a service or a product to the masses by using various paths apart from the traditional channel of communication with potential customers. Instead of sending emails, and direct promotional messages, the viral marketing rides on the mass sharing and mouth to mouth publicity of any content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp have become one of the most substantial modes of communication wherein people can easily share and pass on the information. Viral Marketing uses the same trend to ensure that the target audience knows about the product or service through sharing and passing on. The growth of business and reach out is not multiplied but exponentiated with the viral techniques.

  2. Compelling the Users

    viral marketing

    The essence of viral marketing lies in inspiring and compelling the users to share the message with their friends and contacts and talk about them. Viral content or a topic is one that interests the audience, and they talk about it, whether in person or on their communication platforms. There are various techniques to make content viral, and today it is not just a hit and trial method but a well-strategized plan with everything organized and co=ordinated. While the potential of viral marketing is unimaginable, one must not know that the right approach is needed to make it meaningful and connect the message. 
    An example, is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised awareness for rare disease patients.

  3. Riding on the Sentiment

    This form of marketing intends to be completely deliberate and with a set projection and attainable target in mind. Thus, the viral content is created around the product so that it directly targets the viewer’s sentiment and compels them to buy or consider procuring the service.
    When we talk about “sentiment capture”, it highly resonates with the current mood and trends. The best viral marketing techniques ride on the existing popular trend or culture, leveraging the hype, which is already there. The technique helps in gaining momentum fast and reaching more and more people.
     Social media is the most successful playfield for viral marketing, as it is the platform where most people engage and spend time. Tapping social media is one of the most important things to learn in How to do viral marketing in 2020.  It gives a personalized feel – a human and highly exciting approach to any campaign. When your friends and peers are talking about certain things, when people in your social circle are talking about a certain product, and there is fun or empathy involved in it, you certainly give it a thought.
    In a Nutshell, Viral Marketing is a smart sales technique that uses organic growth and word of mouth publicity to create awareness of a product or service that eventually grows exponentially, giving mass reach out.

  4. The Benefits of Viral Marketing

    Building Your Brand
    Going Viral is a great way to build a brand and create a strong foundation to build upon the marketing strategies for the products and services. People associate with things that are relatable and “Like Them” when brands are successful in creating a connection with the consumers, they win half the battle before entering the real battleground. If you learn how to do viral marketing in 2020, you can easily use it to promote your brand.
    Providing highly sustainable and relatable product companies can inspire the users to talk about their brand and recommend the product to their peers. Many people may prefer taking services or trying out products which their friends and family members recommend. To create a cycle of buying and recommendation and sharing, brands need to formulate highly thoughtful referral campaigns and quirky content.

  5. What Makes Content Viral?

    Now that we have understood what viral marketing is, let us exhume the veracity of this. It is based on the simple fact of how catchy and likable your brand or product is? What is the Factor in your product? How it is better and pathbreaking than the existing products and how it can be a life-changer. People just love your brand and be glad to talk about it. One must understand that bad Publicity can also make a product viral; however, it would not do any good to the brand in terms of growth or revenue. 
    You must be able to deliver what you promise and ensure that your campaign’s highlights are truth to live by. In other words, you must talk about the features in viral marketing efforts that are present in your service or product. Making high promises and creating a too rosy picture for making content viral; however, not serving the same can bring immense Bad Publicity. You may lose customers if your campaign gets wary. So, honesty is indeed a virtue in viral marketing. You can create Hype, Ride-on Controversial, and Sensational Content, but in the end, the product should be worth its mettle.

  6. The Right Techniques On How to do viral marketing in 2020?

    a)      Understand The Audience
    Understanding your audience is very important to ensure that you create and channelize the campaign. Even before you start creating the content outline and its strategies, one must work to identify the right audience to which the viral marketing initiative is directed.  How to do viral marketing in 2020? Understand the audience’s likes, dislikes, and emotions.
    You cannot have the same campaign or a viral project for every race or profession. The demographics, region, and age group play an important role in creating relatable and successful viral marketing campaigns similar to traditional marketing and advertising efforts.
    The content should be generic in the viral marketing sphere; however, it has to align with the target audience sentiment. Generic content, which is understandable, relatable, and shareable, forms the backbone of viral marketing; however, understanding the audience is very important. It should be relatable but pertinent as well. So when you know whom you are writing, creating, or designing, you have clarity in deliverables and manifest the ideas in a streamlined way. So understanding your audience and identifying the demographics can be pivotal in successful campaigns.
    b)      Create Engaging Content
    Content is the backbone of any viral marketing initiative. If you can write engaging and informative content that definitely you have learnt’ How to do viral marketing in 2020’. It decides whether the thing would go viral or not; when we talk about the content, it should bot be popular or informative, but it should be a unique and valuable addition to the audience. In times of social media, the emotion factor has played a pivotal role in deciding the viral quotient of any content. Especially in the realm of consumer goods and services, the entire focus should be in making an instant with the audience and giving them a realization that your product or service is meant for them.
    A great example of a viral marketing campaign is Amul Butter, which creates highly quirky, fun, and innovative viral ads on point with the latest happenings and current trends. Whether it is a national event, a burning story, or a social issue, it is on the Amul Social Media channels if it is in the news. Indian audience relates to the Amul Girl mascot for ages, and there is an instant sense of liking for her. When the Amul creative team blends the fun and lovable Amul girl mascot with the current topics to deliver highly innovative and relatable meme posts, people can’t help but like and share it.
    In this case, the brand’s target audience is generic and Indian masses who consume not only butter but also other products. Since Amul products are a household name, brands can do away with costly promotions; however, still, it leverages the viral medium to create a connection with consumers. There is a reason that Amul is the most favored butter of India because they have directed their marketing initiative to the audience tapping their sentiments and also providing quality.  Amul has really innovative insights into the Indian population and knows well How to do viral marketing in 2020.
    c)       Posting at the right time
    The time of posting content is highly important as you cannot derive value from the viral marketing techniques if they are not apt as per the situation. Imagine getting content talking about traveling and wanderlust at the time of the Covid-19 outbreak, it would just appear senseless, and the campaign would fall flat. Or consider airlines showcasing their quirky meme about travel and fun during lockdown and travel restrictions. You would not like to listen about Halloween at the time of Christmas. Thus it is important to hit the iron when it is hot. So Just in time, the posting is important. 
    Various brands smartly use a viral trend to incorporate it into their Tweets and Marketing posts across social media channels. People share the tweets and posts, and indirectly, the brands gain traction from the content propagated from some other source.
    Talking about social, political, and human matters at the right time and expressing the opinion with fervor gives a great stature to brands. Experts claim that having an opinion and being firm is a sure shot technique on How to do viral marketing in 2020.
    A great example is the Black Lives Matter campaign, which spiraled globally; many brands and businesses came forward and openly showed solidarity to the initiative making an instant connection with the audience.  Brands like Lego, Ben, and Jerry Icecream, Facebook, etc. that openly wrote about support to the campaign.

    d)        Use Influencers For Maximum Reach
    –  Social Media Influencers are the new celebrities that can endorse your brand and create massive reach for your viral campaign through their highly relatable and real posts. The social media influencers have achieved cult status by engaging with the audience in real-time. They are like people amongst us, someone who has similar life and similar problems. Even though some social media influencers charge sky-high rates for promotion based on their followers and engagement, one can still reach out to maximum people through them.
    –   Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and even Facebook have become the playfields of these influencers who can strategically build a brand by interacting with their audience and inspiring their followers to use a product. Brands can also provide promo discounts and samples to the followers of the influencers to create higher traction. An easy and highly successful way of getting viral is through influencers. You must understand which social media platform is right for your brand and then direct the attention in bargaining and identifying the best influencers for the same. Many social media agencies are available these days, which helps plan the entire viral campaign lifecycle and identify the right influencers. 
    e)       Boost Content Through Ads
    Paid ads are a great way to boost your viral content and give it an impetus that kickstarts its viral journey. Well, it is not clear that what content can go viral and what does not; however, you need to make the right efforts to ensure that your religiously created and designed content is reaching the right audience at the start so that they can further distribute it. The reach multiplies and then exponentiates once it gets an initial kick. With the help of paid ads, you can reach out to the selective audience who may share the content.  If you want to learn in detail how to do viral marketing in 2020, then you should the master art of formulating catchy ads.
    Google Ads bring the content on the top of search results while Facebook ads show up your posts to the right audience. It captures their attention, and the dame starts. 
    f)       Get Media Attention
    Viral content is something about which everyone is talking. It is in the news and on the webpages. To ensure that your news story is being viewed and people are reading or viewing what you created, you must grab the eyeballs. Websites like Buzzfeed, Verge, Business Insider, etc. write about news in different fields. If your content is exclusive and talked about, then one of such popular websites may feature it.
    Just in case any celebrity with a massive following even retweets or talks about your viral posts, the traction can be unbelievable. Getting viral is an organic process that can be accelerated by generating the right Publicity. You can try paid collaborations to generate enhanced media coverage of your campaigns. Getting a celebrity onboard is the greatest tip on how to do viral marketing in 2020.

