Video Marketing of an Automobile Detailing Studio

About Our Client

Our client is Bengaluru-based automobile detailing studio which provides customer focused solutions at fair prices.

Problem Statement

The client was keen to promote their business through social media platforms and establish themselves as a valuable brand.


Our objective was to enhance the studio’s brand visibility and digital presence and also achieve the goal of generating relevant leads.

Strategy and Approach

As per Netilly’s stand process, a baseline of the client’s social media reach was taken.
A digital marketing strategy was created which included a social media approach. The approach included one video a week as visual content tends to get more traction.
Our team also asked the client to record videos while work was being done at the studio.
The client team would record the videos and upload them on a Google drive and our video editor would work his magic on the videos.
After due approval from the client, the video with an attractive thumbnail would be posted on all social media channels including YouTube.
1. Volkswagen Phaeton- The forgotten luxury car
2. Paint protection film vs. Ceramic coating
3. Car detailing of 35 year old maruti SS80
4. Super treatment for a super car

Results Achieved

With the daily posting on social media platforms, we were able to get good organic traction on all platforms.
Paint protection film vs. ceramic coating – 6,562 views
Volkswagen Phaeton – The forgotten luxury car – 1,744 views
Volkswagen Phaeton– The forgotten luxury car-9,000 views and 100 likes
Car wash mistakes – 6,100 views and 44 likes