Lead Generation for Barter Trade Company Using LinkedIn Outreach

About Our Client

Our client is an India-based barter & reciprocal trade company. Using their service businesses can virtually trade goods and services without the use of cash in a secure and safe way.

Problem Statement

The client operates in the B2B space and caters to specific industries. They were looking for lead generation services.


To generate qualified B2B leads for our client.


The client belongs to a niche segment in the B2B space. We started out by conducting research to figure out the right approach to generate leads for them. This involved competitor research, keyword research and social media research.
To understand whether it was worthwhile to focus on SEO and Google Ads, we looked at search volume numbers per month for the India geography. The specific keywords were discussed with the client before the research was conducted.
Since the Keyword search volume was very low for the relevant keywords, focusing on SEO and Google Ads was ruled out.
We did recommend social media marketing ( with primary focus on LinkedIn) but we didn’t expect leads from this activity as their LinkedIn page did not have many followers and building traction organically would take time.
Netilly decided to focus on LinkedIn outreach for lead generation instead of spending on LinkedIn Ads as they tend to be costly compared to other platforms.
As a first step, we identified the industries to focus on in discussion with the client and then we curated a list of good companies in those industry segments. This list was validated by the client.
As the next step we had to connect to the CXO level executives of those companies.
A professional message was drafted that was sent out to the relevant connections.

Results Achieved

Over a two month period the below results were achieved.

Total New connections : 475
Total Qualified leads generated : 25
Cost per lead : INR 400 per Lead