  7. Content That Goes Viral

    – Memes are the easiest way to make content viral as they are fun and easy to share. Ensure you do it the right way with the minimalistic text yet quirky images and a highly engaging tone.
    – Videos are substantial in creating viral quotient- make sharp, fun, and crisp videos that offer more than mundane content. The funnier or more empathetic the video is higher its forwards and shares.  You can use amazing video editing and photo editing tools for making viral content.
    –   Articles and blogs that express an emotion or educate the audience about the real challenges, upcoming technologies, or simply help them fix a thing are great for viral marketing. 
    –     DIY, Hacks, and Easy to Make videos would just get shared like anything because they provide utility and save costs. Just see the number of times five-minute crafts, Troom Troom, and BrightSide make funny videos and gain traction; their creative teams have definitely aced on How to do viral marketing in 2020.
    Creativity is always appreciated when you talk about real talent through real artists and people it deserves and gets its due credit. Consider the case of James Fridman, who helps people photoshop their images but with an element of surprise. He is the most famous editor and photoshop troll now. By doing something out of the box, he established himself as one of the most talented image editors.

  8. Tips to Ensure Your Viral Marketing is Successful

    These tips on how to do viral marketing in 2020 can be a gamechanger in your initiatives.
    Have a Voice           
    Ensure that your content delivers a message and takes a side with affirmation. There is no scope for being neutral or diplomatic; you should be respectful yet confident and opinionated about a topic. For e.g., telling audience tips to cope with the business slowdown in the Covid-19 pandemic is a good tip.
    Be Innovative, Surprise Them
    Provide a sense of excitement and mystery in your content by writing about unexpected things. Provide new information or promote your product creatively and innovatively that people have not seen before. The more innovative it is, more the attention it grabs. 
    Do Not Sell Directly
    Viral marketing rides on sentiments and emotional relatability, not a sales pitch. Thus, you should make sure that your content is informative, fun, or interesting and not an attempt to talk about your product’s benefits. Leverage the emotional connection, not the saleability of the product. Learn effective digital marketing to ace your selling skills online.
     Engage with the audience                                                                                         
    Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy are some brands which interact a lot with the customers openly on the social media platforms through their official handles; The language is not a plain boring marketing language which says ” We Apologise for the inconvenience caused” Or “We are happy to Help” but something fun, conversational and great to re-read. The threads of funny chat exchange between brands and customers often go viral because people find then rare and funny. Thus they share it over and over again, and hence viral Marketing goal is achieved.  Being funny is the right answer to ‘How to do viral marketing in 2020?’ Complement your viral marketing with the right Email Marketing and Marketing Automation strategies to get the most benefit.


Viral marketing can be a gamechanger for any brand or business’s success if done strategically and in a planned way. A skilled digital marketing agency can help businesses to design and deliver highly successful campaigns.  We hope that in this article, you have learned how to do viral marketing in 2020 with ease. If you are looking for experts to do viral marketing for your business, do contact us, and we will help you create a marketing plan that is bound to go viral!

9 Effective Growth Hacks | How to increase YouTube Views

how to increase youtube views

YouTube has become one of the most pivotal sources of gaining popularity and promoting your brand and content on the internet, with over 2 billion users. No one can imagine life without YouTube, where everyone is now getting habitual to search YouTube videos for learning new things, getting the latest news, or just passing some moments for entertainment. While YouTube is great for personal entertainment, it is a highly engaging and resourceful platform to showcase your talent or exhibit your brand. If you want to know how to increase YouTube views, keep on reading till the end.

You need not spend millions of rupees to publish your ad on YouTube like you need to do on entertainment TV channels. You can publish an informative or innovative video that educates the target audience, and your brand may reach unexpected heights.

Using the right tools and techniques, you can ensure that in the crowd of millions of similar videos, your video stands out and catches the audiences’ attention. By increasing the YouTube views, your brand can attain popularity and earn through it.

A search optimized channel can deliver highly engaging experience and has the flair to work in conjugation with the YouTube Algorithm to boost your brand’s reach. 

Let us look at some of the most successful and useful hacks through which you can optimize your channel and learn how to increase YouTube views.

  1. Branding

    When it comes to a YouTube channel, your brand profile is very important as it creates a highly professional and sophisticated image in the audience.
    Whenever anyone watches several videos from any brand, they should visit the channel home page and see what the brand is all about. To ensure that the viewers are attracted to the videos and consider it seriously, you must create the channel profile page considering your brand and vision
    If your brand is about technical or formal service, the channel home page and profile should be something that looks classy and formal. If your brand is entertainment and fun related, the profile should look quirky, funny, and casual. The basis is that profile branding should be highly engaging and reflect the company’s essence or service.
    Before launching any video or story, you should spend time incautiously designing and creating an engaging and unique profile with all the pertinent information about your brand. Your home page should look compelling and professional with the essence of creativity. It should encapsulate what your channel wants to convey and even why you created a channel.
    The basic principle of how to increase YouTube views is to make the professional looking channel. There should not be haphazard information on the channel. It should rather look cleaner, organized, and planned. More than 87 percent of online marketers use video content for promoting their brands; using the right profile branding, you can engage more and more customers.
     how to increase youtube views

    a) Choosing a good profile picture is just as it is something that appears everywhere on the platform. Then you should select some prominent and identifiable photo that is visible in a thumbnail or small icon size; the best option from brands is to use their official logo in the profile picture. However, it is also great to use a catchy profile picture. 
    b) Also, you can use the YouTube Channel Art to make your profile page look creative and professional. You can add various images and creatives on your homepage.
    c) A good channel trailer helps to showcase your brand in a precise manner. You can do it in a small 1-2-minute video and auto-plays whenever someone visits your home page. It should be highly engaging and interesting.
    d) Add Playlists for the best videos on your Homepage, which viewers can play instantly. You may add that in the feature content for the new visitors.
    e) You can also add several Featured Channels with which some other popular channels from your brand or partners can be highlighted. This is a good way to promote affiliate channels.
    f) Create an engaging and informative About Page in which you can give a crisp and formal description of your brand and services. Here you can also add a link to your website.

  2. Proper Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

    Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of Google-owned products, and YouTube is the best example of it. The most popular and highly viewed channels appear higher in the search than others.
    Search optimization is important to increase the visibility of your channel and videos. Without knowledge of the right keywords, you can never learn how to increase YouTube views. The algorithm of YouTube is extremely complex and smart and understands the user’s perspective.
    ·         Thus, to gain new followers, you must use highly rich keywords to ensure that your channel’s ranking and videos are higher on YouTube.
    ·         The keywords should be trending, high value, and extremely well thought off when you create the Titles, Description, and Tags for your channel or video.
    ·         To make sure that the video content is innovative and reaches out to the right audience, you should use the keywords in the tags and even on your channel’s homepage.
    The titles should be clear, crisp and descriptive so that the viewers can easily understand what the video is all about.
    Using Keywords in YouTube is very easy, and you can use several tools like Google Search to find out the best and most trending keywords. One of the most straightforward ways is to type the keyword in the YouTube search bar and see the top suggestions. You can then use those in your video tags.
    You can also use the various keyword planning tools like AdWords and many SEO Tools to find the most valuable and optimal keywords that resonate with your to increase youtube views

  3. Use Right Tags

    Keywords and hashtags are a great way to attract the right traffic. Like hashtags play a pivotal role in Instagram and Facebook. Similarly, they help in driving traffic on YouTube as well. The YouTube Algorithm also works similarly, and the way you tag the videos can be a gamechanger in the success of your YouTube Channel. It is great to use the tags in a way that boosts the performance and works in conjugation with the YouTube Algorithm.
    ·         The tags enable the Algorithm to pick up your videos. You should ensure that you include pertinent and highly trending keywords instead of stuffing everything in place. It is advisable to use a few tags that are 3 to 5 words long and are highly engaging.
    ·         Call to Action or highly straightforward tags generates more traction. An example can be” How to Make Instagram Profile?” instead of “Instagram profile ideas.” Finding the right tags that are trending is a must tip for learning how to increase YouTube views.

