Amazon SEO – 9 Hacks to boost product sales on Amazon

Amazon seo

Amazon SEO Hacks – Whenever anyone thinks of buying a product or daily utility item these days, their first preference is to quickly search for the product on various e-commerce sites. While there are numerous e-commerce sites available on the internet these days, Amazon has surmounted the league.

Amazon is the world’s largest and most used marketplace, which has created a monopoly by providing millions of products to customers across all genres. You think of any product or item, and you can easily find that on Amazon in a wider variety and from several sellers. With the presence of over 15 countries, Amazon has a massive customer base, giving the sellers high prospects of profit earning. People are earning by selling their products and services on Amazon and through various affiliate programs with ease.

Amazon is an integrated marketplace where the sellers from various fields can put forward their products for sale. The company charges a commission on the sold products listing with every sale made through it. While this brings many opportunities for the regional sellers to reach out to a more extensive customer base ( Amazon has 95 million loyal customers) and sell more units, Amazon gets more commission and builds a substantial inventory of the sellers and products.

There are a lot of Amazon affiliate sites available where people share the Amazon products, which they endorse and earn substantial profits. Since millions and millions of products are available on Amazon, one needs to ensure that they do appropriate Amazon SEO to rank their products and services higher on the e-commerce site and scale up the competition. 

Let us have a look at nine smart hacks to enhance sales using the Amazon SEO techniques.

  1. Product Name Should Be Strategic and Include Keyword

    Amazon SEO plays a pivotal role in determining the rank of the Product in the marketplace. Once you have determined the right target SEO keyword for your Product, you should ensure that the way product is listed on the site is in conjugation with the SEO guidelines.
    The Product Title should have the target keyword in the right place and position. The target keyword, as per the Amazon SEO, should preferably the leftmost. The product title must be highly optimized for the SEO and include the Brand Name, Keyword, description. The product name should reflect the key features and various common attributes like size, material, color, metal, etc. The keyword should be included in the title, and ideally, more than one Keyword should be there.

  2. Find and Enter Right Backend Search Terms in Amazon Seller Central Account

    Amazon seo
    You can efficiently manage the search terms for the products listing from the Amazon Seller Central page. By optimizing the keywords and ensuring that you enter the right search terms, you can tweak your product listing in such a way that it appears in most of the searches.
    The backend keywords are substantial hidden search keywords, which, when added to the product listing, can help in boosting their visibility on the Amazon site. You can use the Seller Central account to enter search terms, which are extremely important in Amazon SEO. Even though the buyer cannot see these search terms on the product listing page, these search words substitute the various search terms that you are not able to add on the main product listing page when creating the product page.
     You can use the page to enter all the relevant search terms and keywords for your product.
    a. Enter synonyms: Often, various users can put in the synonyms for the products to find the items they need. For example, someone looking for a Sweatshirt on the e-commerce site can use the terms like Hoody, Jacket, Sweater, etc. on the search bar.
    b. Search terms: You can enter different words, terms, and synonyms for the root keyword in the Search Terms field. By doing so you can increase the possibility of your product appearing in the searches when a visitor looks for a particular product.
    c. Enter possible misspellings: Many people might use the common misspellings of the products also for search. So, when you add those details, it becomes easy to rank the product higher.
    d. Use keyword extensions: Enhance the product to rank on the listing page, it is one of the most effective Amazon SEO techniques. Using the Seller Central, the sellers can ensure that their Product is efficiently registered and marked up in Amazon and appears on a search.

  3. Relevant Seller Name Is Must

    While product name is essentially the essential part of listing the Product on Amazon as per the Amazon SEO, you must ensure that the seller name is also relevant, accessible, and as per the SEO algorithm guidelines.
    When you have identified the right root keyword, it is of utmost importance that you include that in your Seller Name. If your seller of store name is not identifiable with the products you are selling, the Amazon algorithms and the buyers, in general, would not be able to relate with your brand.
    It is advisable that your seller name is in line with the product category. So, for example, you are selling health and fitness gear on Amazon, then your seller name should be something that is relevant to the Product and contains the root keyword. So, selling Fitness Watches, your seller name can be Fitness Watch Store, Fitness Watch Arcade, Fitness Watch Online, etc.
    The idea is to let the buyers and users searching for a fitness watch to see your products at the top. The relevant and matching seller name increases the chance of appearing in the top search results.

  4. Brand Name for Enhanced Ranking

    Most of the consumers and potential buyers relate with a brand for any product they are searching for. When you include a brand name of the Product in the product title, search terms in the seller page, and the description, the search results are likely to bring your product at the top. The brand name included in the backend field can also increase the chances of a higher rank in the Amazon search page.
    Most of the time, the consumers may search for the item by product name instead of the category, and in such a case, when you have included the brand name in all the parameters, then the chances of Product being listed in top pages are higher.
    Suppose a user wants to search for Fitbit fitness watch instead of any watch from any brand, then if you have included the Brand name in your search, it is an excellent boost for your listing. The fitness watch will appear in more search results if you include the keywords and brand name correctly as per the latest Amazon SEO strategies.

