Email Open Rate Optimization for an e-Commerce Client

About Our Client

Our client is the first online e-commerce platform in the world which provides all frequently used products and services a household needs on one app. The App virtually provides whatever a customer wishes for, whether it is products or services (1000+ frequently used products in 16 categories and 200+ frequently used services in 19 categories). Instead of juggling with multiple vendors, shops, service providers and apps, the customer has the freedom to get everything on one App.

Problem Statement

Users were downloading the App, but they were not integrating the wallet and placing orders.


The objective was to improve the number of wallet integrations and the number of orders placed using email marketing.


Netilly started with sending out product and service offers to all the registered customers whose email addresses were available in the ERP system of the client. However, the open rate of our email campaigns was very low initially.

So the next challenge was to improve open & click rate of the email campaigns sent to client’s customers. 

Our first focus was on improving the Open rates of the Emailers.

Strategy Used

Since we already had the database of customers provided by the client, our first approach was to segregate them in three categories & send them different emailers with relevant messaging instead of sending one generic emailer to all.

Post that we focused on customizing our messaging (Subject lines, creatives & Email text, etc.) as per each segment.

Key Tactics

The three categories that we made were 

Since the Benchmark Open Rate for E -commerce Industry= 15% (app.),

we set 15% as open rate target for each segment.

As per the best practices in email marketing, we executed according to the below plan.

The audience to which the emailers were sent are detailed below:

Results Achieved

Open Rates