  4. Thumbnails

    Thumbnails are very important when it comes to YouTube videos. As on YouTube, the users are attracted to the video only through the glimpse they get from the Thumbnail image in the search results, or everywhere they see the video like in suggestions. The image should be engaging and catchy that it attracts the user to click on it and go ahead to watch the video.
    ·         Video content should, indeed, be highly informative and fun. Only then will the viewers stay and watch it completely; however, if the thumbnail image is not great, they may not even start the video in the first place. You should ensure that the Thumbnail image is clear, crisp, and attractive, directly talking about the video.
    ·         The image should not be misleading or contriving; otherwise, the users would feel cheated, and your video would lose credibility. To have the right following on YouTube, you must provide your viewers right information and attract them through the most relevant titles, thumbnails, and even descriptions
    ·         You must ensure that the image is high definition with the right colors and design. It should not be blurry or distorted; else, the viewers would not be attracted to click on the thumbnail and view it. How to set youtube Thumbnail

  5. Use Cards

    Cards are a very useful feature from YouTube, which helps the YouTubers to set up the notifications for their videos easily. These preformatted templates for notifications appear on the Mobiles and Desktops, and you should set them up to easily promote their videos and brands through your channel.
    ·         There are many pre-designed templates available on YouTube, which you can use for the business, whether it is related to merchandising, fundraising, entertainment, or simply generic.
    ·         The rectangular box or a teaser format appears on the top right of the YouTube video and gives a simple preview to the video viewers.
    ·         The users can then tap the Card to read the message on the right side of the video. It is amazing when you want to showcase a message with your video. The description should be highly engaging and relevant to the video.
    ·         The Cards should be created with the Call to Action in mind, and the message which the brand wants to convey should be written in the Cards. For example, you want to promote your upcoming training, so the Card should provide a link to the registration form and provide details of the training. Whatever is being said in the video should be cohesively detailed in the Card.Youtube cards

  6. End- Screens

    Like cards, the end screens also act as valuable extensions to the YouTube videos, as they help increase the watch time of the channel, and the viewers can be directed to the next video or playlist with ease. It is advisable to use the end screens in the last 5-15 seconds of your video.
    ·         To ensure that the end screens bring value to your videos and generate more views, one should add links to the relevant and associated videos that make sense to the viewers.
    ·         Having an end screen with a video about Fashion Tips at the end of an Artificial Intelligence video would seem meaningless. The crux of the matter is that the end screens should be chosen wisely. You can use four elements in the end screens, a playlist, video, a subscribe link, or another channel.
    ·         This space is for adding the closing elements to your video and encourage your viewers to take Action, thereby extending the engagement with your channel beyond the end-screen

  7. Ensure Your Video Content is Attractive and Compelling

    The most important thing in getting more views on a YouTube video is the video itself. The video’s content should be high value and engaging; it should bring value to the customers and keep them hooked up till the end. It should provide them value for the time they invested in viewing the video and compel them to view it again and share it with others.
    Your video should bring an element of surprise or empathy in the viewers and make them aware of the topic. Instead of just making a bland video and providing already known information, it should have innovative, rare, and useful information.
    DIY, Educational, and Informative videos get a lot of viewership and traction because they compel people to view repeatedly and share the video. Your brand should invest resources in creating the right videos with amazing storyline, content, and visuals.

  8. Embed your Videos in High Ranking Blogs

    While it is great to have a highly optimized video that appears high on YouTube or Google Search engine, a straightforward and much easier approach is to direct the customers and viewers to the video on YouTube from other sources.  When you invest a lot of money and efforts in highlighting your other content sources like SEO optimized blogs, it is more lucrative to use the same for YouTube videos. You can embed the YouTube video related to a high ranking blog on the blog page. The readers of the blog would already be looking for similar information. When they see a related video, most likely, they click and open the video directly on YouTube.
    Most of the news articles websites do this, in which they have a link to the news story video on YouTube, embedded on the news article page.

  9. Get Connected to Viewers

    If you want to ensure that your videos and content become popular on YouTube, ensure that you engage with the viewers. If you want to know how to increase YouTube views, make sure you use conversational language and talk to them instead of narrating.
    Ensure that you have answers to the most common questions they might have relating to the subject. The most popular YouTube channels have engagement with subscribers and followers. They ask for reviews and feedback in the comments. They interact by answering to the comments and using the suggestions to create their next comment.


Now that we have talked about some of the most vital hacks on how to increase YouTube views, one must follow the basic principle of creating engaging and responsive videos. By ensuring that the videos are interesting and capturing the trending topics, one can get massive viewership on YouTube and boost their brand.

If you’d like to discuss how YouTube can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our YouTube Specialists.

Best Books for Web Designers

best books for web designers

Web-designing is one of the core practices of web development, creating maximum impact and influence. If the design of the website or application is not interesting, the whole effort goes to waste. Content, technology, and programming are only valued if the design of the website is great.
At present, users want highly interactive, intuitive, and responsive designs that are not just fun but also engaging. Web designers need to continuously upskill themselves to understand the languages, technologies, and concepts of web designing.
Here we list some of the best books for web-designers from the industry experts that can help designers learn and master the art.

1. Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery by Jon Duckett

A detailed and comparative two-book set for both aspiring and trained web designers and front-end developers is talking about the HTML and CSS. The book is an amazing knowledge source for those who want to learn HTML and CSS before getting into JavaScript and jQuery. It covers all the basics of HTML and CSS, including structure, text layouts, and various useful options. An ideal book to learn incorporating the SEO, Google Analytics, HTML r, and other technologies in design.

2. Eloquent JavaScript By Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript brings the nitty-gritty of javaScript at the forefront giving the learners knowledge of the advanced JavaScript concepts and tricks. The new revised version of the book brings the readers the techniques to write JavaScript code to develop effective interfaces. The book gives an in-depth view of the essential elements of JavaScript programming through examples and test cases. This book is ideal for someone who wants to understand the basics and use the language to create highly advanced web applications, interact with the browser, and understand error handling—a must-have book for the JavaScript developers.

3. You Don’t Know JS (Types & Grammar) By Kyle Simpson

This book is part of the “You Don’t Know JS” Series and talks about the complexities and intricate modules of the language. As the series title suggests, this book discusses the various problems that may arise while using the language and how you can leverage the new features to solve the problems and deliver a great interface. This book is great for learners who want to master JavaScript and understand unique concepts. You get to know about the types in JavaScript, namely Null, undefined, number, string, Boolean, and object. The unique array, number, and string are also detailed, along with object wrappers and primitive values. The book is an amazing encyclopedia for JavaScript web elopers.

4. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web & Mobile Usability.

It is one of the bestsellers of books for web designers and web developers. The book is considered a masterpiece for its usability and high-end tactics to understand and learn the best techniques for web development and design. The text talks about the art of intuitive navigation and highly user-friendly web design that can help web developers create highly useful web applications. The book is fun to read and talks about the myriad aspects of web designing without complex language. It brings a fresh perspective to web development and details the concepts in a short, crisp, and illustrative manner. The book is highly recommended for web designers to improve their abilities and learn the core of web standards.

5. Design and Build Great Web APIs: Robust, Reliable, and Resilient 1st Edition

APIs are the core of any web and android application in today’s time and fast-changing the way the software works. By understanding the concepts and gaining the essential skills for API development, web developers can essentially scale up their web designing knowledge to the next level. The book is a sneak peek into the world of API designing and helps the new age developers to transform themselves into the modern and talented API developers. This amazing book talks about the basics and advanced concepts of API design and how one can incorporate them with the customer’s need to solve criticalmbusiness problems.

6. Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

The book is like a visual journey of web design for decades, and its transformation as the technology and resources advanced in years. It is one of the most riveting examples of a chronicled journey of web development and design through years and showcases how it has eve loved since the beginning years. The book has more than 200 websites and examples that showcase the journey of web design. The comprehensive book has 21 chapters that detail every aspect of the web design since the year 1998. It has some of the most successful websites to showcase how technology has evolved and reached the advanced user experience level, which we see today. It is seemingly a year by year chronicle of the web design and how the world’s best websites reached their success. An amazingly informative book for web designers, it is indeed worth a reference every time someone wants to design a state of the art website.

7. Functional Design Patterns for Express.js

The book is for advanced web developers and designers who want to implement highly functional designs in their websites and applications with Express.JS. The author has beautifully captured the instances and lessons in this step-by-step guide to building sleek, maintainable Node.js backends for the websites.

8. Painless CSS: Build Beautiful, Intuitive Websites Paperback

CSS is the soul of web designing, and it is indeed embarrassing to say that writing CSS is cumbersome and complex until you know the basics well. This book provides the easiest way to learn and master CSS and create beautiful and seamless CSS without any hassle. It helps in understanding CSS’s role in robust web design and provides the best mental models to learn and work on CSS ‘painlessly’. It offers a step-by-step checklist to fix the CSS errors and develop the mental caliber to understand and work with CSS. It also comes with hands-on exercises to polish your CSS skills and use the code samples and solutions.

9. Mastering JavaScript: A Complete Programming Guide Including jQuery, AJAX, Web Design, Scripting, and Mobile Application Paperback

Author Michael B White
This affordable and highly detailed guide helps the web designers to learn the JavaScript and its concepts without any hassle. It is straightforward, simple, and extremely practical that helps web designers to master the language within a short period through its step by step guide.

10. Above the Fold, Revised Edition Paperback – Import, by Brian D Miller (Author)

Above the Fold gives the extremely detailed and simplistic lessons on clear and crisp graphical
communication for the web designers. The book is crisp and straightforward, covering the Plan, Design,
and Optimize sections, which detail the overall process cycle of web design. A good read for the ones
who want to understand web design concepts fast and better.

