Email Marketing for a UK-based Recruitment Firm

About Our Client

Our client is a leading UK-based recruitment solutions provider primarily in the technology domain. The firm provides its services to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Problem Statement

Our client wanted to leverage email marketing to generate more leads and grow their business.


Our objective was to design and send effective email newsletters inline with the client goal of generating relevant leads.

Approach & Strategy

As a strategy Netilly recommended sending out the newsletter once a month for the first six months. It was also decided to send the newsletter towards the end of the month.
Also a comparison of various tools was done and mailchimp was chosen based on the number of email addresses provided and the ease of use in designing newsletters.
As the client was into a B2B business, we decided to include articles, videos, media coverage and new client acquisitions in the monthly newsletter.
Then the snippet was designed in such a way that it gave the latest updates in a month.
The client was requested to provide the email addresses of existing customers so that they could be uploaded to the mailchimp database.
The newsletters were shared with the clients after adding relevant subject lines, creative and email text. Once the client feedback was incorporated the newsletters would be sent out to the target audience.

Newsletter Design

Result Achieved

During the six month period there was a jump in the client’s business. They onboarded new clients across industries such as Real Estate, AI Consultancy, Information Technology, Consumer Goods, etc. which contributed to 40% growth in revenue.