  5. Well Drafted Product Description and Image

    Most of the buyers on Amazon would search for the product based on the Keyword and look through the description in detail to find out whether the product is worth their money or not. Here the trick is to clearly emphasize the product features and benefits to distinguish from the other competitor products.
    The way you write the product description determines whether the visitors would be encouraged to buy it or not. The product images should be of high quality and clearly show the products from as many angles as possible. There is a clear need to ensure that the Product is clearly visible; you must ensure that you use a white background and high-resolution image.
    Product Description
    .Amazon seo product

    The product description is of utmost importance, so you should ensure that you detail all the necessary attributes of the Product. The more details are there, the more the users are convinced about the Product’s genuineness and quality.
    The idea is to list all the Product benefits instead of plainly writing out the product features.
    If you use the statistics and facts to boost your product features and advantages, the consumers would be compelled to consider your Product for purchase.
    The product description should be detailed and compelling by covering all the possible scenarios.
    The content should be written in understandable language and should be 100 percent grammatically correct.
    Another important aspect is to ensure that you use powerful language, which coincides with the nature of the Product you are selling.
     For Example, when talking about Fitness Watch, you should detail how it can help track the steps, monitor sleep patterns, and motivate an activity to ensure the buyers stay fit. One of the most successful hacks for writing a good and catchy product description is to use short and crisp sentences in bullet points so that the users can easily read and understand the details. 
    The products listed on Amazon become more credible if you include answers to the commonly asked questions or FAQs and detail the various concerns that the users might have to pertain to the Product. The more queries address more convinced the consumers

  6. Better Conversion Rates

    Conversion rates increase the chances of Amazon ranking your Product higher on the search results. The conversion rate is the percentage of the sales made on the e-commerce site based on the number of clicks. So, the number of clicks on your product page compared to the sales made determines the conversion rate. For example, if you got 100 clicks on your fitness watchlisting and then ten users bought the watch finally, then your conversion rate is 10 percent. The higher the conversion rate better the sales. That’s why most of the Amazon SEO experts vouch for better conversion rates for enhancing sales.
    There are some straightforward ways to enhance conversion rates that include
    Competitive pricing for the Product.
    A well written and highly compelling product description that includes the root keyword as per the Amazon SEO.
    Answering the various queries from the customers about the Product.
    Ensure that all the necessary details are available for the Product, which help the customers know the Product itself on the page without the need to do additional research on the internet. 
    Share the positive as well as negative user feedback and reviews. Remember, the products that the positive reviews on Amazon have only may doubt the customer’s mind as being fake.
    Using the right digital marketing techniques to redirect visitors to your product page.

  7. Buy Box Hack

    The “Add to Cart” option in the Amazon is referred to as Buy Box. The idea is to win the Buy box so that your Product appears on the item’s product page when a user searches for it. You can get the buy box if your Product’s performance is exceptional on the largest marketplace, along with offering the best price. You must ensure that you are selling at the best price to win the prestigious buy box.
    If you can win the buy box, you have massively high chances of making large-volume sales on the e-commerce site. The Buy Box would appear only on the one of the seller or product page even though many sellers may be offering the same Product. The buy box is the most important call to Action on the Amazon product page as it redirects the customer to the purchase page. 
    Along with offering the best rates, you must ensure that you buy in bulk to offer trade discounts and explore the various import options from other platforms so that you can offer the most competitive rates to your customers by sourcing your products from most consummate rates.

  8. Reviews

    Amazon seo product review

    Customer feedback is the most reliable and encouraging element of any product listing, especially online e-commerce sites. 
    Every buyer goes through the reviews from the customers who have already ordered and used the products as it gives them honestly, Real-time, and most practical suggestions about the products. The sellers would naturally write the best description and details about their products in which they may make high promises; however, the real customers would share honest feedback. Amazon SEO relies mostly on the customer reviews and star ratings; the better the ratings higher the chances of customers buying the Product. 
    Thus, one of the definitive ways to ensure that your Product ranks higher in the Amazon search and enhance your products’ sale, you should encourage your customer to write the reviews for your products. You must ensure that you follow up with the buyers to give a review of your Product and even post photos of their copy of the product. 
    You can do that by merely contacting the selling through your orders page. Simply open the order and contact the buyer and request them to leave a review of your Product. The higher the reviews, the more substantial sales.

  9. Custom URL

    Amazon ranks the products which have more views and sales based on a keyword. In case you want that there are more views on your product page so that Amazon also ranks it higher when the related Keyword is searched, then you can use a custom URL and drive traffic to the Amazon product page from different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
    Custom URL is the direct link to your Amazon Storefront or product listing, which you can share on the various social media channels to direct the visitors directly to your product page. You can also use the custom link in your affiliate articles and product listings done by influencers to directly send visitors to your product page. With the custom link’s help, you bypass the search process and end up the customers landing directly on your product page.
    You can share the custom URL on the various social media channels and also create shareable content backed by the right viral marketing techniques to attain better traction on your product page.
    The higher number of visitors on any Amazon product page would increase the chance of the product to even rank higher when the search is done with related Keywords or brands from within the Amazon site. Every sale made through the search results or direct links adds up to the chances of gaining more traction.
    Master Tip
    You can use affiliate platforms, blogs, and get in touch with the Amazon influencers to promote your Product in place of discount code for their followers.


In All, Amazon marketplace is a wonderland for sellers and brings diverse customers, increasing the chances of making substantial sales; however, there is massive competition as there are more than 2.5 Billion sellers on Amazon. Using the right Amazon SEO techniques and following the hacks listed above, you can easily enhance your sales and garner massive profits.

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