Website Design For a Canadian Immigration Firm

About Our Client

Our client is a Peterborough, Ontario-based immigration consultancy. The firm has experienced and certified professionals who provide services that help people to immigrate, study, work and invest in Canada.

Problem Statement

The client was in the process of incorporating the company when they approached us. The firm needed a professional website for its immigration business.


Our objective was to design a new website for the client with following features

Strategy Used

The client provided us with the links of a few reference websites. The average number of pages on a typical immigration consultancy is around 150. As the website was comprehensive, we first created the detailed sitemap and then divided the work into two phases in discussion with the client.
In the first phase we built the most important (must-have) pages of the website and kept rest ( good to have) for the second phase.


Once the scope of Phase-I was clear, it was important to freeze the design of the website. However, the client did not have the Logo or brand guidelines created. As a first step we decided to help the client with the Logo design so that the brand colours could be frozen.
Since the Phase-I included about 80 pages, the web developer created a detailed schedule for construction.
Once the Logo and the brand guidelines were created, the web developer started work on the Home Page so that the design could be bounced-off the client. Once the Home Page design was frozen, the developer proceeded with the construction of the remaining pages.
After the construction was over, the website underwent peer reviews and testing. Once validated by the client, the website was made live.

Results Achieved

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