Lead Generation for an Automotive Detailing Studio

About Our Client

Our client is a Bengaluru-based auto detailing studio. The business was bought over by our client who already was running a similar business under a different brand name.

Problem Statement

The studio had earlier conducted their business in offline mode only. Our client was looking to
leverage digital marketing to grow the business.


The objective was to generate leads for the client using Pay Per Click campaigns.

Strategy and Approach

We decided to use Facebook and Instagram for the campaign and promote the ‘Paint Protection Film (PPF)’ service in consultation with the client. Google Ads were ruled out because the relevant keywords did not have enough search volume.

A video was planned for the campaign which shows a person removing the PPF from his scratched car. The video further shows that the car paint was safe as the scratch did not penetrate the film.

The leads that started coming in included old as well as new cars. PPF is recommended only for new cars and not for old ones.

A new campaign was planned where we decided to use a single image format. The creative had the image of a smiling person with his new car. The message used on the creative addressed the specific target audience and read “If you are buying a new car, don’t worry we are here to protect it from scratches and keep it’s paint safe for longer time”.

This campaign ran for about 10 days and there was a considerable increase in the relevancy of the leads.

Results Achieved

With the above efforts the below results were achieved:

Duration of Campaign: 5th August till 15th August 2020

Reach: 17384

Impressions: 36149

Total Leads Generated: 72

Total Spend: INR 3689.17

Cost per lead: INR 51.24