11. SS – The Missing Manual, 4e Paperback by David Sawyer McFarland

It is another state-of-the-art book that talks about the concepts and implementation of CSS. This book is a must-have for those who want to learn CSS to build professional looking websites and maintain scalability and extendibility. The book is one of the most advanced and demonstrative guides available in the market, covering the aspects of CSS for devising great websites. It talks about the newest tools like Flexbox etc. It covers the basics of CSS, Mobile designing, making pages work for you, and controlling page layouts. Indeed, this book is a great buy for web designers.

12. The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 2: More of the Best Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design by Patrick McNeil

The book is all about web design inspiration giving the web designers plethora of ideas and inspiration for creating new websites. It has more than 650 new website designs to help web designers develop and refer to amazing web design ideas. It is a great collection of thousands of sites and designs showcasing the best examples for reference. The new volume of this book includes a chapter on the design principles that work amazingly online. There are sites available to understand design elements, styles, elements with clarity.

13. The Smashing Book #2 by Smashing Magazine

This book is available on Kindle and provides an amazingly practical insight into the best aspects of web and graphic design. It talks about the best in class web designs for mobile applications and online websites that can be used to provide a seamless user experience. The book highlights the design errors and practices and how one can avoid them—a highly comprehensive and useful book for aspiring and professional web designers.

14. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Paperback – Illustrated, 18 November 2011 by Jon Docket

The full-color book is a great insight into CSS and HTML basics for anyone who wants to master the two. The aspiring web designers, professional web developers, or students everyone would love to read and learn from this comprehensive and highly detailed book. It covers the aspects of HTML and CSS in a completely new approach and provides an understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML in an easy and fun way.

15. High-Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

The power of a great website lies in its fast rendering and high performance. And this book teaches you the same by using strict and straight 14 rules that help you cut the response time up to 50 percent. It is one of the most wonderful books detailing the best practices for web design to optimize websites for performance. This book is a true gold for web designers who want to create highly responsive and fast websites.

16. JavaScript Pocket Reference: Activate Your Web Pages, by David Flanagan

The book is a pure marvel detailing the concepts of the highly versatile programming language for the web and years now. The guide provides the concepts and nitty grittiest of JavaScript clearly and concisely and acts as a great reference for JavaScript developers at every level of development. It has detailed chapters that give a glance into the usability, functions, and concepts of JavaScript.

17. Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content by Jones Colleen

This is an awesome book to understand the key principles of influence marketing and how to apply that in the web content. The book is comprehensive and helps the designers to understand the power of influence and implement it through various elements like marketing campaigns, SEO, technology, etc. The book reinforces the importance of good web content. It talks about the psyche of the users and how context is important for developing content for compelling web design. A great book to master the art of influential web design.

18. Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson

HTML 5 is the newest language for web designing and development, which is raising interest in everyone. The new trend in web design is here to stay and offers a lot of exciting and advanced capabilities to the web. This book gives the basic introduction of HTML 5 and helps the web developers to understand the concepts of the new language and use it to make the websites richer and more adaptive. The book talks about how to use the language and integrate it into designs.

19. Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services

Designing has become more adaptive, intuitive, and customer-focused in present digital times. This book is a great insight into developing the design team’s skills to create highly effective designs. The guide focuses on the stepwise and iterative approach to assemble, collaborate, and manage a design team that can create amazing designs collaboratively—a great encyclopedia into the processes and tactics for designing in the new age.

20. Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement

Adaptive Web Design gives the web designers a great insight into the web processes and how to use the content strategy, HTML. CSS and JavaScript to create high performance and effective websites that are optimized for various web platforms. The book is a great buy for the new age web designers and content strategists to understand the elements of great web designing.

21. Mobile first. guide stratégique de design web mobile. n6 – n 6. (French)

The book available in the French language provides the sneak peek into the web designing for the mobile platforms. The guide is great for designers and developers who work on creating mobile apps and mobile websites.

22. Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 4: Inspiration from the Best Web Design Trends, Themes and Styles by Patrick McNeil

Web designing is wide and imaginative, and in the present times, people love innovative websites. Designing should be aided with usability and ease; thus, this book is a wonderful guide for those who want to deliver an innovative web design. It comes with lots of examples and latest trends of the web designs listing some of the best websites.

23. Seductive Interaction Design: Creating Playful, Fun and Effective User Experiences

Seductive Interactive Design talks about creating websites and apps which can keep the users hooked. The design should be such that it plays with the users’ minds, and they would want to visit the website again and again. If your website design just visits and ignore kind, it would not help in any way. This book is highly engaging and talks about the aspects of design, which can make it highly interactive and attractive—a great books for web designers that talks about creating a delightful and interesting design.

Final Words

To sum up the above books for web designers are a goldmine of knowledge for the web designers, which they can refer to learn the concepts of the most important technologies of web designing and also master the skills of conceptualization, strategizing and planning for best website design.

7 Best Software for Graphic, UI/UX Designers in 2020

best software for graphic designers

Graphic designers are amongst the most sought-after professionals in today’s time when digital promotions and social media marketing are at the helm. Simultaneously, both graphic and video content plays a pivotal role in informing, educating, and promoting the idea to the target audience. Graphic designers were always in demand for print, digital, and television media; however, with digital marketing and mobile-based systems, the best software for graphic designers needs has grown substantially.

In 2019, the graphic design industry grew at a rate of 2.7% to reach $14.8 billion.  And it is interesting to note that 67% of small businesses believe that graphic design is essential to business success and will grow substantially over the next few years.

Evolution of designing

Graphics have evolved enormously over the past few years, with the latest tools and technologies introduced in the market. Everything needs to be a class apart from 2D to 3D animation, High Definition, and interactive images. Designing has become one of the decisive factors in any project or campaign’s success or failure these days. Brands invest a lot of time and money in getting the best designers who can create designs that reflect their ideas and vision.

Need for high-end tools

Graphic designers indeed need to have exceptional creative skills and innovation; however, they cannot decipher the ideation to a practical visual without proper tools. The conceptualization can be fantastic; however, until the visualization is great, there is no benefit. Thankfully, technology has advanced rapidly in recent past, powered by artificial intelligence, highly interactive platforms, and easy to use features, now the graphic designers can render images that look highly sophisticated and realistic.

Let us look at some of the most advanced and helpful best software for graphic designers.

1. Adobe photoshop

No one can imagine graphic designing and photo editing without Adobe Photoshop. It is one of the most used and advanced graphic editing tools with the highest-end capabilities to create a variety of images and graphics. Graphic designers vouch for this highly capable software that has sustained its stance as the best in the suite for decades. Photoshop is so popular that the term Photoshopping has become synonymous with image editing and photo enhancing. For designing layouts, magazine covers, graphics, and infographics, banners Photoshop is the best software of all time. It is a state-of-the-art raster graphics editor that is available for Windows, MAC and Mobile platforms.  Initially, photoshop was available as a standalone software however now it can be purchased as a subscription within the Adobe Suite.

Best Adobe photoshop

You can get Adobe Photoshop for ₹1,420.00/month with Adobe Creative Suite.

2. CoralDraw

CorelDraw is one of the oldest and most loved graphic design tools that help create high end and professional vector images and layouts for any designing need. It works well on all kinds of designers and gives a fantastic set of features for creating the most scalable and customizable images from scratch. Ideal for creating illustrations, photo editing, infographics, and typography tools. Hence, it is definitely counted among the best software for graphic designers.

Corel Suite comes with loads of new and useful graphic designing tools that can be chosen as per the company’s visual needs.

best software for graphic designers

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another fantastic designing tool that helps in creating an excellent vector design. It is ideal for creating awesome logos with ease and finesses. Using the advanced mesh tool in the illustrator, one can quickly render awesome icons, sketches, and images. The sophisticated tools like pen tool, shape, pathfinder, swatches, and colors enable the designers to create amazing professional quality designs. The software is a little tricky to use, and one needs to spend some time acing its tools and tricks; however, it is one of the most advanced vector image creating tools. Once you have mastered the tool, you can create high-quality images and develop scalable vector designs.

best software for graphic designers

Costing Illustrator is available at $20.99/month, and you can also get it with Creative Cloud at $52.99/month.

4. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is what the new age web and app developers need to create interactive, sophisticated, and highly agile UX and UI designs. The apps and mobile games’ look and feel are the most captivating and crucial aspects, and users love everything creative and easy to use. XD helps designers create and share designs for the various apps, websites, games, and voice interfaces with ease.

It comes with easy to use templates and built-in features that help the designers deliver the most impressive designs with ease.

  • The subscription-based service for XD can be highly useful for app developers. You can try out XD with a starter pack to get access to introductory features for free.
  • The single app is also available for a monthly subscription of 676 Rs Per month.
  • Adobe XD is also available as part of the Creative Cloud All Apps subscription, 3585 Rupees per month.

Adobe XD

All the Graphic designing software and image resourcing subscriptions are beneficial to Graphic designers of the present digital times. This being one of the best software for graphic designers helps create beautiful designs that can match the expectations and requirements of the new age users who do not compromise on quality. Brands can leverage many benefits from the present wave of graphic and visual content consumption by grabbing eyeballs through captivating designs. Great designs, appealing visuals, and state of the art layouts can add immense value to content.

5. Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is Adobe’s flagship tool for creating amazing layouts for various kinds of projects. The tool is highly sought after by graphic designers and editors for making professional print and digital layouts for postcards, eBooks, Brochures and Resume. It helps in creating versatile and flexible page designs for a variety of publications and print material. A great tool for easy and quick designing. You can get InDesign as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for 20.99 USD or 1500Rs/mo

best software for graphics designers

6. Stencil

Stencil is a kind tool that helps bloggers and designers to create amazing social media images and graphics without any hassle. Bloggers and digital marketers love the device as it is easy to use and helps make visually inspiring creatives in a jiffy. There is no need to have expert knowledge of designing and keeping the parameters in mind while designing posters, ads, and images in this tool. It comes with easy to use templates and drag and drop features that help the amateurs also to render professional quality images.

best software for graphic designers

Great graphics on the fly, this is what Stencil promises to its users.

It is available in the Free, Pro and Unlimited version.

  • In Free Version
  • You can save up to 10 images in a month
  • You get access to limited photos and icons
  • You can upload up to 10 photos and collections.

Pro version is available at 9 dollars per month.

  • You can save up to 50 images per month.
  • Save up to 50 images /month
  • 2,300,000+ Photos
  • 2,000,000+ Icons & Graphics
  • 1,100+ Amazing templates
  • 3,100+ Google Fonts
  • Logo / Watermarks
  • Font Uploads
  • Premium support
  • Upload up to 250 images
  • Create up to 25 collections
  • Keep up to 100 favorites
  • 25 Instagram SMS /month

The Unlimited version gives you access to additional features at 12 dollars per month:

  • All-Pro Features included
  • Save unlimited images
  • Upload unlimited images
  • Create unlimited collections
  • Keep unlimited favorites
  • 100 Instagram SMS /month

7. Canva 

Canva is an all-time favorite of people who want to create beautiful and versatile digital designs with no knowledge of designing tools etc. It is easy to use and has loads of drag and drop features to create incredible designs. The templates are easy to use, and there is a lot of customization available. Ideal for creating newsletters, promotions, brand flyers, social media ads, and emailers, this tool is available online with no need for installation. You can easily use the available templates, images, and stock images to create lively, colorful, and creative designs with no extra effort. It has easy to use platform which is self-intuitive and extremely user friendly.

Canva allows you to create designs, save, and publish them with ease.  Most of the features in Canva are free to use, and you can get started with simple signup with email. You need to buy a subscription that gives you access to highly creative and sophisticated stock images, templates, and tools to use the advanced features.

Your designs can be impactful, impressive, and look professionally done with Canva.

the best software for graphic designers

Final Words

Your ideation and visualization can reach exceptional standards when created through highly sophisticated tools. This software eases the tasks of creating and designing and give a professional edge to your branding material, whether digital, print, static, or dynamic.

We hope the above information helps you find the best software for graphic designers tools for your needs. If you know some other interesting tools apart from the ones talked about above, do let us know in the comment box. And if you bought any of the above-mentioned tools, then we would be happy to know your experience about the same. For more exciting blogs and discussions, keep following Netilly weekly blogs.

If you are looking for any professional graphic design services, feel free to contact us.


What is the best software for graphic design?

Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw are the most popular software for graphic designers.

Do graphic designers use canva?

Yes, Canva is a great, easy to use and drag and drop online platform for beginners.

Where can i download images?

Some of the best website for image sharing are stencil.

7 Essential Tools for Marketing Automation in 2020

tools for marketing automation

A considerable amount of time and effort is accounted for marketing and promotion within every online business operation. Effective marketing automation can make a significant amount of difference in the way online businesses thrive. Several tools for marketing automation helps to automate and streamline your marketing strategy and assist in saving a lot of time and effort, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

The right automation tools help to automate the marketing initiatives for increased efficiency and staggering cost reduction.

Further, most businesses today use automated marketing tools for enhancing customer interaction.

As per Email Monday, on an average, 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation and more than half of B2B companies (almost 58%) plan to adopt the technology.

Understanding Marketing Automation

The high-end marketing tools enable you to connect with the users in a personalized way as those allow each email and message to be customized to create a one-on-one interaction experience. The marketing tasks are managed well with these tools to effectively send messages and emails to users and monitor online campaigns effectively.

Online marketing tools help keep track of business leads, generate leads through timely communications, and manage the leads effectively for increased ROI on marketing initiatives. The right marketing automation tools help analyze the customer data and produce high-quality reports through which you can study the efficiency and outcomes of various marketing campaigns, deduce customer buying behavior, and create better processes.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Cost Saving
  • Time-Saving
  • NO Human Error
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Reach out to leads

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective and resourceful marketing automation tools suitable for growing businesses. These tools can help in business growth and create a seamless transactional flow for streamlining your business end-to-end marketing processes.


ClickMagick is one stop for all the marketing tasks presented in the most resourceful and cost-effective manner. Using ClickMagick, businesses can easily track, test, and improve their ads and online marketing campaigns’ efficiency. You no longer need to pay for the clicks on ads and links that do not value your business.

Using the right tools for marketing automation, you can track the efficiency of every advertisement and link you create for your marketing initiative. You can track sales efficiently and understand the impact of every action with clarity. You can optimize the customer interactions and garner newer leads at the right cost.

ClickMagick helps to track the links and helps in optimizing the sales funnels efficiently.

  • The tool efficiently tracks the links and user activities across devices to give you an overall picture of campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • It helps in finding the right customers using the ad networks.
  • Provides advanced GEO and Mobile Targeting for sending ads to users based on their location.
  • It comes with advanced affiliate marketing tools for building excellent affiliate links.
  • It helps in filtering bots for real-time estimates.

tools for marketing automation


Instapage is one of its kind tools that helps create customized landing pages for your business without any programming knowledge. Companies can create advanced landing pages for their websites based on dynamic customer needs to develop highly interactive and pertinent pages. It has an advanced landing page generation platform which can give dynamic pages for all the marketing needs and comes with advanced features to suit every need of a business. It helps ink rating landing pages for the brands completely relevant and mobile-friendly to give the user a seamless experience.

The personalization tool helps to increase user engagement by providing personalized landing pages based on the ads clicked by the user and highly relevant to the end-user.  Instapage is highly recommended for small businesses as they can quickly analyze the effectiveness of the landing pages and design future marketing strategies based on the analysis.



NinjaOutreach is a unique and customized influencer marketing platform that helps the influencers and bloggers manage their campaigns’ effectiveness.

It is a great CRM to track and manage the effectiveness of blogger and influencer relationships with a brand and understand the success rate of the promotions and campaigns rolled out with influencers’ help.

Using this tool, the brands can find the best and most effective influencers for promoting their brands on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, etc. The tool helps to search the right influencers and then roll out the most effective influencer marketing campaigns for the brands to influence the right target audience effectively.

The CRM helps manage, track, and scaling the influencer relationship ship and tactfully monetize the influencer outreach.



E-Goi is an all-around marketing automation tool that helps create a seamless end to end marketing campaign without any waste of money and efforts. It provides all the tools necessary for generating value for marketing initiatives. SMS, Email marketing, voice broadcast, push notifications, chats all the functions required for seamless automation of the marketing initiatives are available.

It has a wide variety of features like automatic landing ages generation and creating fast campaigns through email and mobile. Using e-goi, you can build a successful marketing strategy that enhances overall customer experience and brings maximum ROI.

It is time-saving and highly efficient, cutting the loopholes of the manual and unsupervised marketing techniques. The overall efficiency of any business grows multifold with highly sophisticated platforms like ego that help automate the end-to-end customer interaction and provide a better experience.



Businesses need to create effective and customized landing pages to adhere to the customers’ needs and inquiries. Using Leadpages, small companies can considerably cut costs by generating customized and personalized landing pages.

Using the drag and drop platform, you can create customized landing pages. The platform also provides highly sophisticated tools to track, record, and analyze customer interactions without hassle. Any business website’s effectiveness can grow multifold with a highly reliable and tech-friendly platform that provides maximum uptime.



HubSpot is one of the most popular inbound marketing automation tools, a boon for small business websites. Touted as the small business software, it helps plan and manage the marketing campaigns for small businesses and comes with an inbuilt email and CRM to manage your marketing tasks duly.

HubSpot is an all-around software that helps in marketing, sales, and service of customers to implement core business automation for small businesses. HubSpot also provides a lot of training and courses for marketing professionals to implement marketing automation. It has some of the most efficient tools for understanding and monitoring the customer journey end to end and helps in user tracking, collates information about website views, etc. The powerful emailing and communication tools help in building a personalized rapport with users and leads. There are lots of tools like forms, plugins for lead capture. HubSpot has a wide variety of features that strengthen the core marketing processes of small businesses.

  • It has free email marketing tools
  • Great customer support plugins
  • Live chats and chatbots plugin
  • Automated Lead calculation
  • Analytics



Endorsal helps collect customer reviews and testimonials in an automated manner without the need to buy fake reviews and implement ineffective campaigns for garnering the right and positive feedback for your business.

