About the company

Welcome to Netilly

In today’s world businesses can’t survive without an online presence. We help businesses reach their potential customers using digital marketing tools and techniques leading to organic as well as inorganic growth.

Who Are We

We are a team of digital marketing professionals who understand how to leverage the internet for growing your business.

Our Mission

We want to leverage our experience and domain knowledge to deliver results for our customers.

What We Do

We work with our customers to establish their online marketing strategy and brand visibility. We provide the full range of online marketing services.

Our history

We are a young and dynamic company that is run by professionals from the information technology services industry. We bring to the table the technical knowledge of latest tools and techniques in the digital marketing arena along with a deep understanding of delivering services across the globe.

Our Approach


Understand the need

We start by understanding our client’s business – the product or service and its intended target audience.


Validate with client

Based on the understanding we document the customers’ requirement and get it validated by them.


Create the strategy

Once the requirement is signed off, we create the strategy that would work the best for our client’s product or service.


Assign project team

Once we agree to the strategy and the plan, we assign a delivery team along with an account manager who will work with the client on the initiative.


Execute as per plan

The project team will conduct an audit and baseline the initial status and create an action tracker. Execution starts by working on the action items.


Report progress

Progress and results of the project are shared with the client through quantifiable metrics at regular intervals.

Why choose us?

Our team has a deep understanding of the IT service industry and its best practices. We have in place standard processes that we use to execute our projects.

We guarantee value for money services for our customers. Partner with us and let’s together grow your business.

We follow a metrics driven approach so that we can demonstrate the results in a quantifiable way.

We understand e-commerce and the nuances of how online marketing works.

What differentiates us from other companies is our focus on delivering quality services. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Our team is comprised of professionals that bring a deep understanding of the market and what works.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Drop us an email or leave your details on the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.