9 Effective Growth Hacks | How to increase YouTube Views

how to increase youtube views

YouTube has become one of the most pivotal sources of gaining popularity and promoting your brand and content on the internet, with over 2 billion users. No one can imagine life without YouTube, where everyone is now getting habituated to search YouTube videos for learning new things, getting the latest news, or just passing time with entertainment. While YouTube is great for personal entertainment, it is also a highly engaging and resourceful platform to showcase your talent or exhibit your brand. If you want to know how to increase YouTube views, keep on reading till the end.

You need not spend millions of rupees to publish your Ad on YouTube as compared to what one needs to do on entertainment TV channels. You can publish an informative or innovative video that educates the target audience, and your brand may reach unexpected heights.

Using the right tools and techniques, you can ensure that in a crowd of millions of similar videos, your video stands out and catches the attention of the audience. By increasing the YouTube views, your brand can attain popularity and earn through it.

A search optimized channel can deliver a highly engaging experience and has the flair to work in collabration with the YouTube Algorithm to boost your brand’s reach. 

Let us look at some of the most successful and useful hacks through which you can optimize your channel and learn how to increase YouTube views.

  1. Branding

    When it comes to a YouTube channel, your brand profile is very important as it creates a highly professional and sophisticated image in the minds of the audience.
    Whenever anyone watches several videos from any brand, they must visit the channel home page and see what the brand is all about. To ensure that the viewers are attracted to the videos and consider it seriously, you must create the channel profile page considering your brand and vision
    If your brand is about technical or formal service, the channel home page and profile should be something that looks classy and formal. If your brand is entertainment and fun related, the profile should look quirky, funny, and casual. The basis is that profile branding should be highly engaging and reflect the company’s essence or service.
    Before launching any video or story, you should spend time indiscreetly designing and creating an engaging and unique profile with all the pertinent information about your brand. Your home page should look compelling and professional with the essence of creativity. It should encapsulate what your channel wants to convey and even why you created a channel, to begin with.
    The basic principle of how to increase YouTube views is to make a professional looking channel. There should be clarity in the information shared on the channel. It should rather look clear, organized, and planned. More than 87 percent of online marketers use video content for promoting their brands. By using the right profile branding, you can engage more and more customers.
     how to increase youtube views

    a) Choosing a good profile picture is very important as it is something that appears everywhere on the platform. Then you should select some prominent and identifiable photos that are visible in a thumbnail or small icon size; the best option for brands is to use their official logo in the profile picture. However, it is also great to use a catchy profile picture. 
    b) You can use the YouTube Channel Art to make your profile page look creative and professional. You can add various images and creatives on your homepage.
    c) A good channel trailer helps to showcase your brand in a precise manner. You can do it in a small 1-2-minute video and auto-plays whenever someone visits your home page. It should be highly engaging and interesting.
    d) Add Playlists for the best videos on your Homepage, which viewers can play instantly. You may add that in the feature content for the new visitors.
    e) You can also add several featured channels with which some other popular channels from your brand or partner’s brand can be highlighted. This is a good way to promote affiliate channels.
    f) Create an engaging and informative About Page in which you can give a crisp and formal description of your brand and services. Here you can also add a link to your website.

  2. Proper Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

    Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of Google-owned products, and YouTube is the best example of it. The most popular and highly viewed channels appear higher in the search than others.
    Search optimization is important to increase the visibility of your channel and videos. Without knowledge of the right keywords, you can never learn how to increase YouTube views. The algorithm of YouTube is extremely complex and smart and understands the user’s perspective.
    ·         Thus, to gain new followers, you must use highly rich keywords to ensure that your channel’s ranking and videos are higher on YouTube.
    ·         The keywords should be trending, high value, and extremely well thought off when you create the Titles, Description, and Tags for your channel or video.
    ·         To make sure that the video content is innovative and reaches out to the right audience, you should use the keywords in the tags and even on your channel’s homepage.
    The titles should be clear, crisp and descriptive so that the viewers can easily understand what the video is all about.
    Using Keywords in your YouTube video is very easy, and you can use several tools like Google Search to find out the best and most trending keywords. One of the most straightforward ways is to type the keyword in the YouTube search bar and see the top suggestions. You can then use those in your video tags.
    You can also use the various keyword planning tools like AdWords and many SEO Tools to find the most valuable and optimal keywords that resonate with your video.how to increase youtube views

  3. Use Right Tags

    Keywords and hashtags are a great way to attract the right traffic. Like hashtags play a pivotal role in Instagram and Facebook. Similarly, they help in driving traffic on YouTube as well. The YouTube Algorithm also works similarly, and the way you tag the videos can be a gamechanger in the success of your YouTube Channel. It is great to use the tags in a way that boosts the performance and works in conjuction with the YouTube Algorithm.
    ·         The tags enable the algorithms to pick up your videos. You should ensure that you include pertinent and highly trending keywords instead of stuffing everything in place. It is advisable to use a few tags that are 3 to 5 words long and are highly engaging.
    ·         Call to Action(CTA) or highly straightforward tags generate more traction. An example can be” How to Make Instagram Profile?” instead of “Instagram profile ideas.” Finding the right tags that are trending is a must for learning how to increase YouTube views.