In the digital ecosystem, prospective clients are attracted to a business brand based on the reviews and testimonials for existing clients. However, fake or paid reviews do a little good to the business. Endorsal is an effective automated testimonial system that helps in efficiently collect customer reviews and display it on the various platforms with ease.

  • The tool is easy to set up and can be implemented within minutes
  • It helps the brands collect high-quality testimonials with ease and streamline the entire processes to give highly impactful results for the businesses.
  • It helps increase lead conversions, build an end to end customer loyalty and provide a spectacular boost to the brand image.

 By automating the customer testimonial collection process, businesses can save time and money.

marketing automation tools

To Summarize

Marketing Automation Tools can play an incredibly transformational role in enhancing the businesses’ efficiency and bring maximum ROI for marketing efforts by reducing cost and improving overall customer experience.

If you have used any of these tools, then do share your experience with us on the same. In case you are looking to explore any of these tools for marketing automation, then also share with us which one you planned to do.

You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for different purposes and share your feedback with us.

If you’d like to discuss how these tools for marketing automation can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for Promoting departments and Businesses to more effectively market on multiple Stations online (such as email, Social Networking, Sites, etc.) and automate repetitive Activities.

How do I choose a marketing automation software?

7 best Marketing Automation tools – Clickmagick, Endorsal, HubSpot, Leadpages, E-GOI, Instapage, NinjaOutreach

Which automation tool is in demand 2020?

Hubspot, Instapage and NinjaOutreach are some of the tools, currently in demand, and widely used tool in the market.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Why You Should Choose Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative suite

For year’s enterprises have used the Adobe Creative suite products for various business needs covering the bundle of utilities from publishing documents, delivering creatives, and processing images. Adobe has dominated the creative market with its path-breaking software like Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat PDF and Illustrator, etc.

Adobe’s coming of age products is now available bundled as a package under the Adobe Creative Suite. Most designers and creative agencies depend primarily on the Adobe software solutions for delivering design and branding related collaterals.

Adobe Creative enables small and large businesses to work cohesively with the design teams to provide high-quality collaterals, design brand promotional materials, for both print and digital.

Who Needs Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

If you have any design, media, and marketing needs, then Adobe Creative Suite is just what you need. These days any enterprise irrespective of size and nature heavily depends on digital marketing and promotion. Social media marketing itself involves creating a lot of creatives, banners, memes, videos, etc.

Adobe Creative Suite offers all the software tools one needs to deliver the best creatives. Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc. are industry standards for creative professionals. Earlier available as standalone, now these tools are available within the Adobe Creative Suite.

Why Should You Subscribe?

Although extremely resourceful and highly productive, the Adobe tools were costly for individuals and freelancers. Adobe has provided a more flexible and affordable option for the users by bundling the tools and offering Creative Cloud as a service with a monthly subscription instead of a one-time purchase.  The subscription fees are variable based on the tools and services purchased.

Along with the software tools, you also get access to the super-useful features which enhance your work capabilities and effectiveness. The suite comes with 100 GB cloud storage to store and manage your creative data, a portfolio website on the Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe special features like Fonts and image library.

Benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

It enhances your overall work capacity, and instead of purchasing individual apps from different sources, you get a suite of tools to work seamlessly on any creative project.

There is no upfront cost that needs to pay for the expensive tools; instead, you can procure the services by paying monthly access.

You do not need to pay for the upgrade costs for the newer versions of the software since you are using the cloud everything you access is always updating at no extra cost.

Access to everything is available along with some extra features with the Creative Cloud. You heard it right with the monthly subscription you get access to the latest products, services, and tools. Longworth the regular tools you also get access to Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat and Adobe XD, etc.

Unlike the software’s legacy desktop versions, you can access the Adobe cloud across devices and share data without any hassle. The various files in the legacy formats can be shared across platforms easily on mobile phones, tablets, etc. Sharing a draft with a co-worker or client is a breeze.

What All Adobe Creative Cloud Includes?

Adobe creative cloud comes with various apps that work for designing, photography, video, and audio editing apps. It also offers a suite of web and UX development apps. Overall, Adobe Creative Suite is an excellent choice for businesses to cater to their all-round requirements for creatives and front-end development.

Adobe Creative Suite Apps
Design AppsPhotography AppsWeb & UX AppsVideo & Audio Apps
PhotoshopPhotoshopXDPremiere Pro
Acrobat ProPhotoshop MixSparkCharacter Animator
BridgePhotoshop FixDreamweaverPrelude
CaptureLightroomAnimatePrelude Live Logger
InDesignLightroom Classic and MobileAudition
InCopyMedia End
SketchPremiere Rush
CompAfter Effects
SparkSpeed Grade
Illustrator DrawStory Plus

Adobe Creative Cloud Options

The creative cloud is available in various options, and you can select one as per your needs. Students, Individuals like freelancers, and businesses can opt for the plan.

           1.  Adobe Creative Cloud for Business

Adobe creative suite

Multiple licenses for the Adobe creative cloud are available in the business plans in which you can use the licenses to new users as the business requirements. You can do a lot of collaborative work in business plans like video editing etc. It is advisable to avail some discounts for ten or more users.

Two options of Adobe Creative Suite for Business are as below:

  • Single app for 24.99 Dollars/ INR 5412 a month each license
  • All apps for 59.99 dollars per month per license

The Adobe Creative Cloud for Business helps the enterprises and small companies to get access to all the necessary tools and software for their branding needs. When there are several users within a creative designing and delivery team, the Business plan serves the purpose. There is no need to get licenses for separate users and specific tools. The bundled package gives all the employees access, and it becomes easier to share and collaborate work. The Adobe Creative Cloud for Business plan is highly useful and also cost-effective for business owners and companies.

2.  Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers

Students and teachers get a substantial discount for the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and teachers.  if you study in a university or a college, school, or institution.  Students may get a discount of up to 29.99 dollars or INR 1353  per month.

adobe creative suite for businesses

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers helps the learners and trainers access the highly useful Adobe creative tools in a cost-effective pricing. There are special discounts for students and teachers, which they can avail by providing the institutional credentials at signup time. Considering the high cost of Adobe’s creative tools, it may be difficult for the students to afford them; however, with the right plans available in the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers, the students and trainers can use tools and gain expertise in these tools.

 3.  Adobe Individual Plan

Adobe creative cloud suite

The freelancers and solo entrepreneurs need a variety of Adobe tools for their creativity and business work. Such people can subscribe to the Adobe Individual plans in which they get access to all the required services.

  • Photography for 9.99 Dollars per month
  • Individual Apps at 20 Dollars per month
  • All Adobe Apps for 52.99 Dollars per month
  • All the Apps along with Adobe Stock Photos for 82.99 Dollars for month

The Adobe Creative Cloud Individual plans are for those who want to use specific tools and software for their individual needs. For example, a video editor would not be interested in Adobe Photoshop and would want to invest in Adobe AfterAffects or Adobe Lightroom. The Adobe Individual plans are most suited for freelancers and soloprenuers

Utility Apps Available in the Individual Plan

Let us see the individual apps available in Adobe Creative Cloud with their monthly pricing. You can choose individual apps that you use as per your need.

  • All Apps “In the individual plans a combination of more than 20 creative desktop and mobile phone apps are available got a subscription of 2,029 Rupees per month
  • A Customized photography plan is also open for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 20 GB of cloud storage at 676 Rs/mo.
  • Adobe Photoshop is open for a subscription of 1420 Rs/Mo through which you can create graphics, edit photos and create creatives on the go.
  • Adobe Illustrator is available for 1420 Rs/Mo with which you can create beautiful vector drawings and illustrations without any hassle.
  • Adobe InDesign also comes with a subscription of 1,420 Rs/Mo and helps create digital media-related pages and layouts on the go.
  • Adobe XD enables you to create mockups, designs, and prototypes to share user experience with an affordable subscription of 676 Rs/Mon.
  • Lightroom plan with 1 TB data is available with a 676 Rs/Mo subscription that lets you efficiently organize, edit, and store photos from anywhere
  • Adobe Dreamweaver is available for 1420 Rs/mo. subscription through which you can create highly responsive websites.
  • Adobe Animate helps you create stare of the art animation for various platforms for 1420 Rs/Mo subscription.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a 1420 Rs/Mo subscription, and it is a premier tool for video and film editors.
  • Adobe After Effects helps in creating the vest visual effects a motion graphics for different kinds of media. It available for 1420 Rs/Mo
  • Adobe Audition is a premium audio and sound recording, mixing, and restoration tool, with a monthly subscription of 1420 Rs/Mo is an excellent buy for music editors.
  • InCopy helps in working with the text and layouts without affecting the design of the webpages, creatives, and images. The handy tool is available for 338 Rs/Mo.


Adobe Creative Cloud is a must-have if you want to scale up your business’s creative side and enhance the capabilities of your design teams.

