Everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel

Everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel

Everything you need to know about Facebook pixel – Do you know you can track if your audience has made a reservation, viewed your content, tried to contact you, and many more such actions with your Facebook Ads?

All this is possible through Facebook Pixel!

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a short code that is placed on a website which is used to measure metrics such as conversions, track visitors, site actions are taken etc. It helps you to view what your visitors are doing once you set up the conversion ad campaign. You can see the results in the Facebook Ads Manager. It is instrumental in managing your ad performance and checking what people are doing at your website.

There are two-pixel codes which are given, one is base code, and another is event code.

What are the different events you can track with Facebook pixel?

Everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel

  1. Add to cart– Track adding of an item to a shopping cart.
  2. Add to wishlist – This event lets you track when items are added to wish list. This event can also be used to perform retargeting and create a custom audience from it.
  3. Purchase – Track when a purchase is completed.
  4. Add Payment Info or Initiate Checkout – This event let you know when a checkout has been initiated.
  5. Make Registration – Track when a user makes registration for something in return of any service you are offering like email newsletter or guides.
  6. Custom event – You can create your custom events for tracking.
  7. Schedule – Track Booking of an appointment or reservation.
  8. Donate – Track Donation of any cause to you.
  9. Subscribe– This event let you track any subscription made on your website.
  10. Lead– This event enables you to track any information given by the user to you, which can convert into a customer very likely.
  11. Find Location – Track when a user tries to find your location or locate you.
  12. View Content – This event lets you track when a user visits your website pages.
  13. Contact – Track when an attempt to track you has been made in the form of email, message etc.
  14. Search – Event when a user searches for anything on your website.
  15. Submit Application – Event when a user submits an application

16.Start Trial– This event lets you track when a user starts their trial.

How to create a pixel?

It is effortless to create Facebook Pixel and start tracking and getting useful data.

Follow these steps to create Facebook Pixel.

Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager

  • Next, you will get two codes to paste in the system of your website. One is based law, and other is event code.

Social media ads manager


Everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel

  • Next, you can set the relevant events for your business.

You would need to choose using toggle buttons which all events you would like to track for your website. You would also need to indicate, at the time of selecting each activity, whether to follow the event on:

Page load : This is to track actions that require navigating to a new page while finishing a purchase or a sign-up.

Taking action inline: This is to track actions such as clicking an add-to-cart button that doesn’t require opening a new page.

  • Next, you can check if your pixel code is running fine by checking the </> extension icon turning blue on the webpage that has a Facebook pixel installed. Then a popup will tell how many pixels it could find on that page.
  • Lastly, you need to add a clear notice on your website for using Facebook pixel to comply with terms of Facebook. This is important to indicate the visitors that you are collecting their data through cookies, and if users want, they can opt-out of this.

How can you view your Facebook Pixel Data?

It is very easy to view your Facebook Pixel Data.

Face ads

Follow these steps to see how your events are performing.

Once you have Added the pixel code to your website, go to Pixels in the Ads Manager. You will get this window.

You can see how your event is performing here. To view more, you can click on the details button and view a detailed report of the same.

How does pixel help?

Through Facebook pixel, you can accomplish your marketing goals and see how your audience is interacting with your website and Facebook ads. Facebook pixel can help in various ways to target audience and generate leads.

Facebook Pixel also gives access to you to see detailed analytics of how many times the event has occurred and on which days. There are various advantages you can take of Facebook pixel and understand where to put your money and time.

Let us see in what ways you can use Facebook pixel.

  1. Make Custom Audience

Facebook ads campaign

you can make the custom audience based on the event you want them to do and target those people through Facebook ads campaign. Custom Audience is one of the useful advantages of the Facebook pixel. Suppose you want people to make a reservation in your hotel. You can create a custom audience based on their activity on your website.

  1. Retargeting 

Retargeting is the process of reaching out to the potential customer once he/she has viewed your website. Facebook Pixel can help to retarget the audience by tracking their activities, and you can target them again with unique offers and make a conversion.

E.g., you can track people who have put some products in their wish list and then retarget them by showing exciting offers for the same product. Retargeting is one of the best uses of Facebook pixel, which can help you convert potential buyers into loyal customers.

  1. Track Conversion

Facebook tracker

Through Facebook pixel, You can also perform conversion tracking and get useful insights about your conversions and understand how people are interacting with your ads and website. You can see the results in the Facebook Ads Manager. You can view how much ROI is generated and what is working and what is not.

The best part of Facebook Pixel is that you can see what is working and how it is working. You can get the complete ROI report.

  1. Optimize for 

    We all want good conversions for our ads, but it is challenging to get good conversions without knowing what is working and what is not. Facebook pixels helps you to measure how many times your set event has occurred and which has not. By this, you can understand where optimization is needed and make the necessary changes.


Digital Marketing is different from other channels of marketing, as it is possible to measure various metrics here.

Facebook Pixel is one such tool which can take your marketing strategies to new heights of success.

Integrating Facebook pixel with your website can help you to understand your audience more deeply and come up with more accurate ad campaigns. In this blog, we have seen how Facebook pixel can be integrated with your website and what are the various events you can track via Facebook pixel.

This analytic tool has indeed been a game-changer for Facebook and Facebook ads, which has given more power to digital marketers and changed the dynamic of analysis.

If you want expert guidance for your Facebook ads, you can contact us.

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