Why to Enrol for this Program?

At Netilly, with our Advanced-Level three months’ learning programs, we focus on helping you gain practical experience of digital marketing tools and techniques. The idea is that you should be confident enough to:

In a nutshell, to be able to understand and manage the digital marketing function in entirety.

First of its Kind Learning Program in the Entire Digital Marketing Space!


Learn & Earn


Who can Join this Program?

This program is open to all with interest in learning digital marketing irrespective of age, gender, professional experience, technical knowledge, etc. All you need to do is be ready to learn with an open mind through instructor-led sessions and implement what you learn while doing the assignments. You can be assured of building a successful career in the digital marketing industry!

What our graduates say?


This learning program has provided me the chance to restart my career after 10 years. The best part of this three months’ program is the handholding and practical exposure that I got from the team at Netilly. I had attended a digital marketing course prior to this program from another institute and spent good money there. But the confidence to work in this industry I could only gain after completing this Advanced-level learning program that I did at Netilly. 

At the completion of this program successfully, I was offered an employment offer at Netilly based on my performance during the learning program.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend to those who are looking to build or restart their career in this growing industry!

Durga Rane

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