In the times of digital marketing, the creative ingenuity of any promotional effort or project matters a lot. Instead of using standalone tools that do not offer professional finesse to your creatives, it is always advisable to the highly revered Adobe tools which have proven excellence.

Video editors, audio designers, photographers, directors, and documentation experts rely primarily on the Adobe Creative Suite for delivering high-end results to their customers. Learn the new techniques and polish yourself as a skilled professional using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Ace up your branding initiatives with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

With its customized plans and extended offerings, you can get hands-on experience in limitless designing and rendering.


Is adobe creative suite free?

Yes, Students and educator can use Adobe creative suite for free.

Can you buy Adobe creative suite?

Yes, You can easily buy Adobe creative suite through netilly tools section.

10 Best Web Hosting Service Providers

Do you know there are around 2 billion websites on the world web today? With such staggering numbers, web hosting service providers play a vital role as web hosting is the foundation on which a website is built. So here we will talk about Best web hosting service providers.

However, choosing the right service provider can be a tedious task. As each hosting provider offers different features and pricing, so it’s essential to go through those features, and also consider factors such as uptime and load-time.

Apart from hosting services, most of the providers offer a whole range of services such as:

  • Dedicated servers & management
  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Access
  • WordPress Support

Before we take you through the complete list of top providers of web hosting, let’s review some of the tips you should consider before starting with any provider:

  1. Understand all the features you are getting for what you are paying.
  2. Be aware of pricing tricks.
  3. Look for the credibility of the provider.
  4. Consider website builders that offer compelling ways to create your website.

1. Blue Host

Blue host is one of the most famous names for providing hosting services. It is owned by Endurance Corporation and is also the best web hosting service provider by Word press.

Blue Host gives you 24/7 support and free consultation if you get stuck anywhere on your website. It also provides on-demand assistance over the phone and chats service with WordPress experts.

There is a full blueprint which you will get, which is all about getting started with WordPress exploring all the aspects of making a Word Press Website.

Various shared hosting plans which Blue Host offer are:



Choice Plus






1 website

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

50 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Standard Performance

Standard Performance

Standard Performance

High Performance

1 Included Performance

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

5 Parked Domains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

25 Sub Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

2 Spam Experts

Spam Experts

Spam Experts

Domain Privacy

1 Office 365 Mailbox-Free 30 days

Domain Privacy

Site Backup-Code Guard Basic

Site Backup-Code Guard Basic

Dedicated IP

1 Office 365 Mailbox- Free 30 days

1 Office 365 Mailbox-Free 30 days

2. Hostinger


Hostinger is one of the fastest web hosting among the various web hosting providers. It has guaranteed 99.9% uptime with the fast loading cache manager. The multiple features of Hostinger are Custom Dashboard, Responsive Support, Free Domain, Unlimited Features, and Great Introductory Price.

The pricing plans that Hostinger offer for Shared Hosting are:





 $ 0.99 /mo


$ 2.59 /mo

$ 4.09 /mo


Free 24/7 Support

Free 24/7 Support

Free Lifetime SSL Certificate

done1-Click Installer

2X Processing Power & Memory

Free 24/7 Support

Optimised for Word Press

Unlimited Bandwidth

4X Processing Power & Memory

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

1-Click Installer

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

Optimised for Word Press

1-Click Installer

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Optimised for Word Press

1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Webmail access

1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

To know about other hosting options, visit – Hostinger

3. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a well-known name in the list of hosting providers. It is one of the oldest hosting providers.

With a customer base of more than 63 million, Go Daddy is an ideal choice of a lot of companies and individuals. The various Features of Go Daddy are that is easy to use, uses Top of the Line Technology, Wide Variety of Hosting Solutions, Design Flexibility, Quality Customer Support, Affordable Deals, Security and Reliability.

The pricing plan that Go Daddy offers for Web Hosting is:





C$ 2.99/mo

C$ 5.99/mo

 C$ 7.99/mo

C$ 17.99/mo

1 website

100 GB storage

Unlimited websitesºº

2x processing power & memory

30 GB storage

Free Professional Email – 1-year trial

Unlimited storage

Free SSL Certificate – 1 year

Unmetered bandwidth

Free domain – with annual plan

Unlimited subdomains

Free Premium DNS and

Unlimited databases


4. Dream Host

Dream Host has been providing Hosting for 25 years and has hosted over 1.5 million sites. Some of its features are Above Average Speed and Uptime, 97- Day Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits and No higher Renewal Price Increase.

The chat support is good but gives limited live chat support.

The most popular pricing plan is of Shared Hosting starting at $2.59/mo, which gives you a free domain name, fast SSD storage, and email hosting for your website.

To know more, visit – Dream host


5. Site Ground

Site Ground has excellent performance up to 99.99% Uptime with above-average load time. It supports a large number of applications up to 500.

Site Ground has good chat support, unmetered bandwidth, 10GB storage, website builder free email, free SSL certificate, and content delivery network.

The pricing plans are:



Go Geeks




1 website

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites

10 GB Web Space

20 GB Web Space

30 GB Web Space

10,000 Visits Monthly

25,000 Visits Monthly

100,000 Visits Monthly


To know more, click on – Site Ground

6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is environmentally friendly hosting by offsetting 300% of the carbon from the energy they use. Some of the popular features of GreenGeeks are top security measures, automated backups. It has hosted over 300,000 websites.

Its pricing plan is:







1-Click App Installer

Unlimited Websites

1 Click App Installer

Unlimited Web Space

1-Click App Installer

Unlimited Web Space

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Unlimited Web Space

Unlimited Data Transfer

Free Wildcard SSL

Unlimited Data Transfer

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Standard Performance

Free Domain Name for 1st Year

Free Premium Wildcard SSL

Free Wildcard SSL

Free Dedicated IP

2X Performance

4X Performance

PowerCacher Included

PowerCacher Included

To know more, visit – GreenGeeks

7. iPage

iPage is a hosting service which provides Free Domain registration, Free drag and drops site builder, 1,000s of free templates, Free SSL Certificate, Free email address, 30-day money-back guarantee, Free 24/7 support, Free domain transfer.

You can see the various pricing plans offered at iPage.

8. Cloudways


Cloudways is one of the best cloud webs hosting for small businesses as it makes hosting simple and agile for everyone.

Cloudways provides you 24/7-365 days online support, free SSL certificates for your website security, unlimited application hosting and free migration to Cloudways.

It also specializes in high-speed CDN, free WordPress cache plugin, OS-level firewalls, launching more than 10 apps in one click and GIT integration.

The best thing is they give you a 3 day free trial for using Digital Ocean, Linode, vultr, aws, and Google cloud platform without any credit card.

























All Plans Come With

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • CDN Add-on
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access

9. BigRock


BigRock is an ICANN accredited domain registration and web hosting company which powers 6 million domains and has 10 years of experience in technical web hosting.

It provides some features for free after registering your domain with them like free email accounts, DNS management, multiple mail forwards, domain theft protection and domain forwarding with easy to use control panel.

The best thing about BigRock is they are providing free .net domain name with the purchase of 6 months hosting.

Products and features

  • Domain registration
  • Domain extension
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • DIY Website builder


(Personal use)



(web developers)


Business and start-ups


1 Website

1 Website

3 Websites

20 GB Storage

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Storage

50,000 Monthly Visitors

75,000 Monthly Visitors

1,00,000 Monthly Visitors

100 GB Transfer Bandwidth

Unmetered Transfer Bandwidth

Unmetered Transfer Bandwidth

5 Email Accounts

Unlimited* Email Accounts

Unlimited* Email Accounts

Server location-US

Server location-US

Server location-US

10. Kinsta


Kinsta is one of the most user-friendly hosting providers for WordPress with over 15 years of experience and award-winning performance.

The best part is you can make a free demo account on kinsta for 60 days thus allowing you to manage and scale your website.

Some of its features are a proactive customer support system, high-security network, great speed, Google cloud platform,              and free migrations.

Also, they offer the most flexible plans with 30 days money-back guarantee.





Business 1


Business 2


1 WordPress install

2 WordPress Installs

5 WordPress Installs

10 WordPress Installs

20,000 Visits

40,000 Visits

1,00,000 Visits

2,50,000 Visits

10 GB Disk Space

20 GB Disk Space

30 GB Disk Space

40 GB Disk Space

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL and CDN

To Wrap Up

These are some of the best web hosting service Providers you can consider to get hosting and other related services. Please do share your experience with us in comments, if you have taken services from any of these providers.

If you’d like to discuss which hosting service provider you should pick, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our Specialists.

10 Best Free SEO Tools in 2020

best free seo tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like Game of Thrones; you need to battle with your competitors using the right keywords and techniques to be on the top of Search Engine Results.

However, choosing the right SEO tool is one of the challenges nowadays considering the level of competition out there.

But we are here to help you prepare for the battle with the list of best free SEO tools, handpicked by our experts. There are SEO free tools as well in case you are on a specific budget.

