Umamah Mohd

Digital marketing is not only trend, it has become necessity now. And in this COVID-19 pandemic and for coming time, it has become important for everyone of us to have knowledge about digital marketing techniques. I stepped in netilly as a person having least knowledge about digital marketing, but now I know almost all of it. My favourite part was Ad campaigns and social media during the classes, but then after I came into practical part I was able to explore my interest area, which field I am actually good at. Because they gave me chance to work in different client based projects. And they made us understand theory as well as work on demo projects in their theory session so that we can be ready for practical which was really helpful in working on client projects. I learned a lot whether it is theory, practical, market research, marketing strategies,ad campaigns, blog writing, website building, SEO, and much more with the help of netilly advanced internship program. And this is worth mentioning that each trainer I worked with is really supportive, helpful and always ready to explain things. And I actually feel I did something really productive. Thank you!