  4. Thumbnails

    Thumbnails are very important when it comes to YouTube videos because, the users are attracted to the video through the glimpse they get from the Thumbnail image in the search results, or everywhere they see the video for example in suggestions. The image should be engaging and catchy so that it attracts the user to click on it and go ahead to watch the video.
    ·         Video content should, indeed, be highly informative and fun. Only then will the viewers stay and watch it completely. However, if the thumbnail image is not great, they may not even start the video in the first place. You should ensure that the Thumbnail image is clear, crisp, and attractive, directly talking about the video.
    ·         The image should not be misleading or falsifying; otherwise, the users would feel cheated, and your video could lose credibility. To have the right following on YouTube, you must provide your viewers with the right information and attract them through the most relevant titles, thumbnails, and even descriptions
    ·         You must ensure that the image is of high definition quality with the right colors and design. It should not be blurry or distorted; else, the viewers will not be attracted to click on the thumbnail and view it. How to set youtube Thumbnail

  5. Use Cards

    Cards are a very useful feature from YouTube, which helps the YouTubers to set up the notifications for their videos easily. These pre-formatted templates for notifications appear on the mobiles and desktops, and you should set them up to easily promote their videos and brands through your channel.
    ·         There are many pre-designed templates available on YouTube, which you can use for the business, whether it is related to merchandising, fundraising, entertainment, or simply generic.
    ·         The rectangular box or a teaser format appears on the top right of the YouTube video and gives a simple preview to the video viewers.
    ·         The users can then tap the Card to read the message on the right side of the video. It is amazing when you want to showcase a message with your video. The description should be highly engaging and relevant to the video.
    ·         The Cards should be created with the Call to Action in mind, and the message which the brand wants to convey should be written in the Cards. For example, you want to promote your upcoming training, so the Card should provide a link to the registration form and provide details of the training. Whatever is being said in the video should be cohesively detailed in the Card.Youtube cards

  6. End- Screens

    Like cards, the end screens also act as valuable extensions to the YouTube videos, as they help increase the watch time of the channel, and the viewers can be directed to the next video or playlist with ease. It is advisable to use the end screens in the last 5-15 seconds of your video.
    ·         To ensure that the end screens bring value to your videos and generate more views, one should add links to the relevant and associated videos that make sense to the viewers.
    ·         Having an end screen with a video about Fashion Tips at the end of an Artificial Intelligence video would seem meaningless. The crux of the matter is that the end screens should be chosen wisely. You can use four elements in the end screens, a playlist, video, a subscribe link, or another channel.
    ·         This space is for adding the closing elements to your video and encourage your viewers to take Action, thereby extending the engagement with your channel beyond the video.youtube end-screen

  7. Ensure Your Video Content is Attractive and Compelling

    The most important thing in getting more views on a YouTube video is the video itself. The video’s content should be of high value and engaging; it should bring value to the customers and keep them hooked up till the end. It should provide them value for the time they invested in viewing the video and compel them to view it again and share it with others.
    Your video should bring an element of surprise or empathy in the viewers and make them aware of the topic. Instead of just making a bland video and providing already known information, it should have innovative, rare, and useful information.
    DIY, Educational, and Informative videos get a lot of viewership and traction because they compel people to view repeatedly and share the video. Your brand should invest resources in creating the right videos with amazing storyline, content, and visuals.

  8. Embed your Videos in High Ranking Blogs

    While it is great to have a highly optimized video that appears high on YouTube or Google Search engine, a straightforward and much easier approach is to direct the customers and viewers to the video on YouTube from other sources.  When you invest a lot of money and efforts in highlighting your other content sources like SEO optimized blogs, it is lucrative to use the same for YouTube videos. You can embed the YouTube video related to a high ranking blog on the blog page. The readers of the blog would already be looking for similar information. When they see a related video, most likely, they click and open the video directly on YouTube.
    Most of the news article websites do this, in which they have a link to the news story video on YouTube, embedded on the news article page.

  9. Get Connected to Viewers

    If you want to ensure that your videos and content become popular on YouTube, ensure that you engage with the viewers. If you want to know how to increase YouTube views, make sure you use conversational language and talk to them instead of narrating.
    Ensure that you have answers to the most common questions they might have relating to the subject. The most popular YouTube channels have engagement with subscribers and followers. They ask for reviews and feedback in the comments. They interact by answering the comments and using the suggestions to create their next content.


Now that we have talked about some of the most vital hacks on how to increase YouTube views, one must follow the basic principle of creating engaging and responsive videos. By ensuring that the videos are interesting and capturing the trending topics, one can get massive viewership on YouTube and boost their brand.

If you’d like to discuss how YouTube can help your business or brand, then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our YouTube Specialists.

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