Best Free SEO Tools In 2020

1.  SEMrush

SEMrush is the Marketer’s favourite tool. It’s one of the best on-page SEO tools to analyse your website and that of your competitors. You can look at your trending articles, social shares, word count, and related keywords all at one place. This makes it easier for you to research well before writing your blog post and helps you analyse it after publishing the post.

Screenshot of SEMrush for Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

The best thing about this tool is that it also helps you plan the content for your blog with its content marketing kit. Not just that, SEMrush gives about 14M ideas for a single keyword. Just imagine how great that would be for your content chart.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Brenton Marcum, said their keyword strategy for writing copy for blog posts, websites, social media, and their clients, is done using SEMrush.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Paid – $99 per month

Best for Keyword research, Competitor analysis

Key Features:

  • Analyse competitor’s keywords, ad budgets, and marketing activities
  • Find less competitive keywords
  • Compare domains side-by-side
  • Get visual data in terms of charts
  • Segmentation of your keywords by topic
  • Perform Site Audit
  • Check your website using On-Page SEO Checker
  • Get useful insights about your site’s organic traffic
  • Measure and compare the performance of your content

2.  Mangools

Mangools is one of the best SEO software which comprises of below tools:

  • KW Finder (Keyword research)
  • SERP Checker (SERP Analysis)
  • SERP Watcher (Rank tracking)
  • Link Miner (Backlink Analysis)
  • Site Profiler (SEO Metrics and Insights)

Their USP is that they have a very smooth user interface which doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

The best thing is you can get a ten-day free trial without a credit card.

Also, they offer 40% off on their annual plans with unlimited keyword suggestions on Mangools premium and agency plan.

Type: Software

Pricing: Paid


Basic-49$, Premium-69$, Agency-129$


Basic-29$, Premium-39$, Agency-79$

Best for: Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Backlinks

Key Features:

  • Keyword analysis and suggestions
  • Analyse Competitor’s keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • Tracks your website ranking
  • Check backlinks
  • Checks Domain Authority, Page Authority and Credibility of a website
  • Provides a browser extension
  • Analyse Google’s SERP changes
  • Helps check website’s SERP snippet

3.  Serpstat

Serpstat is a great all in one SEO tool whose mission is to help businesses outrank their competition to gain higher profits.

It was founded in 2013 as a keyword tool but later became all in one SEO platform in 2016 focussing on generating leads through organic and paid search.

While they also help you track your competition and improve your content.

Interestingly, they have about 5 billion keywords in their database, and 25,000 are updated every minute.

The best thing about Serpstat is that they provide a free plan which helps you find relevant keywords, analyse backlinks, and do competitor’s research.

You can also save 20% on yearly SEO plans.

Type- Software

Pricing – Free for limited tools, Paid (Lite, Standard, Advance, Enterprise)


Lite-69$, Standard-149$, Advance-299$, Enterprise-499$


Lite-55$/month, Standard-119$, Advance- 239$, Enterprise- 399$

Best for – Keyword research, PPC analysis and competitor’s research

Key Features

  • Helps you do keyword research and competitor’s analysis
  • Analyse PPC campaigns
  • Track your website rankings
  • Gives content ideas
  • Performs On-page SEO audit
  • Track your competitor’s keyword positioning
  • Displays reports and infographics
  • Uses API
  • Analyses Backlinks

4.  Moz

Moz is one of the best SEO tools that is used by many experts. Despite the regular algorithm changes that Google does, Moz is one tool that is up to date. Besides, it is also known for its chat support to the customers.

Screenshot of MoZ for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 publised by Netilly

Moz comes with a free trial period of 30 days, post which you can decide whether to buy it or not. Now, that’s something great because most of the paid SEO tools allow you to have a trial for only seven days.

The ‘page optimization feature’ is said to be the best as it helps you optimize every single page of the website by clearly mentioning where to make changes or what to add.

Type: Software

Pricing: Paid – @99 per month post 30 days free trial period

Best for: Keyword Research, SEO Report, SEO Audit, Backlink Research

Key Features:

  • Allows you to track the keywords for which you’re ranking.
  • Finds out issues on your website and alerts you about the same.
  • Prioritized recommendations enable you to optimize your web pages.
  • Get custom suggestions that help you create content.
  • Link Explorer helps you find quality backlinks for your website.
  • Moz Local helps small businesses and enterprises get maximum outputs with minimum efforts.

5.  Post Affiliate Pro

Post affiliate pro is the highest-rated and reviewed SEO affiliate software which helps you improve your site’s ranking on SERP’s (search engine result pages). It also facilitates tracking the growth of affiliate programs and networks.

It has a very intuitive user interface, so it’s easy to manage commissions, campaign manager and reports.

One can integrate post affiliate pro with over 170 payment gateways and CMS.

The best thing is they are giving a 14 day free trial for network owners, merchants and affiliates.


Pricing-Paid post 14-day free trial

Pro-97$, Ultimate-197$, Network-477$

Best for – Manage affiliate and network programs

Key Features

  • Affiliate link styles
  • Direct link tracking
  • Forced matrix
  • Commission groups
  • Performance awards
  • Split Commission
  • Flash banners
  • Html banners
  • Image banners
  • Mass payments
  • Multilingual Support
  • Web2.0(Ajax)
  • Campaign, banner and affiliate report
  • Map overlay report
  • Online users report

6.  Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a keyword research tool that gives a free report of what your consumers are searching. The report is displayed in a visually appealing format with several questions and tags.

screenshot of Answer The Public for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

It’s an online tool for content ideas as well. While the free version gives useful insights, you can also go for the Pro version, which is beneficial for agencies.

Type: Online tool

Pricing: Free /  Paid ( Pro version for $99 per month)

Best for: Keyword Research, Content Ideas

Key Features:

  • Get search results in the form of questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and other related keywords
  • Displays visual data
  • Allows you to save the displayed data in the form of an image
  • Helps you generate content ideas

7.  Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is everyone’s favourite as it is a free tool for SEO. It’s the lighter version of paid tools. Performing keyword research using Ubersuggest is quite easy; you can do it either by entering your competitor’s URL or by entering the seed keyword.

The latest update of this tool also allows one to find out backlinks of your competitor’s site. Not just that, you can easily get long-tail and short-tail keywords along with SEO difficulty.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

Type: Online tool

Pricing: Free

Best for: Keyword Research, Backlinks

Key Features:

  • Estimated visit counts give you an idea about how much traffic you can get
  • Keyword suggestions based on the entered keyword
  • Get content ideas for your website
  • Provides the backlink data
  • Visit your competitor’s top-ranking pages

8.  Seo Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a tool that is useful to optimize your website for SEO. Checking your website manually for errors or issues to be fixed is a time taking process, but SEO SiteCheckup automatically does it for you. All you need to do is, enter your website URL and get a real-time report and fixes that are required.

Screen of SEOSiteCheckup for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

This tool solves all the SEO issues instantly with just one click. It’s an excellent tool for beginners as well as professionals. You can monitor your website’s SEO performance on a day-to-day basis and change it accordingly.

SEO SiteCheckup is one of the best SEO audit free tool, which is available for a free trial period of 14 days.

Type:  Tool

Pricing: Paid – $24.95 per month post-14-day trial.

Best for: SEO Audit, Monitoring, Competitor Analysis

Key Features:

  • Analyse your SEO issues instantly
  • Day-to-day SEO monitoring
  • Notifies when your SEO score changes
  • Compare your competitor’s SEO side-by-side
  • Generate SEO reports
  • Create automated checkups

9.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best tools for SEO, and many bloggers recommended it. This tool crawls the website efficiently and gives almost accurate results. You can perform keyword research by either entering your competitor’s URL or by typing the seed keyword. This gives you a list of keywords, both long-tail, and short-tail.

Screenshot of Ahrefs used in blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

You can filter your keywords according to search volume, keyword density, paid difficulty, etc. That’s the best part of this tool. Also, it allows you to vomit negative keywords.

Ahrefs is freely available for seven days.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Paid – $99 per month after 7 day trial period

Best for: Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Site Audit, Content Ideas

Key features:

  • Site Explorer for getting insights about organic traffic and backlinks
  • Use Keywords explorer for getting the right keywords
  • Content explorer gives you content ideas
  • Site audit feature shows you the issues that need to be fixed
  • Find the content gap of your competitors and generate content for your site
  • Compare multiple links of competitors at once

10.  Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool by google ads. You can use it to find low competition keywords. However, it doesn’t display the search volume precisely.

Screenshot of Keyword Planner for blog Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 published by Netilly

The keyword planner is mainly used for paid ad campaigns. It helps you discover new keywords and also shows the bid estimates for those keywords.

Type: Tool

Pricing: Free

Best for: Ad Campaigns, Keyword Research

Key features:

  • Search the most relevant keywords for your business
  • Find out how often a keyword is searched
  • Gives you suggested bid estimates for each keyword
  • Add the finalized keywords to your advertising plan


These are the must-have tools for best SEO practices. It’ll make your research easier and will surely help you rank better provided you work hard consistently and keep optimizing your website and content regularly.

You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for different purposes and share your feedback with us.

If you’d like to discuss how best free SEO tools can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO Specialists.


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