Social Media Marketing for a Tech Start-up

About Our Client

Our Client was the first online e-commerce platform in the world which provided all frequently used products and services a household needs on one app. The app provided virtually whatever a customer wishes for, whether it is products or services (1000+ frequently used products in 16 categories and 200+ frequently used services in 19 categories). Instead of juggling with multiple vendors, shops, service providers and apps, the customer had the freedom to get everything on one app.

Problem Statement

The Client start-up was based on a micro-cluster based delivery model. So the client wanted to enhance their brand presence, visibility and commercial awareness only in certain localized geographies.


Our objective was to build a community for the brand in specific localized geographies to create brand visibility and eventually increase conversions.

Strategy Used

The name of the brand and the logo had a Genie (spelled as Jiny here) which represented the ability of the company to fulfil any wish of the customer in terms of household products or services. Also the company started its services in the Indian city of Faridabad.
So our content approach revolved around narrating a story that has a character named Sunita ji and her relationship with the Jiny. The idea was that prospects, especially housewives could relate to the character and thus engagement could be increased.
The social media creatives were focused primarily on how the Jiny solves each and every day-to-day problem that Sunita ji faces like groceries geting exhausted, need of a driver, necessity of cleanliness at home, etc.
This story where a housewife shares her customer experience got the brand a very good exposure within the targeted geographies. It gained a lot of audience attention.
As per the recommendaton, we started with daily postng on social media. The focus was mainly on Facebook as the client business was a B2C one.


The contact approach recommended had a daily social media posting which included 1 video, 1 blog and 5 creatives and we agreed upon the following points with the client:
Our story and videos made a difference. Voice over for the videos were also done internally at Netilly. Video posts did great. We continued doing video posts on all platforms.
To get more views we tagged the client team on the posts.

Creatives Used

Blogs Promotion
App Promotion
Offers Promotion
Events Promotion
Media Mentions

Results Achieved

Within a span of five months, with consistent social media marketing activities, we were able to increase their followers/subscribers on social media platforms.